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Amy Berman Jackson

American judge

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Amy Berman Jackson: American judge
Amy Berman Jackson is a United States District Judge of the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.


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Judge in Roger Stone Case Warns About Attacks on Juror by Trump and Others

Judge Amy Berman Jackson held a hearing on the defense’s request for a new trial even as the president claimed the jury’s forewoman was biased.
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Citing Trump's tweets, judge in Roger Stone case said invading jurors' privacy can have 'chilling effect'

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is hearing Stone's motion for a new trial, which was filed after Trump accused a juror of bias.
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Judge in Roger Stone Case Makes Juror Bias Hearing Public

Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who sentenced Mr. Stone last week, said that public interest in the case was sufficient to open up, with restrictions, a proceeding over questions of juror bias.
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Who is Amy Berman Jackson, judge in Roger Stone case who has been criticized by Trump and his allies?

The sentencing hearing Thursday of Trump ally Roger Stone puts the spotlight on Judge Amy Berman Jackson, who is presiding over the case.
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1 of 2 charges dropped against former Obama White House counsel

Judge Amy Berman Jackson dropped the second count, but Craig still faces charges on the first
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Judge says Roger Stone can see parts of unredacted Mueller report

But Judge Amy Berman Jackson also denied several of Stone's last-ditch efforts to have the charges against him dismissed ahead of his trial
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Federal judge bans Roger Stone from using social media

Judge Amy Jackson said she was "wrestling with behavior that has more to do with middle school than the court of law"
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