Tucker Carlson: ‘Why Doesn’t Anyone Ever Define White Supremacy?’ (Video)

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Like most other conservative talking heads on Friday, Tucker Carlson had some strong opinions about Thursday’s dueling town halls — with Donald Trump on NBC News and Joe Biden on ABC News. The common refrain has been that Biden had it easy while Trump had to deal with his comments being fact checked by moderator Savannah Guthrie.

“On NBC, Joe Biden skated by without answering any questions of substance about his son or antifa or BLM,” Tucker said during the openign segment of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Friday. “The moderator over on NBC pushed Donald Trump to condemn Qanon and white supremacy, the most important issues in this nation! And he did it, but it wasn’t enough. The point of demanding performative disavowals isn’t to get the disavowal. It’s to smear the person you’re asking to disavow the group by association with the group, and that’s exactly what happened last night.

After playing a clip of Guthrie and Trump arguing about this topic during Thursday’s town hall, Tucker came back with a pretty, hmm, interesting thought.

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“Why doesn’t anyone ever define white supremacy? What is white supremacy? It’s America’s biggest problem — the FBI has said that’s the biggest problem we face, not China, not the economy, but white supremacy. But what is it exactly?” Tucker asked.

The question was rhetorical, clearly, after the punchline that Tucker delivered next.

“White supremacy is not voting for Joe Biden, that’s the functional definition,” Tucker said.

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“But the president denounced it anyway. ‘I denounce white supremacy.’ ‘Well, that sounds like a dodge,’ said the moderator. In her defense, NBC was under a lot of pressure from Democrats to make last night’s town hall look like this with 19 days to go until the election. Just like Facebook and Twitter delivered earlier this week, NBC delivered too.”

Merriam-Webster offers two definitions for the term “white supremacy.” The first: “the belief that the white race is inherently superior to other races and that white people should have control over people of other races.”

The second definition introduces a greater nuance to the discussion: “the social, economic, and political systems that collectively enable white people to maintain power over people of other races.”

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After that bit, Tucker brought on a guest, Steve Krakauer, to talk about all that stuff. And he started off that conversation by wondering aloud why ABC News and moderator George Stephanopoulos didn’t ask Biden about unfounded conspiracy theories about his son, Hunter Biden. Tucker referred to one such theory as “the most significant policy story in the country right now.”

“I have to say I cannot get past the fact that ABC News, with air quotes, bitterly ironic air quotes, never asked about the most significant policy story in the country right now, which is the revelations about Burisma and the Chinese government that pertained to Joe Biden. How could they not ask that?” Tucker asked.

For a pretty good rundown of these baseless stories about Hunter Biden, you should check out this NYT explainer.

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You can watch the quoted portion of Friday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News in the video embedded in this article.

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