Colbert Gloats a Tiny Bit Over Trump Official Who Reversed His Impeachment Inquiry Testimony (Video)

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On Tuesday, Stephen Colbert continued the good time he’s been having on “The Late Show” talking about the ongoing Trump impeachment inquiry, this time with a look at the surprising development that EU ambassador Gordon Sondland has amended his congressional testimony.

Sondland initially testified in October that there was nothing improper in Donald Trump’s conversations with the president of Ukraine and that U.S. aid to the country was not contingent on Ukraine announcing investigations into Trump political enemies. But on Tuesday in a statement delivered to congress, Sondland directly contradicted his testimony and said he did in fact tell a top Ukrainian official that aid would be withheld unless the country did as Trump asked.

About that, Colbert joked that “the evidence is pretty damning, in that it’s exactly what we already knew.” Sondland, Colbert said, “amended his testimony, much the same way that Sherman amended Atlanta.”

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Colbert then noted that Sondland’s explanation for revising his testimony is that testimony from other Trump administration officials — testimony that directly contradicted his own — “refreshed my recollection.”

“Huh, you know what?” Colbert said, impersonating Sondland. “That testimony I just heard really refreshed the old noodle. It made me remember one important detail: that I don’t want to go to jail for perjury.”

Watch the clip below:

TONIGHT: Trump's not going to want to read this new transcript of Sondland's revised testimony. #LSSC

— The Late Show (@colbertlateshow) November 6, 2019

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