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*As a health advocate with years of experience and knowledge in the field, Deven Patel has formally launched his personal website. The site will act as an amalgam of his thoughts, opinions, as well as pieces of advice in relation to an array of relevant and inspired topics.*

*CANTON, MI / ACCESSWIRE / December 17, 2020 /* Deven Patel has been involved in sports since a young age. As an advocate for personal fitness, Patel is looking to further his goal of spreading health consciousness by building his own online platform.

Throughout the pandemic, individuals have reduced the frequency in which they go out, and, in so doing, have been encouraged to engage in more healthy behaviors at home. Public sanctions, as well as generalized anxiety in relation to COVID-19, has increased our stress levels and significantly impacted our mental health.

In light of the reality of the global pandemic, Deven Patel's website comes at a perfect time. The mission of the site will be to underscore how prioritizing health will lessen mental and physical strain and make you, and the people you care about, stronger. Patel also adheres to a vegan and completely plant-based diet, a choice he feels has improved his sense of wellbeing and his athletic performance. As such, Patel's website also strongly emphasizes diet and eating healthy, and the importance of well-balanced meals.

So far, Deven Patel's website features blog posts about just how COVID-19 has affected the sporting world, the outbreak's impact on youth sports, topics related to veganism, and also, more psychologically laden health subjects, like how to improve your disposition while playing sports.

For content that speaks to fitness, sport culture, and overall health, please check out Deven Patel's website listed here.

*About Deven Patel*

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Deven Patel moved to the United States to further his career and currently resides in southeast Michigan. Outside of working life, Patel is passionate about ball hockey, a sport he has played his entire life. He is the captain of his intramural ball hockey team and also serves as commissioner for the Michigan Ball Hockey Association. With two young children, Patel is a family man who actively seeks out opportunities for his kids to also become involved in the enriching world of sports.

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