Restaurant Owner George Aboujaoude Says New Possibilities Emerge in a Post-COVID Future in the Hospitality Industry



*LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 21, 2020 /* All of the stay-at-home and lockdown mandates in cities and states across the nation have wreaked havoc on "non-essential" businesses, with the hospitality industry getting especially affected. Many restaurant owners are throwing up their hands in defeat, not knowing what to do to survive. One restaurant owner, Groge Aboujaoude, can actually see light at the end of the tunnel. He has identified new possibilities emerging in a post-COVID future for the hospitality industry.

Today, there are already signs of opportunities to be had that weren't possible pre-COVID. The pandemic, especially the response to it, is significantly affecting restaurants and others within the industry. George is one restaurant owner who decided to figure out how he could leverage the opportunity. What he did was pursue opening a new venture right within the heart of Boston.

George took the advantage as a leaseholder of this new venue since the landlords are currently offering flexibility deals to struggling restaurants. This has made it easier to gain traction on some new exciting developments and projects George has in mind.

While everyone is struggling during this crisis in some way, George is looking at the silver lining in it all. Crisis always breeds opportunity, and that is exactly what this restaurant owner has realized. He is now starting a new project when others are closing theirs down. With landlords offering incredible deals due to their spaces being mostly vacant, this is a terrific opportunity to establish a long-term project for a fraction of the usual cost.

The restaurant industry was already operating on razor-thin margins, so having restaurants shut down for months on end was the final blow for a good number of them. This fragile structure led to the restaurant industry losing $120 billion in revenue between the months of March and May, which the shutdowns first appeared in the US. The upending of the restaurant industry has had a domino effect, given how many other stakeholders and moving parts are interconnected with it, such as bakers, purveyors, farmers, employees, and others.

Some restaurants are reinventing themselves but making decisions like ensuring half of their revenue come in from selling consumer goods, instead of solely relying on foot traffic into their brick and mortar dining establishments. Restaurants that open up the possibilities of contactless delivery will thrive in a post-COVID world, as people will still be jittery in the aftermath of it all.

Restaurant owner George Aboujaoude has big plans in store himself. For now, he wants to keep his post-COVID success strategy details under wraps until everything is finalized. However, the vision and determination people like George have in the restaurant and hospitality industry is what will lead to some thriving, while others falter. Being located in a strong market like Boston solidifies George's conviction that his businesses will be doing very well going forward.

Time will tell if any of this will stick. However, history shows us that those who learn how to adapt are the ones who survive and thrive.

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