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CORRECTION: Apollo Shaping Fintech Using Government Utility Solutions

Accesswire Saturday, 27 June 2020
CORRECTION: Apollo Shaping Fintech Using Government Utility Solutions*Sequel to the mistake observed with the use of the wrong contact details in the release that was earlier disseminated on June 26, 2020, it becomes necessary to re-disseminate the correct version of the release to avoid misleading the public. However, the entire information remains unchanged*

*SHEUNG WAN, HONG KONG / ACCESSWIRE /Β June 27, 2020 / *The invention of blockchain introduced a new approach to how various industries carried out their tasks. However, most governments across the globe remained adamantly against the technology, seeing as the decentralized nature locked them out of controlling the revolutionizing technology.

More than a decade later, there have been several breakthroughs, thanks to technology. The relationship between governments and the technology, however, remains strained, with only a few governments incorporating blockchain use in their systems. Several fintech companies have stepped up to bridge this gap.

Apollo Fintech is one such company that is developing solutions for a global economy. With a particular focus on government, commercial, and consumer products, Apollo is determined to shape fintech by building the future of financial services.

*Apollo's Robust Government Utility Solutions*

There's no denying that governments could use some of the lucrative features of blockchain technology for their services. Apollo provides tailored government solutions, including a national currency system, tax system, commodity exchange, government bank platform, and mineral claims system.

These solutions help governments transform the way they operate and help eliminate problems such as tax evasion, fraud, violent crime, among others.

Apollo is undoubtedly setting new standards in the fintech world by providing top-notch security and faster transaction times, thanks to its operating on the fastest network in the industry.

Apollo's government solutions are cutting edge, which is a breakthrough for the current economic global financial realities. The company has already partnered with several governments, and most notably, in Africa.

*Focusing on African Governments*

Apollo has had its sights set on Africa for quite some time now. On 13th June 2019, Apollo announced a partnership with the African Development Funding Group (ADF). The group, which is in charge of presidential and ministerial funding in 54 countries across the continent, endorsed Apollo as β€˜the one and only obvious choice for blockchain technology in Africa.'

Further, Apollo signed an MOU with Lesotho in November 2019 to develop and implement blockchain technology across various government departments. Earlier this year, Zimbabwe joined its African counterpart and signed an MOA that allows Apollo to create a gold-backed currency for the country in conjunction with the CBZ Bank of Zimbabwe.

UAS Government Systems

The United Allied States (UAS) aims to provide a worldwide sovereign nation of states governed by principles to facilitate economic growth and foster wealth creation. UAS is coined the freest place on earth and guarantees individual rights and liberties, besides the free-market economies.

Earlier this week, UAS announced that Apollo will be responsible for building and maintaining UAS' IT government systems. The National Currency Platform will provide the base for all other UAS products.UAS will also be incorporating the tax system to eliminate the need for an internal revenue agency and making tax collection a fast and efficient process. UAS citizens will also be able to use Apollo Currency (APL) in their daily life.

The UAS use case is the single most important endeavor in the crypto sphere for world-shaping solutions for a global economy, and Apollo Fintech is right at the heart of it all.

*Contact Name*: APLFintech
*Organization:* AJ Mora
*Phone*: (818)-797-4464
*Address*: Unit 1411, 14/Floor, Cosco Tower, 183 Queen's Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
*Email:* [email protected]
*URL:* http://aplfintech.com/

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Apollo Shaping Fintech Using Government Utility Solutions

Apollo Shaping Fintech Using Government Utility Solutions
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