3 Tax Deductions Every Freelancer and Entrepreneur Should Know With Expert Bookkeeper, Patricia Saggio



*LONG BRANCH, NJ / ACCESSWIRE / January 14, 2021 / *New Jersey native, Patty Saggio has always been passionate about numbers and bookkeeping. With two decades of experience in corporate accounting and running her own bookkeeping business for the last 12 years, she is an entrepreneur, freelancer, and small business owner's top choice for bookkeeping services.

The oldest of four girls, Patty knew as early as high school that accounting was her passion. She attended Pace University where she obtained her Accounting degree before beginning a successful career in the corporate accounting industry. For the next several years, she worked with various corporate firms, constantly learning and growing in her personal and professional skills. Seemingly out of nowhere, she became incredibly sick and was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis shortly after. This came as a crushing blow as this diagnosis meant she could no longer work in the corporate environment. She spent several months healing her body and rethinking her next steps.

Even in her darkest hour, she had never lost her passion for accounting, so as soon as she was well enough, she began taking on private bookkeeping clients. 12 years later, her health has improved tremendously and she happily runs her successful bookkeeping business, Count On Patty.

Patty has always had an entrepreneurial mindset, and a cheerful, can-do attitude. While many would assume a bookkeeper would be reserved and serious, Patty is just the opposite.

"I love to laugh with my clients, I feel so fortunate to be able to come alongside them in their entrepreneurial journey, and I am dedicated to forming personal relationships with everyone I work with," she says.

Though Patty is down to earth and fun to work with, she also brings a level of experience and professionalism that is rare to find in traditional bookkeepers. While many bookkeepers are self-taught, Patty has an Accounting degree and 2 decades in the corporate world to fall back upon when dealing with more complicated financial matters. This provides clients with unmatched peace of mind, while also saving them money throughout the year.

Her services include payables reconciliation, investigation of outstanding AP issues, vendor transactions maintenance, reconciliation of bank and credit card accounts and standard financial and management reporting.

"I can do everything from A-Z, so I just ask my clients, ‘Where do you need me to fit into your business to make your life easier?'" says Patty.

Her services are entirely virtual, though if a client is local, she is always happy to sit down in person. Patty is also passionate about self-education, in addition to her full-service booking package, she also offers training and education on everything from Quickbooks to payment integrations and credit card functionality.

One of the biggest mistakes that Patty sees entrepreneurs and business owners make, is a failure to properly deduct self-employment expenses. According to Patty, there are dozens of expenses that can be tax write-offs, that many people never consider. She can immediately look through their books and spot the expenses that should be write-offs. Some of the main, often overlooked, write-offs include:

1. Professional development: As an entrepreneur, you should constantly be investing in yourself. It's beneficial for the business. Continuing education, research, courses, any sort of professional or personal development can be a tax write off.
2. Software: Any sort of software that you invest in that can make your job easier is a tax deduction. Don't hesitate to invest in the software, subscriptions, or apps that will make you better at your job. But be mindful, these little things do add up throughout the year, so be sure you're utilizing your tax deduction.
3. Website: Website costs can add up! Today, having a custom, beautiful, responsive, and mobile-friendly website is a no-brainer for any freelancer or entrepreneur. Fortunately, self-employed persons can deduct costs related to their business websites. This includes domain fees, hosting fees, design, building costs, and maintenance.

To learn more about Patty's services and to access the 7 other deductions that freelancers and entrepreneurs should consider, head to www.countonpatty.com to schedule a free consultation call and download her free guide.

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