Trump’s Sendoff Playlist Includes ‘Macho Man,’ ‘My Way’ – and ‘Billie Jean’ for Some Reason

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Outgoing president Donald Trump left the White House one final time Wednesday, boarding Marine One as a truly eclectic playlist blared for those assembled there.

Trump-event favorites like “Macho Man,” “YMCA,” “My Way” and “Fortunate Son” played, as did the more surprising “Funeral for a Friend” and “Billie Jean.”

“Billie Jean,” the Michael Jackson hit about alleged paternity, was so loud during Trump’s farewell that almost drowned out the reporters doing live shots on television.

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Sharing clips from NBC News, Twitter users said there was “NO WAY” the organizers were playing “Billie Jean” (there was) and questioned whether NBC News staffers were responsible for the soundtrack themselves (they weren’t).

As Media Matters for America pointed out, the discussion on Newsmax centered instead on “YMCA,” with one host musing that the selection of the song was deliberate because Trump is very aware of “optics.”

Journalists pointed out that Trump’s use of Frank Sinatra’s  “My Way” was notable given Sinatra reportedly disliked Trump when he was just a real estate tycoon. On CNN, the footage of Trump departing to the final strains of the song was cut to show President-elect Joe Biden in church with his family, preparing to be inaugurated later Wednesday.

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