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John F. Kennedy

35th president of the United States

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John F. Kennedy: 35th president of the United States
John Fitzgerald Kennedy, often referred to by his initials JFK and Jack, was an American politician who served as the 35th president of the United States from January 1961 until his assassination in November 1963. Kennedy served at the height of the Cold War, and the majority of his work as president concerned relations with the Soviet Union and Cuba. A Democrat, Kennedy represented Massachusetts in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate prior to becoming president.


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John F. Kennedy condolence letters revealed

In the months following the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, his wife, the first lady, Jackie Kennedy received nearly 800,000 letters from people around the world expressing their sympathy..
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JFK assassination

Jeff Nilsson, Director of Archives at The Saturday Evening Post, joins UTTM from Indianapolis to discuss the 50th Anniversary of the assassination of President John F Kennedy.
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JFK's secret service agent: "I still feel a sense of failure"

On the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, former Secret Service agent Clint Hill remembers his emotional interview with Mike Wallace in 1975.
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11/14: President speaks on fumbled health care rollout; JFK's assassination told through Dallas police recordings

President Obama announced he will allow policies canceled due to the Affordable Care Act to be reinstated, at least for one year. Major Garrett asked the president why he promised Americans could keep..
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JFK tribute: 1963 Army-Navy football game honored assassinated president

A legendary college football game held shortly after the death of President John F. Kennedy is the subject of a new CBS Sports program called "Marching On: 1963 Army-Navy Remembered." CBS News legal..
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11/25: Newtown report addresses gunman's mental health; Green Berets share special bond with JFK

Nearly a year after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the final prosecutor's report said gunman Adam Lanza had "significant mental health issues" but was under "no extreme emotional..
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Green Berets share special bond with JFK

Just two years before President John F. Kennedy's assassination, the young president had endorsed the green beret and the Special Forces who wore it. Twenty-one members of the Army Special Forces were..
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60 Minutes Overtime, 11.24.13

Why a group of veterans with PTSD allowed 60 Minutes cameras to record their gut-wrenching therapy sessions and air them on national television; then, Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell objects to..
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Martin Luther King on JFK murder: "Shocking"

Nov. 23, 1963: CBS News correspondent Ray Moore interviews Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. about his reaction to the news of President John F. Kennedy's murder.
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Police captain on second person of interest

Nov. 23, 1963: CBS News correspondent Nelson Benton speaks with Captain G.D. King, administrative officer of the Dallas Police Department, about a second person of interest – a co-worker of Lee..
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Dan Rather reports from JFK shooting scene

Nov. 23, 1963: CBS News correspondent Dan Rather reports from outside the Texas School Book Depository at the corner of Houston and Elm – the site where JFK was shot. Crowds have gathered and a..
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CBS News wraps 4-day coverage of assassination

Nov. 25, 1963: Charles Collingwood concludes the network's four days of extensive reporting and broadcasting of the assassination of President Kennedy.
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Who is Lee Harvey Oswald?

Nov. 24, 1963: CBS News takes a look at the life of the man accused of assassinating President Kennedy. Lee Harvey Oswald is described as a loner who had trouble fitting in, as well as a supporter of..
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Dan Rather describes The Zapruder Film

Nov. 25, 1963: After just seeing what would later be known as "The Zapruder Film," Dan Rather describes the footage which includes the moments before and after the shots were fired at President Kennedy..
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JFK’s casket carried into St. Matthew’s Cathedral

Nov. 25, 1963: Pallbearers carry President John F. Kennedy’s casket into St. Matthews Cathedral following a funeral procession around Washington D.C. From there, the president was taken to his..
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JFK’s funeral procession leaves the White House

Nov. 25: 1963: President John F. Kennedy’s funeral procession leaves the White House, led on foot by his widow Jacqueline Kennedy, en route to St. Matthews Cathedral.
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Body of JFK transported to the Capitol

Nov. 24, 1963: The body of President Kennedy was moved from the White House, up Pennsylvania Avenue, and into the Capitol rotunda, where it was to lie in state.
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JFK grandson speaks at memorial dinner

John "Jack" Schlossberg, the grandson of President Kennedy, introduced President Obama at a dinner honoring his grandfather. The 20-year-old son of Caroline Kennedy campaigned for President Obama..
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JFK spoke of the probability of being assassinated

11/22/63- CBS News correspondent Charles Von Fremd recalls an interview he had with JFK before he was elected president, in which the candidate argued that, “any intelligent sharp shooter, however..
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The world mourns the death of President Kennedy

Nov. 23, 1963: Harry Reasoner reports how people in other nations received the news of President Kennedy's assassination.
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World leaders react to JFK's death

Nov. 23, 1963: Harry Reasoner looks at how world leaders reacted to the death of President John F. Kennedy.
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Obama, Clintons lay wreath at JFK gravesite

President Obama - along with the first lady, Bill and Hillary Clinton - paid tribute to President John F. Kennedy at the eternal flame marking his grave.
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Reflections on the news of JFK's death

Actor Billy Crystal, author Gay Talese, and historian Doris Kearns Goodwin offer their memories of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, and their thoughts on what his death meant for his..
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A lone bugler's missed taps note signified a nation's broken heart

Army bugler Keith Clark was the lone bugler sounding taps at Arlington National Cemetery after President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. He missed the 6th note, which struck many as listening to the..
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Story of JFK assassination told through Dallas police recordings

The University of Virginia has given CBS News access to newly enhanced Dallas police recordings that tell the story of the day President John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The primitive dictabelt..
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Flashback: JFK grilled on "Face the Nation" about presidential bid

A look back at then-Sen. John F. Kennedy, D-Mass., being asked on "Face the Nation" about a 1960 presidential bid.
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"60 Minutes" profiles photographer who captured history

Henry Grossman photographed everyone from President Kennedy to the Beatles. "60 Minutes" correspondent Morley Safer spoke with the man who captured so many historic moments.
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Bill O'Reilly on JFK: FBI wanted there to be a conspiracy

With the upcoming anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, Bill O'Reilly's best selling book, "Killing Kennedy," is now a TV special. He spoke on "CBS This Morning" about the..
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What was Jackie Kennedy's favorite picture of JFK?

You may not know Henry Grossman, but you know his pictures. Iconic shots of President John F. Kennedy, the Beatles and other famous faces that dot the American historical landscape. Watch Morley..
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Jean Kennedy Smith, last surviving sibling of JFK, is dead at 92

Jean Kennedy Smith, the last surviving sibling of slain President John F. Kennedy, who as U.S. ambassador to Ireland in the 1990s played a pivotal role in the Northern Irish peace process, died on..
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Analysis: Will Pandemic Make Trump Rethink National Security?

The Cuban Missile Crisis forced Kennedy to begin an era of arms control, and Sept. 11 forced Bush to reinvent counterterrorism. Will the coronavirus change the priorities of the Trump administration?
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'She was my everything': Read husband's memorial of Kennedy descendent and their 8-year-old son

David McKean says family was self-quarantining on Chesapeake Bay to give their kids more space before wife and son were involved in a canoe accident.
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Richard Reeves, Columnist and Author on Presidents, Dies at 83

His books on Kennedy, Nixon, Clinton and others could be as unsparing as his syndicated column. He was also a familiar face on PBS public-affairs programs.
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Jon Bon Jovi: Cover of 'socially conscious' album '2020' was inspired by John F. Kennedy

According to Jon Bon Jovi, President John F. Kennedy inspired the design for the cover of the upcoming Bon Jovi album "2020."
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Sloppy history: Mike Pence and JFK praise corrupt 1860s senator who sold impeachment vote

Exalting a corrupt figure like Ross is a bizarre way to defend Trump and raises the question: Does this team understand what's corrupt and what's not?
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US airports screen passengers for China virus

The Coronvirus outbreak in China has the CDC on alert. They have set-up screenings at three U.S. airports including San Francisco, JFK in New York and LAX. (Jan 18)  
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Wife of Kennedy nephew joins race to oust New Jersey congressman who switched parties

The wife of a Kennedy nephew and former congressman on Monday joined the race to win the New Jersey seat held by U.S. Representative Jeff Van Drew, the erstwhile Democrat who joined President Donald..
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Winston Lawson, 91, Secret Service Agent With Kennedy in Dallas, Dies

He did the advance work for the 1963 presidential trip, rode in the car ahead of Kennedy’s and helped lift the wounded president onto a stretcher.
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Kennedy says he was "wrong" to say Ukraine may have hacked DNC server

Kennedy walked back his remarks on Sunday, saying there is "no indication" that Ukraine tried to hack the server
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JFK files: CIA spy in Cuba 'befriended' Castro, Che; played key role amid nuclear-war fears

Fifty-six years after John F. Kennedy's murder, unsealed government files detail dangerous intrigues about Cuba. This CIA spy was deeply involved.
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Jack O’Dell, King Aide Fired Over Communist Past, Dies at 96

He worked on fund-raising and voter registration for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Then President Kennedy insisted on his dismissal.
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