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Ted Koppel

British-American television journalist

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Ted Koppel: British-American television journalist
Edward James Martin Koppel is a British-born American broadcast journalist, best known as the anchor for Nightline, from the program's inception in 1980 until 2005.


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News consumers in the heartland

Ted Koppel talks with Trump voters in West Virginia about their views on the president's COVID-19 diagnosis, and explores the increasing reliance on partisan social media sources for one's news
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"Sunday Morning" Full Episode 9/27

Hosted by Jane Pauley. In our cover story, Ted Koppel examines the controversy over qualified immunity, which shields police officers from civil lawsuits in many cases. Plus: Pauley profiles..
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The controversy behind qualified immunity

The doctrine of qualified immunity, whereby police officers are protected from civil lawsuits in certain cases, has come under question. Would eliminating qualified immunity improve relations between..
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Limits of power?

The power of the president is enormous – and may be even more so with presidential emergency action documents (PEADs), classified orders granting vast presidential authority in response to..
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Free speech and the price of defamation

In 2016 an African American student from Oberlin College in Ohio, trying to use a fake ID to buy wine, was taken into custody by police. The arrest prompted demonstrations that accused the store's..
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Sean Hannity on his brand

Is journalism dead? And might opinionated cable TV news hosts be to blame? In this web exclusive, Fox News' Sean Hannity talks to Ted Koppel about his own particular brand of conservative political..
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A polarized America

Increasingly, we Americans occupy alternate universes, with very little common ground -- only battling perceptions of reality. A Pew study finds 81% of voters say they cannot agree with the other side..
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The great divide: Trump and the press

The media wars surrounding coverage of President Donald Trump have been getting louder by the day - and Americans have become more polarized than ever. Senior contributor Ted Koppel talks with..
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Living with COPD

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, or COPD, is the nation's third-biggest killer, after heart disease and cancer. About 150,000 Americans die of COPD each year. Among women, it is more deadly than..
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Smartphones and our information overload

The internet, and the ever-present smartphones from which we cannot detach ourselves, are changing the ways we relate to technology - and, at the same time, changing the way we use our brains. Senior..
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Voices from "The Q": A prison podcast

In this special two-part report, "Sunday Morning" senior contributor Ted Koppel goes inside San Quentin State Prison in California, to which inmates are now applying to get in, due to its innovative..
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How Ted Turner might run CNN today

In this preview of an interview to air on "Sunday Morning" September 30, CNN founder Ted Turner talks with Ted Koppel about his view of the cable news network today.
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Ted Turner: A dreamer, not a quitter

You need a wide lens on your camera to capture the many sides of Ted Turner, especially out on his sprawling, 113,000-acre ranch near Bozeman, Montana. Owner of a TV station and sports franchises,..
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On the frontlines of photography

Many photojournalists have lost their lives or limbs on the battle lines, because the only way to document the violence of war is up close. "Sunday Morning" Special Contributor Ted Koppel looks at the..
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A poem by Ted Koppel

"Sunday Morning" is treated to an ode by our Special Contributor Ted Koppel.
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The role of news media in the age of Trump

President Donald Trump's understanding of the power of social media to spread his message has contributed to dramatic changes in how journalism functions today. In this web extra, "Sunday Morning"..
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"Network" and the changing state of TV news

In the years since the premiere of Paddy Chayefsky's Oscar-winning satire "Network," in which TV news anchor Howard Beale became a "mad prophet of the airwaves," 24-hour cable news operations have..
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Jay Leno in the driver's seat

Traffic during rush hour in Washington, D.C., is among the worst in the nation – so lethargic that even a venerable Ford Model T, driven by comedian and car aficionado Jay Leno, would have to slow..
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George Will: Where he stands

The Washington Post columnist and political commentator George Will has been a staunch and unshakable advocate for conservative policies for more than four decades. Calling conservatism in the Age of..
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The grind of a tennis player's life on tour

In the world of tennis, an athlete who is not among the highest-ranked is just barely scrimping by, living a nomadic life in second-rate hotels while competing in tournaments like the Little Rock Open..
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Ansly's Army

Ansly Damus, a 42-year-old asylum seeker from Haiti, spent over two years in jail despite having committed no crime. Ted Koppel reports on how he came to live in Melody Hart and Gary Benjamin's..
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Asylum-seeker from Haiti finds an army of supporters in Cleveland

Ansly Damus spent over two years in jail despite having committed no crime. Ted Koppel reports on how he came to live in Melody Hart and Gary Benjamin's upstairs bedroom in Cleveland Heights, Ohio
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