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National Rifle Association: American nonprofit organization
The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) is a gun rights advocacy group based in the United States. Founded to advance rifle marksmanship, the modern NRA continues to teach firearm safety and competency. The organization also publishes several magazines, and sponsors competitive marksmanship events. According to the NRA, it had nearly 5 million members as of December 2018, though that figure has not been independently confirmed.


Pandemic Triggers Uptick In Hunting Permit Applications [Video]

Pandemic Triggers Uptick In Hunting Permit Applications

Faced with growing meat shortages thanks to the novel coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, Americans are turning to Mother Nature for food. The National Rifle Association has lobbied state governors to keep..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:40Published
U.S. Supreme Court sidesteps major gun rights ruling [Video]

U.S. Supreme Court sidesteps major gun rights ruling

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday dismissed a challenge to New York City restrictions on handgun owners transporting their firearms outside the home, avoiding the battle over the scope of the right to..

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NRA Fumes, Sues New York For Not Letting Gun Stores Stay Open During Pandemic [Video]

NRA Fumes, Sues New York For Not Letting Gun Stores Stay Open During Pandemic

The National Rifle Association is suing New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. Business Insider reports the suit is over Cuomo's closure of gun stores in the state as part of his "PAUSE" order. The order, in..

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Canada bans assault weapons after mass shooting. The contrast with US inaction is painful.

Large capacity magazines are the real culprit on lethality. If Trump could be convinced to turn against his NRA pals, he should limit their size.
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Wells Fargo's relationship with NRA is 'declining': CEO

Wells Fargo & Co's relationship with firearm lobbying group the National Rifle Association is "declining," Chief Executive Charles Scharf told investors on Tuesday.
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Supreme Court sidesteps major Second Amendment case, a setback for NRA

The justices ruled that New York City's repeal of gun restrictions rendered the case moot. But other Second Amendment cases are in the pipeline.
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Bloomberg launches attack on Sanders' gun control record, says NRA 'paved the road to Washington' for him

"We deserve a president who is not beholden to the gun lobby," Bloomberg said in a series of tweets criticizing Sanders' past votes on gun control.
USATODAY.com - Published

New York charges NRA over illegal insurance sales, deceiving members

A New York regulator on Wednesday filed civil charges against the National Rifle Association, accusing the gun rights group of offering insurance without a license and concealing how it routinely kept..
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NRA drops challenge to Los Angeles disclosure law following repeal

The National Rifle Association agreed on Friday to end its lawsuit challenging a Los Angeles law that had required city contractors to disclose their ties to the gun rights group, after the Los Angeles..
Reuters - Published

Judge blocks Los Angeles from enforcing NRA disclosure law

A federal judge blocked Los Angeles from enforcing a law requiring contractors seeking to do business with the city to disclose their ties to the National Rifle Association.
Reuters - Published

U.S. Supreme Court justices debate whether to dismiss major gun case

The U.S. Supreme Court's consideration of a major gun rights case could end in a misfire, with the justices on Monday debating whether to dismiss a challenge backed by the powerful National Rifle..
Reuters - Published

U.S. Supreme Court weighs challenge to New York gun transport limits

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear its first major gun rights case in nearly a decade on Monday in a challenge backed by the National Rifle Association over a now-amended New York City handgun regulation..
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Charles Schwab charitable fund halts donations to NRA

Nation's largest discount brokerage says its donor-advised fund has suspended donations to the gun advocacy group.
CBS News - Published

Maria Butina returns to Moscow after serving in a federal prison

Maria Butina is back in Moscow after being deported Friday. She served more than 15 months in a Florida federal prison. She pleaded guilty last year to trying to infiltrate conservative groups,..
CBS News - Published

NRA claims victory in lawsuit against San Francisco

NRA withdraws lawsuit against San Francisco over city's resolution labeling gun-rights group a "terrorist organization"
CBS News - Published Also reported by •NYTimes.com

What Trump and Republicans should learn from Virginia Democrats' gun safety win over NRA

Trump and lawmakers who take their cues from gun lobby need to realize that voters want action, and that the NRA is no longer a political juggernaut.
USATODAY.com - Published

Sen. Ernst discusses how tariffs on China would affect American agriculture

Senator Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, joins Margaret Brennan to discuss NRA political contributions and how tariffs on China would affect American agriculture.
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Maria Butina gives first U.S. interview since being arrested and deported

The Russian agent accused of trying to infiltrate the NRA and other conservative organizations has given her first U.S. television interview since her arrest to Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes. In 2018,..
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Guns and public health

Last fall the NRA publicly demanded that doctors who comment on gun violence to "stay in their lane." And doctors responded. More than 40 medical organizations have joined forces to confront the 40,000..
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The ACLU's surprising new political strategy, modeled in part after the NRA

In the era of Trump, the ACLU is beefing up its political involvement, taking cues from an organization typically thought to be on the opposite end of the political spectrum. Lesley Stahl reports.
CBS News - Published

Russian agent Butina to be freed from U.S. prison, awaits deportation

Convicted Russian agent Maria Butina is set to be released from a Florida prison on Friday after serving most of her 18-month sentence for conspiring to influence U.S. conservative activists and..
Reuters - Published

Gun control advocate: Pushing mandatory buybacks will hand victory to the NRA, again

We can pass significant gun safety laws but not if the 2020 campaign is about confiscating assault weapons. This is not timidity, it's reality.
USATODAY.com - Published

Dick's Sporting Goods destroyed $5 million worth of assault rifles, CEO Ed Stack says

Dick's Sporting Goods CEO Ed Stack said his company destroyed $5 million worth of assault rifles, driving the NRA and gun reform advocates to Twitter.
USATODAY.com - Published

In a Face-off With the N.R.A., San Francisco Blinks

Weeks after the city’s Board of Supervisors declared the National Rifle Association a terrorist organization, the mayor clarifies that the resolution will not change city policy.
NYTimes.com - Published

Trump meets with NRA head Wayne LaPierre

LaPierre has spoken with the president in the past couple of months on gun measures, but has been critical of congressional efforts
CBS News - Published

Trump Meets With LaPierre to Discuss How N.R.A. Could Support Political Defense

In return for the support, Mr. LaPierre asked that the White House “stop the games” over gun control legislation, people familiar with the meeting said.
NYTimes.com - Published

Clashing Senate Reports and New Questions on the N.R.A.

A new report from Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee scours the N.R.A.’s Russia ties, calling the gun group “a foreign asset,” while Republicans reject concerns.
NYTimes.com - Published

Who Paid for the N.R.A.’s ‘Special Projects’ Trip to Russia?

Internal emails and a tangle of reimbursements raise new questions about a visit to Russia by N.R.A. board members and supporters.
NYTimes.com - Published

The Chairman, ACLU, Genetic Revolution

Fed Chair Jerome Powell is asked if the Fed is done raising interest rates and whether or not he thinks President Trump can fire him; then, the ACLU's surprising new political strategy, modeled in part..
CBS News - Published

Inside the largest African-American gun group: "I'm not goin' down without a fight"

Democrats are working to advance gun bills in Congress in an effort to pressure Republicans and the White House in the wake of several deadly mass shootings. The country's largest and best known gun..
CBS News - Published

Your Tuesday Briefing

Britain, Juul, National Rifle Association: Here’s what you need to know.
NYTimes.com - Published

NRA sues San Francisco over "domestic terrorist organization" label

Claims city's declaration violates its free speech rights for political reasons; city official calls suit "desperate move"
CBS News - Published Also reported by •Reuters

'We will never stop': NRA sues San Francisco over the city's 'domestic terrorist organization' resolution

The NRA's lawsuit filed Monday accuses San Francisco officials of violating the gun lobby’s free speech rights for political reasons.  
USATODAY.com - Published

In Texas, a Lone House Democrat Has an ‘A’ Rating From the N.R.A. Can He Survive?

Representative Henry Cuellar is one of only three House Democrats with “A” ratings from the gun lobby. Now he faces a primary challenge from the left.
NYTimes.com - Published

Defying N.R.A., Texas Lieutenant Governor Favors Background Checks on Private Gun Sales

Dan Patrick, a Republican, has promoted his A-plus grade from the National Rifle Association.
NYTimes.com - Published

San Francisco Declares the N.R.A. a ‘Domestic Terrorist Organization’

The city’s lawmakers unanimously passed the resolution in response to recent mass shootings. The National Rifle Association called it a worthless “sound-bite remedy.”
NYTimes.com - Published Also reported by •CBS NewsUSATODAY.com

Rival gun groups vying to overtake the NRA

A number of Second Amendment advocacy groups are vying to replace the National Rifle Association as the most powerful gun rights group in America. The NRA has been mired in controversy after..
CBS News - Published

What's behind Trump's flip-flops on gun control and tax cuts?

President Trump has sent a series of mixed messages this week. First, on gun control. He reportedly told the NRA’s chief executive that he would not support universal background checks for gun..
CBS News - Published

More NRA drama: Legal team shaken up as group cuts ties with longtime outside attorney

The ending of the relationship between the NRA and Charles Cooper, its outside counsel for the past 30 years, comes during what can only be described as a turbulent time for the powerful gun rights..
USATODAY.com - Published

Want an assault weapons ban? Don't couple it with a mandatory gun buyback.

Beto O'Rourke and other Democratic candidates are playing right into the NRA's 'from my cold, dead hands,' endangering commonsense gun laws: Our view
USATODAY.com - Published

N.R.A., G7, ‘Sesame Street’: Your Thursday Evening Briefing

Here’s what you need to know at the end of the day.
NYTimes.com - Published

How Wayne LaPierre Survived a Revolt at the N.R.A.

Previously undisclosed documents reveal a sweeping effort by top officials and lawyers to oust the longtime head of the N.R.A. Not only has he remained, but he continues to influence the president.
NYTimes.com - Published

Trump wavers on universal background checks

There's growing confusion in Washington over moves to tighten gun laws after this month's mass shootings. Attorney General William Barr said Wednesday that the administration will work with..
CBS News - Published

Pete Buttigieg: NRA has Donald Trump 'by the… base' on background checks

Democrat Pete Buttigieg criticized President Donald Trump Wednesday as the president has seemed to change his stance on background checks multiple times since two recent mass shooting.
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Trump says he spoke to NRA about closing background check loopholes

President Trump hasn't made it entirely clear what he wants to do about gun violence
CBS News - Published

Trump spoke with the NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre before appearing to rethink gun background checks, reports say

According to reports, Trump spoke on the phone with the head of the NRA to assure him that enhanced background checks were not under consideration.
USATODAY.com - Published

On Politics: Trump Returns to N.R.A.’s Side

Gun rights advocates have waged an aggressive campaign to dissuade the president from enacting gun control measures.
NYTimes.com - Published

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