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Chris Cuomo Clashes With GOP Rep Over Syria: ‘You Did a Double Wrong’ By Siding With Trump!

Things got heated on CNN, when Chris Cuomo battled GOP Rep.Tom Reed (NY) over Syria. It all started when Cuomo asked Reed — who was one of the Republicans who voted against the bipartisan resolution..
Mediaite - Published

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Apologizes After Saying His Pronouns Are ‘She Her and Her’s’ Just Like Kamala Harris

cnn’s chris cuomo apologizes after saying his pronouns are ‘she her and her’s’ just like kamala harris
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo issued an apology in the middle of the network’s town hall on LGBTQ issues Thursday night after he joked he, too, used female pronouns. “PLEASE READ: When Sen. Harris said..
The Wrap - Published

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Apologies for Comments Made During Kamala Harris’ Intro During LGBTQ Town Hall [Video]CNN’s Chris Cuomo Apologies for Comments Made During Kamala Harris’ Intro During LGBTQ Town Hall

CNN’s Chris Cuomo faced backlash for making a joke after presidential candidate Kamala Harris declared her gender pronouns were “she, her and hers” at the network’s LGBTQ community town hall...

Credit: Veuer     Duration: 01:04Published

Intense CNN Panel — ‘He Drew a Fake Cone on a Map! Who Does That?!’ [Video]Intense CNN Panel — ‘He Drew a Fake Cone on a Map! Who Does That?!’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo tussled Friday night with Niger Innis about President Donald Trump insisting he was right about Alabama potentially being hit by Hurricane Dorian when he said it. Tonight the NOAA..

Credit: Rumble     Duration: 10:02Published

Trump Team Now Lying About Lying [Video]Trump Team Now Lying About Lying

(CNN) On Wednesday night, Trump reelection campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany did an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo. It was, uh, contentious. But one part of the back-and-forth between the two..

Credit: Wochit     Duration: 00:33Published

'Interview's Over!': Chris Cuomo Cuts Off Trump Campaign Spox Over Claim That Trump Never Lied to the Country [Video]'Interview's Over!': Chris Cuomo Cuts Off Trump Campaign Spox Over Claim That Trump Never Lied to the Country

CNN’s Chris Cuomo cuts off National Press Secretary for the Trump Campaign, Kayleigh McEnany over what some are calling the wildest claim yet—that President Trump does not lie. Veuer’s Chandra..

Credit: Veuer     Duration: 00:45Published

Trump 2020 Spokesperson Cut Off For Lying [Video]Trump 2020 Spokesperson Cut Off For Lying

CNN’s Chris Cuomo went after a Trump 2020 spokesperson who said President Donald Trump doesn’t lie.

Credit: HuffPost NOW News     Duration: 01:20Published


‘Pronouns are not a punchline’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo apologizes for gaffe at LGBTQ candidate town hall

Coming on stage at the event in Los Angeles, Sen. Kamala Harris said, "My pronouns are she, her and hers," and Cuomo joked, "Mine too," but soon apologized. Some activists were not impressed.
Seattle Times - Published

Dem Rep. Tells Chris Cuomo His Interview with Rudy Giuliani Made Her Rethink Impeachment: ‘They Were Open About It’

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that his wild interview with Rudy Giuliani played a role in her decision to call for an impeachment inquiry. Before serving in Congress, Slotkin..
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Trump Calls CNN’s Chris Cuomo ‘Fredo’ at the United Nations

President Donald Trump took time out of his meetings with various world leaders at the United Nations to demean CNN anchor Chris Cuomo with the nickname “Fredo.” Trump did not refer to Cuomo by..
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Twitter Erupts Over Guiliani’s Bonkers CNN Interview With Cuomo: ‘A Level of Pants-Sh*tting Panic Rarely Seen’ On TV

Rudy Guiliani‘s absolute all-time trainwreck of an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo set social media aflame Thursday night. “[A] level of pants-sh*tting panic rarely seen on national..
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Chris Cuomo Calls Out Super PAC Head for Hypocrisy of AOC-on-Fire Ad: ‘This Is Toxic Politics, You Must Know That’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo clashed with the head of the New GOP Faces SuperPAC, Elizabeth Heng, calling out her group’s incendiary ad that analogized Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s democratic socialist..
Mediaite - Published

Ken Cuccinelli Can’t Back Up Trump’s Bahamian Gang Member Claim in Fiery Debate with Chris Cuomo

While most television viewers interested in politics were tuned into the Democratic primary debate on ABC Thursday night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo was hosting a fiery debate with Acting U.S. Citizenship and..
Mediaite - Published

CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Trump and Alabama: ‘He Drew a Fake Cone on a Map! Who Does That?!’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* tussled Friday night with *Niger Innis* about President *Donald Trump* insisting he was right about Alabama potentially being hit by Hurricane Dorian when he said it.
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Trump 2020 press secretary: President has never lied to American people

"Interview's over," CNN's Chris Cuomo said to Trump's campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany after she refused back off the statement that the president has never lied.
USATODAY.com - Published

Trump Campaign’s Kayleigh McEnany Says President Has Never Lied, CNN’s Chris Cuomo Responds: ‘Interview’s Over’

trump campaign’s kayleigh mcenany says president has never lied, cnn’s chris cuomo responds: ‘interview’s over’
Things got heated between CNN’s Chris Cuomo and pro-Trump commentator Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday night’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” causing the anchor to announce, “Interview’s over.” The..
The Wrap - Published

Chris Cuomo Rips Trump on Immigration Policy: ‘If This President Had His Way, People Like Me Wouldn’t Be Here’

CNN's *Chris CUomo* tonight closed his show by saying the election is "a contest for the soul of our country," blasting President *Donald Trump*'s "new harshness" on immigration.
Mediaite - Published

Matt Schlapp Swipes at CNN for Hiring Andrew McCabe in Clash With Chris Cuomo

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* and American Conservative Union chairman *Matt Schlapp* got heated tonight over lies from the Trump administration, and Schlapp took a shot at CNN for hiring former FBI official..
Mediaite - Published

Chris Cuomo Calls Out Trump’s ‘Inherently Abnormal’ Rhetoric: ‘Poisonous Precursor of Divisive and Dangerous Actions’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* devoted his "closing argument" segment to calling out President *Donald Trump* for a tumultuous week of increasingly bizarre and "inherently abnormal" rhetoric that exacerbated..
Mediaite - Published

Things Get Awkward On CNN When Chris Cuomo Hits Scaramucci For Past Trump Support

'I must be living in the Twilight Zone'
Daily Caller - Published

Overstock’s Ex-CEO Stuns CNN’s Chris Cuomo: FBI Told Me to Have Relationship With Russian Spy

Patrick Byrne, who just resigned as Overstock’s CEO after revealing a romantic relationship with accused Russian spy Maria Butina, claimed in a wild CNN interview Thursday night that the highest..
Mediaite - Published

Wayne Root Denies Media's 'Birther' Claim

Wayne Allyn Root rejected CNN's Chris Cuomo's accusation he supported the birther conspiracy theory and is weighing legal action of defamation, Newsmax's David A. Patten reports.
Newsmax - Published

Cenk Uygur Unleashes on Trump Campaign Spox Over Trump’s Flip-Flops on Gun Control: ‘He’s Corrupt!’

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur unloaded on Trump 2020 campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany over President Donald Trump’s history of gun control flip-flops: “Trump got $30 million from the NRA..
Mediaite - Published

Unfit To Print Episode 20: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Goes Full ‘Fredo’ On Trump Supporter

Sleeping with the fishes
Daily Caller - Published

Thoughts on Chris Cuomo’s ‘Fredo’ Bar Fight… And His Gigantic Biceps

Earlier this week, CNN’s Chris Cuomo made himself the butt of many a joke when he threatened to “fucking ruin” someone’s “shit” for calling him “Fredo,” the turncoat brother in the..
Mediaite - Published

The Fredo flap and the nuances of an insult

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has apologized for exploding at a man who called him Fredo as Cuomo was out with his family. An Aug. 12 video of the encounter captured Cuomo saying, "Punk a-- b------ from the..
PolitiFact - Published

CNN’s Chris Cillizza Wills Bernie Sanders and Kamala Harris Out of Existence in Iowa Segment

CNN political analyst Chris Cillizza graded several Democratic presidential candidates on their recent performance in Iowa, but inexplicably failed to mention Senators Kamala Harris (D-CA) and Bernie..
Mediaite - Published

Chris Cuomo’s ‘nuts,’ Curt Schilling’s a ‘patriot’ and more from Trump's day on Twitter

While on vacation at his club in Bedminster, N.J., the president has tweeted or retweeted posts over 30 times so far on Tuesday. Topics included CNN's Chris Cuomo, a potential run for office by..
USATODAY.com - Published

‘Fredo-Gate’ Blows Up In Social Media After CNN Chris Cuomo’s Rant Over Heckler’s Comment

A video of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo going ballistic after a heckler calls him "Fredo" has gone viral, sparking a new discussion about ethnic slurs.
CBS 2 - Published

Ain’t No Half-Steppin: Cable News Shows Restraint By Not Covering Chris Cuomo ‘Fredo’ Beef

According to Urban Dictionary, half-stepping is defined as “starting something with no intention of finishing,” and “talking like you are going to get violent with someone and not follow..
Mediaite - Published

CNN backs Chris Cuomo after his rant over "Fredo" insult goes viral

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo unloaded a string of obscenities at a heckler who called him "Fredo," an insult Cuomo said was like the N-word for Italians. CNN said Cuomo had the right to defend himself...
CBS News - Published

Chris Cuomo Owns His Role in Viral ‘Fredo’ Argument: ‘I Should Be Better Than the Guys Baiting Me’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* got on Twitter Tuesday morning to offer his first comments on the intense encounter he had with a heckler who approached him at a bar.
Mediaite - Published

CNN backs Chris Cuomo after caught-on-video confrontation

Chicago S-T - Published Also reported by •NewsdaySeattle Times

Trump mocks CNN's Chris Cuomo for threatening man who called him 'Fredo'

Politico - Published

Conservatives Bash Chris Cuomo’s Comparing ‘Fredo’ to the N-Word: ‘Very Definition of White Privilege’

There are a lot of conservative voices strongly disagreeing with CNN's *Chris Cuomo* on the idea that calling Italians "Fredo" is like calling black people the N-word.
Mediaite - Published

Hannity Defends Rival CNN’s Chris Cuomo for Threatening Man Who Insulted Him in Public

In an unexpected turn of events, longtime Fox News host — and fierce CNN critic —  *Sean Hannity* stepped in to defend fellow primetime cable personality *Chris Cuomo* on Twitter after a video..
Mediaite - Published

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Filmed Threatening Heckler Who Called Him ‘Fredo’: ‘I’ll F*cking Ruin Your Sh*t’

A video going viral on Twitter tonight shows CNN's *Chris Cuomo* getting pretty heated with someone who called him "Fredo."
Mediaite - Published

CNN's Chris Cuomo Flexes Massive Biceps on 49th Birthday!

Chris Cuomo‘s time at the gym is definitely paying off! The CNN anchor’s assistant Rose took to his Instagram account on Friday (August 9) to share a couple photos of him in honor of her boss’..
Just Jared - Published

How Much Does Bill de Blasio Need Airtime? He’s Doing an Interview With Sean Hannity

While CNN’s Chris Cuomo is holding a town hall on gun control Wednesday night, Fox News will feature Sean Hannity hosting New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio. The poll numbers for de Blasio’s..
Mediaite - Published

Democratic Congressman Tells Chris Cuomo Senate Actually Might Remove Trump if He’s Impeached

Democratic New York Congressman Gregory Meeks told CNN's Chris Cuomo that contrary to accepted wisdom, the Senate very well could convict and remove President Donald Trump if the House of..
Mediaite - Published

Chris Cuomo Presses Rep. Tulsi Gabbard: ‘You Need to Acknowledge Bashar al-Assad Is a Murderous Despot’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo pressed Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on her views of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad Thursday night after Sen. Kamala Harris came after her as an “apologist” for Assad. “I want to clear..
Mediaite - Published

CNN’s Cuomo to Buttigieg: You’re Struggling With Black Voters, New Poll Has You Basically at 0% Support

CNN’s Chris Cuomo spoke with Mayor Pete Buttigieg tonight about President Donald Trump‘s Buttigieg called Trump “the divider-in-chief” and said his continued divisiveness “is exactly why..
Mediaite - Published

Chris Cuomo Goes Full Shakespeare to Talk Dems and Impeachment: ‘What Light Through Yonder Court Pleading Breaks’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* went full Shakespeare Friday, quoting the Bard of Avon to describe the situation with Democrats and impeachment.
Mediaite - Published

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Says Fox’s Tucker Carlson is ‘Picture of the WASP-y White Male’

CNN host Chris Cuomo hit at Fox News and Tucker Carlson in a panel discussion, saying Carlson was the “picture of the WASP-y white male” to help push President Donald Trump’s outrages. The panel..
Mediaite - Published

Chris Cuomo: Trump’s ‘Send Her Back’ Rhetoric Shows He Wants to ‘Make America Hate Again’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo called attention to President Donald Trump who on Wednesday night stood satisfied at his rally as chants of “send her back” echoed through a North Carolina stadium. “Trump..
Mediaite - Published

David Crosby: Trump ‘Darker Than Nixon,’ This Is a ‘Brand-New Level of Low’

There's a new documentary coming out about *David Crosby*, and the man himself sat down with CNN's *Chris Cuomo* last to talk about his life and his thoughts on the current state of America.
Mediaite - Published

Chris Cuomo GOES OFF on Washington Dysfunction Over Border Detention Crisis: ‘Everybody is Lying to You!’

In his opening segment, CNN's *Chris Cuomo* went off on a lengthy rant about Washington dysfunction over the border detention crisis, blasting both the Trump administration and Democrats in Congress as..
Mediaite - Published

Chris Cuomo Blasts Fox News for Peddling Seth Rich Conspiracy Theory: ‘Exposed as Hungry Helpers of the Russian Cause’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* pulled no punches in blasting his cable network rival Fox News over that channel's seminal role in floating and spreading a vicious conspiracy theory about the 2016 murder of..
Mediaite - Published

Tucker Carlson Mocks ‘Secret Genius’ Chris Cuomo in Segment on Politicians’ Children Getting Into Elite Schools

Fox News' *Tucker Carlson* tonight devoted a segment to the children of Democratic politicians getting into elite colleges, which he opened with some lengthy mockery of CNN's *Chris Cuomo*.
Mediaite - Published

Joe Biden Warns Trump Reelection Will Lead to NATO’s End: ‘Embracing Thugs’ and ‘Stiff-Arming’ Allies

During his interview this week with CNN's *Chris Cuomo*, *Joe Biden* spoke of President *Donald Trump* as a destabilizing force for international politics, and he warned that things will only get worse..
Mediaite - Published

Joe Biden Tells Chris Cuomo He ‘Wasn’t Prepared’ for Debate Attack from Kamala Harris

Former Vice President Joe Biden sat with CNN’s Chris Cuomo Thursday evening for an interview that aired Friday morning on CNN’s New Day and the Democratic presidential frontrunner revealed that he..
Mediaite - Published

Dem Rep.: Committee Delay in Fight for Trump’s Tax Returns ‘Inexplicable’

CNN's *Chris CUomo* tonight spoke with a Democrat on the House Ways and Means Committee to ask "what took so long" in response to the committee's lawsuit to obtain President *Donald Trump*'s tax..
Mediaite - Published

CNN's Chris Cuomo calls Mueller testifying to Congress 'good news'

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo had a very positive reaction the the late-breaking news that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is set to testify in an open session, calling it "good news."
FOXNews.com - Published

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