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Jerome Powell

American central banker, and 16th Chairman of the Federal Reserve in the United States

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Jerome Powell: American central banker, and 16th Chairman of the Federal Reserve in the United States
Jerome Hayden "Jay" Powell is the 16th Chair of the Federal Reserve, serving in that office since February 2018. He was nominated to the Fed Chair position by President Donald Trump, and confirmed by the United States Senate.


Powell: Congress, Fed need to 'stay with' aid [Video]

Powell: Congress, Fed need to 'stay with' aid

In his second trip to Capitol Hill this week, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told lawmakers that assistance from the Fed and Congress are needed to bolster the economic recovery.

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Dow Drops 320 Points [Video]

Dow Drops 320 Points

On Thursday, US stocks fell 320 points. The drop comes even as weekly jobless-claims data came in better than expected. Business Insider reports that weekly jobless claims fell by more than 30,000 from..

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S&P 500 Closes At Record High [Video]

S&P 500 Closes At Record High

On Thursday, the S&P 500 extended its record highs. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell spoke at this year's virtual Jackson Hole symposium. Business Insider reports that Powell outlined the central..

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Powell: Virus resurgence harming recovery [Video]

Powell: Virus resurgence harming recovery

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell on Wednesday repeated his pledge to use a "full range of tools" to support the U.S. economy and keep interest rates near zero for as long as it takes to recover..

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Powell, Mnuchin back more aid for economy

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin expressed cautious optimism that the U.S. economy is rebounding, but said more help from the government is likely needed...
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Fed signals it wants consumer prices to rise twice as fast

Fed chair Jerome Powell announced a radical new policy on how the central bank sets interest rates.
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Powell warns long downturn would mean severe damage

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warned Tuesday that the U.S. economy faces a deep downturn with "significant uncertainty" about the timing and strength of a recovery. (June 16) Β 
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Fed Chair Powell says strong job market can reduce U.S. racial inequality

The best way the Federal Reserve can help reduce racial inequality is to return the U.S. labor market to its pre-coronavirus strength, U.S. Fed Chair Jerome Powell said on Tuesday, as he sidestepped..
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Citing 'significant uncertainty' about rebound from pandemic, Fed's Powell vows to keep interest rates near zero

Powell says Fed will will keep interest rates near zero until the economy recovers, noting "significant uncertainty" about the strength of the rebound.
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'Worse than any recession since World War II': Mnuchin, Powell grilled on coronavirus response

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell faced an array of questions from senators on the response to the pandemic.
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Fed, Treasury chiefs face heat over uneven U.S. coronavirus response

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin found themselves in the hot seat on Tuesday as U.S. lawmakers grilled them about the uneven nature of the fiscal response to..
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Powell, Mnuchin face Senate grilling on U.S. coronavirus response

The U.S. government's handling of its massive economic response to the coronavirus pandemic will come under scrutiny on Tuesday as Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome..
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Mnuchin's testimony, Missouri execution, NFL's reopening plans: 5 things to know Tuesday

Steven Mnuchin and Jerome Powell will give virtual testimony, the pause in U.S. executions is likely to end and more news you need to know Tuesday.
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Fed's Powell: 'Medical metrics' most important data for U.S. economy now: CBS

The most important data for the U.S. economy right now are the "medical metrics" around the coronavirus pandemic, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Sunday night in broadcast remarks where he..
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Fed Chair Says Economic Recovery May β€˜Stretch’ Through End of 2021

In a clip from the show β€œ60 Minutes,” Jerome H. Powell painted an image of a slow economic recovery.
NYTimes.com - Published

Fed's Powell says full economic recovery may require coronavirus vaccine: CBS

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said a U.S. economic recovery may stretch deep into next year and a full comeback may depend on a coronavirus vaccine.
Reuters - Published

Powell warns of prolonged recession from pandemic

U.S. Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell warned Wednesday of the threat of a prolonged recession resulting from the viral outbreak and urged Congress and the White House to act further to prevent..
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Schumer urges Fed's Powell to open loan programs to nonprofits, local governments

U.S. Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer said he had urged Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell in a phone call on Monday to open Fed's Main Street Lending program to nonprofits and local..
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Coronavirus live updates: US death toll nears 13K; Los Angeles to require face masks; jubilant Wuhan, China marks end of lockdown

Coronavirus claims beloved singer John Prine. Wuhan celebrates lockdown end. Surgeon General Jerome Powell seems more optimistic. More news Wednesday.
USATODAY.com - Published

Trump and Powell get together to talk interest rates

Jerome Powell visits White House for a chat with the president who has called U.S. central bankers "boneheads"
CBS News - Published

Donald Trump talks interest rates, the economy with Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell

Trump has criticized Powell for not cutting interest rates; Powell says they have been cut and other action is needed.
USATODAY.com - Published

Fed chief Jerome Powell: Economic outlook remains "favorable"

Central bank likely to hold off on additional interest rate cuts unless growth cools significantly
CBS News - Published

Trump: Federal Reserve thinks "our economy's too good"

In his interview with "60 Minutes," President Trump expressed frustration with the Federal Reserve and Fed Chairman Jerome Powell, blaming them for the recent stock market dip.
CBS News - Published

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell says the president can't fire him

Jerome Powell tells "60 Minutes" he fully intends to serve his four-year term.
CBS News - Published

Fed Chairman Powell on the effects of the opioid crisis on the economy

Jerome Powell tells 60 Minutes about the factors that have led the United States to have a lower labor force participation rate than almost every other advanced country
CBS News - Published

The Federal Reserve, 10 years after the Great Recession

After interviewing Fed Chair Jerome Powell, Scott Pelley reflects on his "60 Minutes" interview with former Fed Chair Ben Bernanke in 2009.
CBS News - Published

Pelley to Fed Chair: Are American banks safe today?

In the 2008 Great Recession, taxpayers were forced to bail out reckless Wall Street excess. Scott Pelley asks Fed Chair Jerome Powell: How safe are banks today?
CBS News - Published

Fed chairs on quantitative easing

Although first skeptical of the financial policy enacted by predecessor Ben Bernanke, Fed Chair Jerome Powell now realizes the risks never came to pass.
CBS News - Published

Will the Fed raise interest rates again?

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell shares his outlook on the U.S. economy and tells 60 Minutes whether or not another interest rate hike is on the horizon
CBS News - Published

Fed Chair Jerome Powell on income disparity

Powell tells "60 Minutes" how the Fed can help combat low mobility and income stagnation.
CBS News - Published

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell: The "60 Minutes" interview

Jerome Powell tells Scott Pelley if the Fed will raise interest rates again, gives his view on whether or not President Trump can fire him and outlines the current risks to the U.S. economy.
CBS News - Published

Trump attacks Fed chair, pushes back on recession fears

Donald Trump is lashing out at Federal Reserve chair Jerome Powell as the bond market drives fears of an oncoming recession. CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid, Washington Post economics..
CBS News - Published

The Chairman, Last Shot In Oakland, To Kill a Mockingbird

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell: The 60 Minutes interview; Then, the talent and mindset behind the Golden State Warriors' dynasty; And, "To Kill a Mockingbird" comes to Broadway
CBS News - Published

Fed chair: Goal to keep economy in 'good place'

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell says the U.S. economy is facing some risks at the moment, but overall it is in a "good place" and the Fed's main job is to "keep it there as long as possible."..
USATODAY.com - Published

The Chairman, ACLU, Genetic Revolution

Fed Chair Jerome Powell is asked if the Fed is done raising interest rates and whether or not he thinks President Trump can fire him; then, the ACLU's surprising new political strategy, modeled in part..
CBS News - Published

The Fed may have just extended the bull market

What Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell described this week is a fairly ideal environment for stock investors.
USATODAY.com - Published

Fed Chair Jerome Powell says he doesn't expect recession

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said Friday that the Fed is not expecting a U.S. or global recession. But it is monitoring a number of uncertainties, including trade conflicts, and will "act as..
USATODAY.com - Published

Trump's trade policy a big problem for the Fed, Powell says

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell said interest-rate cuts can't offset the impact of trade tensions
CBS News - Published

Trump asks who is bigger enemy, Fed Chair Powell or China's Xi?

President Donald Trump reacted furiously on Friday after Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell spoke about the trade war with China and economic risks to the United States, asking whether his appointee..
Reuters - Published

Trump calls Fed Chairman Jay Powell 'enemy,' compares him to Chinese President Xi

President Donald Trump ramped up his criticism of Fed Board Chairman Jay Powell , describing his longtime target on economic issues as an "enemy."
USATODAY.com - Published

The Fed says trade is main reason U.S. economy is slowing

While President Trump blasts Jerome Powell for slowdown, Fed officials put the blame squarely on trade tensions
CBS News - Published

Fed chairman Jay Powell thinks wages could be much higher

The U.S.' central banker thinks highly of the economy, but disagrees with President Trump on most major financial points.
CBS News - Published

Powell disagrees with Trump on nearly everything

On climate change, gold standard, even the president's authority, the Fed chair and the man who appointed him are at odds
CBS News - Published

Fed chair Jay Powell slams returning U.S. to gold standard

Trump nominee Judy Shelton wants to put the U.S. back on a gold standard --but no other country uses it, Powell noted
CBS News - Published

Powell signals that rate cut could be coming soon

Chairman Jerome Powell signaled Wednesday that the Federal Reserve is likely to cut interest rates late this month for the first time in a decade in light of a weakening global economy and rising trade..
USATODAY.com - Published

As Fed chief Jerome Powell speaks, investors will search for rate cut clues

With Powell facing Congress for two days, the direction of interest rate policy will be the key takeaway
CBS News - Published

Trump says he "made" Fed Chair Powell and would trade him for Europe's Draghi

The president says "nobody ever heard of" Powell before Trump named him to run the Fed
CBS News - Published

Stocks soar as Fed hints of rate cuts to stem trade war damage

Central bank would lower rates if trade feud with China and Mexico put drag on U.S. growth, Fed Chair Powell suggests
CBS News - Published

Fed Chair Powell on economic inequality

The chair of the Federal Reserve discusses the impact of low mobility and the "legacy of slavery" β€” and how the Fed can address it
CBS News - Published

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