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Nation and South Slavic ethnic group formed in the Balkans

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Serbs: Nation and South Slavic ethnic group formed in the Balkans
The Serbs are a nation and South Slavic ethnic group native to Southeastern Europe. The majority of Serbs inhabit their nation state of Serbia, as well as the disputed territory of Kosovo and the neighboring countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro. They form significant minorities in North Macedonia and Slovenia.

White House talks over Kosovo-Serbia in doubt after war crime charges [Video]

White House talks over Kosovo-Serbia in doubt after war crime charges

The Office of the Special Prosecutor in the Hague says Thaci and nine others “are criminally responsible for nearly 100 murders” of political opponents and Kosovar Albanian, Serb and Roma victims...

Credit: euronews (in English)     Duration: 02:01Published
Kosovo's new government eases trade restrictions with rival Serbia [Video]

Kosovo's new government eases trade restrictions with rival Serbia

Just days after coming to power Kosovo's new prime minister Avdullah Hoti has lifted some of the restrictions on Serb goods entering the country.View on euronews

Credit: euronews (in English)     Duration: 01:35Published

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U.N. court postpones Mladic appeals hearings

The U.N. court for the former Yugoslavia on Thursday postponed until further notice the appeals hearings of former Bosnian Serb military leader Ratko Mladic, citing concerns about his health and travel..
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Protesting COVID-style: masks optional, creativity essential

Outraged Polish women said it with umbrellas, locked-down Serbians banged pots from open windows and environmentalists did what they have always done - climbed a tree.
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Serbs bang pots to protest government and strict coronavirus measures

For two nights, a cacophony of tin pans, drums, whistles, and horns has reverberated through much of Serbia as citizens, stuck at home under curfew, vent their anger at the government and its tough..
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Bosnian Serb region declares state of emergency over coronavirus

Bosnia's autonomous Serb Republic declared a state of emergency on Saturday, handing legislative powers to the region's president to expedite the passage of laws to ease the impact of the coronavirus..
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Bosnia confirms its first case of coronavirus - regional TV

Bosnia has confirmed its first case of the new coronavirus, television in the country's Serb-dominated region reported on Thursday, quoting the health ministry.
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Serbs protest in Montenegro ahead of vote on religious law

Hundreds of backers of Montenegro's pro-Serb opposition took to the streets of the capital Podgorica on Thursday, rallying against a law they say would strip the Serbian Orthodox Church there of its..
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Kosovo jails former minister for denying a war massacre

A court in Kosovo has sentenced a lawmaker who once served as a government minister to two years in jail for denying a massacre by Serb forces in 1999 which prompted NATO's intervention to halt the..
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Kosovo indicts six over murder of moderate Serb leader

Six people have been indicted over the killing of moderate Kosovo Serb politician Oliver Ivanovic in January 2018, the state prosecutor's office said on Monday.
Reuters - Published

Bosnia names Serb as prime minister after compromise on NATO

Bosnia named a Serb economist as prime minister on Tuesday after a compromise between its Serb, Croat and Muslim co-presidents on submitting annual reform plans to NATO ended a 13-month deadlock..
Reuters - Published

Bosnia's presidency nominates PM-designate after 13 months

Bosnia's inter-ethnic presidency said on Tuesday it has nominated economist Zoran Tegeltija, a Serb, as prime minister-designate, after its Serb, Croat and Bosniak members agreed on how to proceed..
Reuters - Published

Bosnian Serb ex-soldier jailed for 20 years for burning Muslim civilians

A Bosnian court jailed a former Bosnian Serb soldier for 20 years on Wednesday for setting ablaze 57 Muslim Bosniaks, of whom 26 including a two-day-old baby died, near the eastern town of Visegrad..
Reuters - Published

Rival Bosnia leaders agree to form government 10 months after vote

Bosnia's rival Serb, Croat and Bosniak leaders agreed on Monday to form a central government 10 months after a general election, reaching a compromise about Bosnia's integration into NATO which had..
Reuters - Published

Serb hoping for date with flight attendant confesses to Lufthansa bomb threat

A 65-year old Serbian man confessed in court on Saturday to calling in a false bomb threat to stop a Lufthansa flight attendant from leaving the country because he hoped she would go on a date with..
Reuters - Published

Dutch state partially liable for Srebrenica deaths: defense ministry

The Dutch government on Friday said it accepted the Dutch state was partially liable for the deaths in 1995 of 350 Muslim males who were expelled from a U.N. base and killed by attacking Bosnian Serb..
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Serbia says it using 'alternative' routes to supply Serbs in north Kosovo

Serbia is using "alternative" mountain tracks to send goods to Serb-dominated northern Kosovo to avoid having to pay a 100% import tax, Serbia's president said on Wednesday, in comments likely to..
Reuters - Published

Kosovo Serbs close shops to protest import tariffs

Shops, restaurants and bakeries in Serb-dominated northern Kosovo closed their doors on Monday to protest against a 100% tax the country has imposed on goods imported from Serbia, in a move that could..
Reuters - Published

Bosnian Serbs pull reserve police plan under Western pressure

Bosnia's Serb entity on Monday withdrew a bill to set up a reserve police force under pressure from Western peace envoys who said it would be divisive, with memories still fresh of reservists' role in..
Reuters - Published