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Thicker Than Water

CBS News Thursday, 19 September 2019
In natural disasters, people often focus on the major cities hit hardest — New Orleans, Houston, Miami — but what of the small towns in between? The CBSN Originals documentary, "Thicker Than Water," shares the story of one of those small towns too often forgotten in the wake of hurricanes like Harvey — a small farming community, known as Winnie, Texas.

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Houston Houston Largest city in Texas

Biden vs. Trump: Live Updates for the 2020 Election

But the Texas Supreme Court said the state Republican Party could not force a Houston venue to host its convention. A new poll in Texas, meanwhile, showed Joe..

NASA Scientist Jailed in Turkey for 3 Years Recounts His Ordeal

Finally home in Houston, Serkan Golge is still dismayed by the “garbage” evidence linking him to a failed coup and says the country is missing a chance to..

Coronavirus updates: Houston cancels Texas GOP convention; Atlanta mandates masks; California, Texas report highest daily death tolls

Texas, California report highest daily death toll; Atlanta requires face masks in public; Houston cancels Texas GOP convention. Latest COVID-19 news.


Houston cancels Texas GOP in-person convention

Houston officials have canceled the Texas GOP's in-person convention, saying the spread of the coronavirus made it impossible to hold the event as scheduled...
As COVID-19 Case Numbers Spiral, Hospitals At Risk Of Being Overwhelmed [Video]

As COVID-19 Case Numbers Spiral, Hospitals At Risk Of Being Overwhelmed

Not only are new cases of the novel coronavirus COVID-19 climbing dramatically, so are the numbers of its victims being hospitalized. According to Business Insider, COVID-19 hospitalizations started going up toward the end of June, after two straight months of decline. The mayors of Houston and Austin, Texas, said over the weekend that hospitals will be overwhelmed within two weeks if the virus isn't gotten under control.

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Miami Miami City in Florida, United States

Florida Shatters US Record Covid-19 Cases [Video]

Florida Shatters US Record Covid-19 Cases

(CNN) With coronavirus cases climbing across the US, local and state leaders have found themselves at odds over the types of restrictions that should be in place to move forward effectively. In Florida, Rep. Donna Shalala said the virus is still out of control and places like Miami are edging closer to shutting down for a second time. "It's out of control across the state because our governor won't even tell everybody to wear masks.

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Why A Heat Advisory Might Not Be Issued, Even If The Temperature's Broken All Records [Video]

Why A Heat Advisory Might Not Be Issued, Even If The Temperature's Broken All Records

Miami hasn't had just one hot day this year, but rather weeks and weeks of intense heat. In fact, CNN reports seven of the 10 hottest weeks on record have occurred this year -- and temperatures usually don't peak until the beginning of August. On Tuesday, the temperature at Miami International Airport reached 98 degrees Fahrenheit, but no heat advisories or excessive heat warnings were issued.

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Woman who fell in love with female best friend reveals how they got pregnant at the same time [Video]

Woman who fell in love with female best friend reveals how they got pregnant at the same time

A career woman who married her female best friend - before they fell pregnant "in tandem" using a £72 home insemination kit and a sperm donor found online - describes their babies as "almost twins," as they were born three days apart.Inseparable after meeting at school in Venezuela, South America, Karina Rincon, 31, and Kelly Mesa, 32, then moved to the USA after graduating - living all around the vast country separately, before connecting in Miami, Florida, when they settled there in 2013.Both successful biomedical engineers, until then they had only dated men, but after confessing their true feelings, they became a couple and married in September 2017, when their thoughts turned to starting a family.Priced out of expensive IVF clinics, they bought a £72 home artificial insemination kit, before finding a sperm donor online and doubling their chances of having a baby by both trying - never thinking they would each fall pregnant on their first attempt.Now living as a family of four in Los Angeles, California, after Kelly gave birth to baby Leo on July 7, 2019, and her wife to his sister Sophie just three days later, Karina said: “I’m really glad we didn’t go into labour at the same time."That was a worry of ours, but thankfully, being three days apart meant that I could be there when Leo was born and Kelly could when Sophie was."

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Full Circle: On Father's Day, Elian Gonzalez Announces He's Going To Be A Dad [Video]

Full Circle: On Father's Day, Elian Gonzalez Announces He's Going To Be A Dad

Elian Gonzalez was once a young Cuban boy whose custody case sparked diplomatic tensions and attracted intense media coverage. Now, CNN reports Gonzalez marked Father's Day by announcing on Facebook he will soon be a father himself. Gonzalez went to live with relatives in Miami who refused to return him to his father in Cuba. The case stoked Cold War-era tensions between the US and Cuba as Gonzalez's father and the Miami relatives battled in US court for custody.

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New Orleans New Orleans Largest city in Louisiana

Blaine Kern, Architect of Lavish Mardi Gras Floats, Dies at 93

The work of Mr. Kern, known as “Mr. Mardi Gras,” has delighted visitors to Carnival in New Orleans for decades.
Musicians march with Jon Batiste at NYC protest [Video]

Musicians march with Jon Batiste at NYC protest

Musicians turned out on Saturday to join New Orleans artist and bandleader Jon Batiste, marching together to Union Square in New York to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Home-growers scramble for scarce seed [Video]

Home-growers scramble for scarce seed

Stores and online outlets such as Whole Foods and Walmart temporarily sold out of seeds once the coronavirus pandemic began mid-March, and many Americans made a run on seed sellers to grow their own food. Megan Revell reports.

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Texas Texas State in the southern United States

Tuberville tops Sessions, Hegar leads in race to face Cornyn and other takeaways from Tuesday's elections

Tommy Tuberville bested Jeff Sessions in the Alabama Senate Republican Primary runoff. In Texas, M.J. Hegar leads in the race to take on GOP Sen. John..

Civilian searcher says Army overlooked evidence after Vanessa Guillen's death

Vanessa Guillen, 20, a soldier, disappeared from Fort Hood in Texas on April 22, sparking a search and international attention.


Live Updates from Primary Elections in Alabama, Texas and Maine

Jeff Sessions hopes to win back his old Senate seat in Alabama, while primary and runoff elections are taking place in Texas and Maine.

Coronavirus Live: Updates From Around the Globe

California, Florida and Texas together recorded at least 30,000 new cases on Monday. Prime Minister Boris that people in England would be required to wear masks..

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