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Creating a Culture of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with Dr. Dale Caldwell and Reverend Gilbert Caldwell Hosted by The Leadership Development Group

Accesswire Monday, 10 August 2020
Creating a Culture of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with Dr. Dale Caldwell and Reverend Gilbert Caldwell Hosted by The Leadership Development Group*NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / August 10, 2020* / Creating a Culture of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion: Lessons from the Past and Strategies for the Future, a live webinar hosted by The Leadership Development Group (TLD Group) on Wednesday, August 12, will be led by Dr. Dale Caldwell, an expert on Influence Leadership and his father, Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell, a "Foot Soldier" in the Civil Rights Movement, who knew and marched with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The panelists will connect the Civil Rights Movement to current realities and provide a framework that connects personal influences and equity, diversity, and inclusion. Click here to register.

"We are thrilled to be offering this webinar featuring Dale and Reverend Caldwell who will offer their personal experiences and insights on how we can move the country forward by inspiring leaders to pursue systemic change," said Tracy Duberman, PhD, President and CEO of TLD Group. "This webinar kicks off our ED&I series and represents the commitment TLD Group has made to creating awareness and taking action to solve systemic injustice across the health industry and beyond."

*The Rev. Gilbert H. Caldwell* first met Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in 1958 while he was a student at Boston University. He actively participated in the 1963 March on Washington, the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer, the 1965 Selma to Montgomery March, the March in Boston protesting public school segregation, and the 1968 Poor People's Campaign. Rev. Caldwell is a graduate of North Carolina A & T State University and Boston University School of Theology. He received an Honorary Doctor of Divinity, D.D. degree, from Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell, South Dakota. Rev. Caldwell is a retired United Methodist Church minister who has pastored churches in Boston, New Haven, Brooklyn, Harlem, Denver and Chester, Pennsylvania. He has been a United Methodist Church District Superintendent in Boston and West Chester, Pennsylvania.

*Dr. Dale Caldwell* is the CEO and Founder of Strategic Influence, LLC, professor and executive director of the Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) Rothman Institute of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and executive coach with The Leadership Development Group (TLD Group). In addition, he is the author of six books including, Intelligent Influence: The 4 Steps of Highly Successful Leaders and Organizations and the creator of the "Intelligent Influence" framework for individual and organizational success. Dr. Caldwell has over 18 years of experience as a corporate management consultant and executive coach in addition to having the honor of leading Intelligent Influence® consulting projects for a diverse set of corporate, government and nonprofit clients.

The Leadership Development Group is committed to supporting organizations on their journey toward creating a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive workforce by offering the following ED&I support:

· *Diversity Dialogues/Listening Circles *- TLD Group works with organizations to surface deeply rooted issues of inequity that present unique challenges for everyone in the organization through facilitated open discussions to promote positive and lasting change.
· *Assessment and Coaching* - Using researched and proven diagnostics to help leaders understand where they are on their ED&I journey, TLD Group helps identify strengths and opportunities through our assessment and executive coaching, which explores the implications of leaders' beliefs and facilitates actions to support ED&I strategies for positive change.
· *Culture Shaping* - Incorporating ED&I into a corporate culture starts with a recruitment strategy for attracting a more diverse pool of candidates - and building a robust talent pipeline to attract, develop, mentor, retain and sponsor diverse leaders and employees at all levels.
· *Leadership Academies* - TLD Group designs and delivers inclusion learning journeys for employees at all levels, and offers high impact development programs for diverse cohorts of underrepresented talent that incorporates the role of sponsorship as an effective way to overcome network gaps, another systemic and structural issue that further increases inequality.

For access to TLD Group's series of ED&I educational opportunities, visit https://www.tldgroupinc.com/equity-diversity-inclusion. These offerings include a podcast on Applying Ecosystem Leadership to Systemic Change with Ron Phillips, SVP of Human Resources - Retail & Enterprise Modernization, CVS Health; a blog post on Change is Incumbent on All of Us; and an upcoming webinar on the Impact of Racial Disparities and Social Determinants on Health with Ronald Copeland, MD, FACS, Senior Vice President of National Diversity and Inclusion Strategy and Policy and Chief Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Officer, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals.

*The Leadership Development Group (TLD Group)* is a global talent development consulting firm for leaders, teams, and organizations across the health ecosystem -- including providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies. Solutions include executive, physician, clinical, and R&D leadership assessment and coaching, organizational development consulting, and group leadership academies designed to engage and empower leaders to take on the myriad challenges facing the industry and position their organizations for success. TLD Group's worldwide faculty of over 400 organizational development practitioners, academicians, coaches, and consultants with deep expertise across the health industry offer targeted insights and deliver highly impactful results. For more information on developing customized leadership programs, visit https://www.tldgroupinc.com/.

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