Meet MLife Music Group: The Ensemble of Professional Elite Getting Noticed for Doing Differently



*NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / October 2020 / *"We live in a post Napster world," says Mike Jean, CEO of MLife Music Group.

"Modern streaming services and social media have drastically changed the landscape of the industry. Followers, views, likes, and streams are the currency of an artist's worth today. But those numbers measure attention, not talent. I wanted to approach it differently."


Mike Jean. Photograph by Keith Moore.

A prodigious producer, Jean defined his career working with the best in the business. In 2018, after a 4-year hiatus, he created MLife Music Group. A team of select and preeminent professionals engineered to provide a panoramic approach to an artist's career, world-renown in cinematography, editorial, public relations, production, styling and nightlife.

"I put together a group of people, varied in profession and titans of their trade, to best shape and support an artist in his/her career," says Jean. "We are champions of talent. Seeking it out and developing it beyond the music. Entertainment is an industry that demands excellence across the board. We take a 360 approach to an artist's development."

Mike Jean at its helm, MLife Music Group includes three-time Grammy award winner Randy Merrill as mastering engineer, phenom Brian Sheil as music producer, Joseph "Zeus" Theus as vice president of operations and Leonardo Desailly Buissereth as vice president of A&R. With Vogue and Weinstein Co.'s Jennifer Heyde as director of public relations, marketing and promotions led by Cendy Pierre, preeminent celebrity designer Henry Picado as stylist and famed photographer, Marc Baptiste, as art director, and Anna Atkinson as MLife coordinator.

MLife works closely with icons of the industry, including 17-time Grammy Award winner Humberto Gatica and Grammy Award winner, illustrious producer Jerry 'Wonda' Duplessis, to name two among many.

"We've only just started and already we seem to be stirring the norm," says Jean. "My office is fielding calls of inquiry from all walks in the industry. There's a curiosity about us, and what's to come. I think that's awesome. A barometer of interest reading high-that's a great thing."

The world debut of MLife's premier artist, Norman Alexander, is slated for late this year.

(His single "No Goodbyes" was released early in memoriam.)

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