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*CARY, NC / ACCESSWIRE / February 8, 2021 / *We have all heard "a kitchen is the heart of the house." The origin of this saying most likely refers to a hearth - a brick or stone-lined fireplace used for heating and cooking for many centuries. The kitchen as a heart obviously refers to a vital organ. It is important to keep it healthy. Cleanliness and functionality are essential.

"High-quality wood cabinets are always solid candidates for refinishing," comments Mike Calamus from

While other rooms of the house change very little over time in their basic elements - four walls, windows, and maybe a built-in closet; kitchens herald the age of the home proud and loud. Be it lemon yellow tile counters with lime green trim or a shiny black backsplash with faux marble and lots of chrome. It is easy to replace plaid wallpaper and shag carpeting in bedrooms but kitchen renovations are costly and intrusive undertakings. Yet updating a kitchen is one of the main ways to add value when selling a home. Why? Because the new owners most likely are keen to move in as soon as possible and do not wish to undertake a full kitchen remodeling project.

Even if you are not considering listing your home for selling, updating your kitchen might be something to be considered anyway. The heart of the house gets weathered with daily use and is one of the messiest places - all the marinara sauce, grease stains, etc. Take a look at your kitchen cabinets - notice all the staining around the doorknobs and drawer pulls? Even if you are a meticulous cleaner, the dulling of the surfaces is noticeable on many older cabinets.

Perhaps you are just bored with your kitchen after months of baking artisan bread in mandatory self-isolation? As tempting as it may be, do not take a sledgehammer to that mauve and teal color scheme. Odds are that from a constructional and functional point of view your kitchen cabinets are fine. You can just do with some cosmetic refreshing and ditch the shabby chic for something new and fun. You know - instead of shelling out thousands for a painful facelift, just update your make-up.

Homeowners in North Carolina and in Florida are lucky to have Amazing Refinishing services. Their skillful professionals can update your kitchen with time-tested state of the art European materials. Wood surfaces are brought back to life with the highest quality Milesi wood coating materials and techniques; a top of a line product developed in Parona, Italy. This exclusive European formula is an innovative wood coating product that undergoes strict quality control. What makes it exclusive is that Milesi is the only manufacturer of its kind with a subsidiary in the USA. is able to revamp your kitchen within days and without disrupting your use of the appliances. As there is no demolition debris to be hauled to landfills, it is also an environmentally friendly option. A win-win situation!

News story by Ave Maria Blithe, a real estate professional and writer.


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