What you need to know today about the virus outbreak

What you need to know today about the virus outbreak



The death toll from the global coronavirus pandemic has surpassed 13,600 people worldwide and sickened more than 318,000. Leaders in the U.S. hammer out a rescue package that could be worth $1.4 trillion or more, while the death toll in Italy soars again.

Here are some of AP's top stories Sunday on the world's coronavirus pandemic. Follow APNews.com/VirusOutbreak for updates through the day.


— Italy announced its biggest day-to-day increase of coronavirus infections, which rose to 53,000 people, with nearly 800 new deaths.

— Congress and the White House resume talks on crafting a mammoth rescue package that could be worth $1.4 trillion or more.

— U.S. economy suffers severe whiplash as business spirals downward due to coronavirus pandemic.

— Africa gets emergency help to battle the virus from Chinese billionaire Jack Ma.

— Iran, with an officially reported 21,600 cases of the new coronavirus, snubs U.S. offer of help. Experts believe Tehran may be underreporting the number of cases.

— Indian prime minister asks his nation of 1.3 billion people to stay home, but many venture out anyway.

— Drive-thru sites are being opened around the United States to test people for the new coronavirus, but the system has been riddled by delays, shortages and other problems.

— Parents find themselves in the role of classroom teacher as millions of children are forced to stay home.

— Dubai cancels the Dubai World Cup, the world's richest purse in horse racing, until 2021.

— The Palestinian Health Ministry announces its first cases in the Gaza Strip: two residents who returned recently from Pakistan tested positive.


For most people, the virus causes only mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough. For some,...

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