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CNN’s Chris Cuomo on Trump Rally: Democrats Right Now Aren’t Able to Pack a Stadium Like He Can

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* opened tonight with Senator *Amy Klobuchar*, but his first question was related to President *Donald Trump*'s big rally.
Mediaite - Published

CNN's Chris Cuomo defends Clinton campaign's dossier, argues it's not illegal

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo went to bat again for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as President Trump's remarks about accepting dirt on political opponents from foreign governments sparked..
FOXNews.com - Published

Trump Takes to Twitter to Call Out CNN’s Chris Cuomo Over a Tweet Typo: ‘is = if (Spell)!’

President Donald Trump took to Twitter tonight to call out a CNN Twitter account for a misspelled word. No, seriously. Several people were a little confused when the president tweeted out “is = if..
Mediaite - Published

CNN's Chris Cuomo denies Clinton campaign accepted foreign dirt on Trump, says there isn't 'any proof'

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo rejected the idea that the Hillary Clinton campaign accepted dirt on then-candidate Donald Trump from a foreign government during the 2016 election, saying there isn't "any..
FOXNews.com - Published

Howard Dean Insists Dems Can’t Win Impeachment With ‘Right-Wing Senate’ in the Grip of Trump

Former DNC chairman Howard Dean told CNN's Chris Cuomo on Wednesday night that impeachment is not a winning proposition right now because President Donald Trump has the GOP-led Senate "in his grips."
Mediaite - Published

Ingraham Exposes Media Hypocrisy on Calling Into Question Candidates' Mental Health

As NewsBusters has previously reported, CNN's Chris Cillizza wrote an op-ed torching the idea of raising "unfounded questions about a presidential candidate's health." Fox News host Laura Ingraham..
CNSNews.com - Published

Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin Rip Fox News Biden Health Conspiracies: ‘Coming From the White House’

The View hosts Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin took on the rumors about Joe Biden's health that are emanating from Fox News, with Hostin saying she thought those rumors were "coming from the White..
Mediaite - Published

Bill Maher: Hillary Clinton Was ‘Terrible Candidate’ Who ‘Committed Obstruction of Justice’

*Bill Maher* spoke with CNN's *Chris Cuomo* tonight about the 2020 Democratic field––which he (and basically everyone else) thinks is too large––and his concerns about whether the Democrats can..
Mediaite - Published

You’ll Never Believe The Dumb Things That SHOCK CNN’s Chris CilliZzzza

On the bright side: He filled his quota of dinging Trump
Daily Caller - Published

POTUS Confidant Chris Ruddy Says Trump Enjoys Watching, Encourages His Appearances on CNN: ‘I Want You on That Show’

Newsmax CEO and POTUS confidante Chris Ruddy divulged to CNN’s Chris Cuomo that President Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, both watched his recent appearance on Cuomo PrimeTime and that Trump..
Mediaite - Published

Ex-Fox Host Kimberly Guilfoyle Returns to Cable News in Tense Mueller Faceoff With Chris Cuomo

Former Fox News host and current Donald Trump campaign adviser *Kimberly Guilfoyle* returned to cable news Thursday for a face-off with CNN's *Chris Cuomo*.
Mediaite - Published

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Blasts the White House Request to Hide USS John McCain as a ‘Symptom of a Sickness’

Cuomo said a "culture of fear" dominates everything done by the Trump administration, and called this latest such moment a "symptom of a sickness."
Mediaite - Published

CNN's Chris Cuomo responds to backlash after being accused of 'mocking' armed rape survivor

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo responded to several critics who slammed him on Wednesday over a tweet that seemed to have mocked National Rifle Association (NRA) member Kimberly Corban. 
FOXNews.com - Published

CNN's Chris Cuomo blasts McConnell over Supreme Court comment, tries to encourage viewers to vote him out

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo closed his show on Tuesday night slamming Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, over his SCOTUS remarks, comparing him to a "fever rash" and suggested to his viewers he..
FOXNews.com - Published

CNN's Chris Cuomo calls Benghazi scandal a 'sham' during debate on Mueller probe

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo had a heated debate with two pro-Trump pundits about House Democrats' ongoing investigations into President Trump -- and injected the Benghazi controversy into the..
FOXNews.com - Published

CNN's Chris Cuomo says he's 'OK' with media moving on from Va. Gov. Ralph Northam

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo said Wednesday night that the media had moved on from the controversies surrounding the top Democratic leadership in Virginia, particularly from Gov. Ralph Northam, and that he..
FOXNews.com - Published

Cuomo Praises Congress's 'Redo' of Mueller Investigation, Slams 'Bully' Trump's 'Gross Abuse of Power'

On Cuomo Prime Time Tuesday, CNN's Chris Cuomo weighed in on the impeachment debate; pointing out the pluses and minuses of going down the impeachment road.
CNSNews.com - Published

Chris Cuomo Has a Laugh Over Parents Who May Regret Naming Kids After a Certain Game of Thrones Character

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* had a laugh Monday night over parents who might be regretting naming their children after a certain Game of Thrones character.
Mediaite - Published

CNN's Chris Cillizza mocked for 'analysis' pairing 2020 Dems to 'Game of Thrones' characters

CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza was the subject of ridicule over his so-called "analysis" that paired the Democratic candidates running for president in 2020 to characters from the HBO hit series..
FOXNews.com - Published

‘Appalling’: CNN’s Chris Cillizza Pans Lindsey Graham For ‘Situational Ethics’ on Don Jr. Subpoena

CNN analyst Chris Cillizza panned Sen. Lindsey Graham, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee, for suggesting during an interview on Fox News Sunday that Donald Trump Jr. should ignore a subpoena from..
Mediaite - Published

CNN's Chris Cillizza mocked for fictional column about Trump refusing to admit 2020 defeat

CNN editor-at-large Chris Cillizza was ridiculed Monday after tweeting a link to a fictional column he wrote about what would happen if President Trump “refuses to admit” he loses in 2020.
FOXNews.com - Published

CNN's Chris Cuomo claims Antifa is a 'good cause,' immediately gets pushback

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo went to bat for Antifa on Monday night, arguing that what he called the group's "good cause" was not equivalent to the positions espoused by neo-Nazis and white supremacists --..
FOXNews.com - Published

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Says Antifa Fights For ‘A Good Cause’

‘Antifa wants power’
Daily Caller - Published

Trump Supporter Battles CNN’s Cuomo: ‘There is No Difference’ Between Antifa and Neo-Nazis

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* battled Trump surrogate *Steve Cortes* Monday night over President *Donald Trump's* infamous Charlottesville comments.
Mediaite - Published

Cuomo and Lemon Rip Democrats Giving Voting Rights Back to Convicted Terrorists: ‘These People Are Way Out There’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* and *Don Lemon* wonder what 2020 Democrats are playing at with their recent statement about giving voting rights back to felons who've been convicted of serious crimes.
Mediaite - Published

Klobuchar has 'please clap' moment, says CNN's Chris Cuomo 'creeping' over shoulder during town hall

2020 presidential candidate Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., saw a couple of viral moments during a televised town hall on Monday night.
FOXNews.com - Published

Chris Cuomo and Rudy Giuliani Fight for Almost 30 Minutes on Mueller Report: It Exposed Trump’s Lies!

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* faced off with Trump lawyer *Rudy Giuliani* for close to 30 minutes tonight about the Mueller report.
Mediaite - Published

Cuomo Apologies to Victims’ Families for Airing Trump’s 9/11 Attack Video: ‘I Don’t Mean to Revisit Your Nightmares’

CNN's Chris Cuomo apologized on Friday for playing an ad tweeted out by President Donald Trump. 
Mediaite - Published

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Goes After MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: ‘Chuck Todd Ain’t Jake Tapper’

'Jake Tapper has a much bigger footprint'
Daily Caller - Published Also reported by •Mediaite

CNN's Chris Cuomo says he's target of 'SWATing', takes shot at NBC's Chuck Todd

CNN’s Chris Cuomo revealed he’s been the targeted of so-called “SWATing” and threw shade at NBC’s Chuck Todd, saying he “ain't Jake Tapper” and doesn’t have a comparable influence on..
FOXNews.com - Published

Lara Logan Goes After CNN’s Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon on Hannity: ‘Are They Opinion Hosts?’

Speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday, former 60 Minutes Correspondent Lara Logan accused CNN’s Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo of blurring the line between news and opinion. “I’m not a..
Mediaite - Published

CNN's Chris Cuomo skeptical of Trump's 2020 chances

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo predicted Tuesday night on his nightly program that President Trump wouldn't win re-election in 2020.
FOXNews.com - Published

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Says Trump Went ‘Full Alex Jones’ During GOP Fundraising Speech

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo directly compared Donald Trump to conspiracy theorist Alex Jones over remarks Trump made at a National Republican Congressional Committee fundraiser.
Mediaite - Published

CNN’s Chris Cillizza and Ryan Lizza Get Torched for Using Kamala Harris’ Fundraising Haul to Praise Mayor Pete

Journalists Chris Cillizza and Ryan Lizza found themselves in ratio hell for using California Senator and Democratic Presidential candidate Kamala Harris' $12 million fundraising haul as an excuse to..
Mediaite - Published

Oversight Chairman Cummings: 'We Could Be Headed Towards a Crisis, a Constitutional Crisis'

Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.) (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) (CNSNews.com) - "We have to have the (Mueller) report," Rep. Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told..
CNSNews.com - Published

Rep. Sean Duffy Calls Out CNN’s Chris Cuomo For Media Bias On Russia Collusion

'You put out the wrong facts'
Daily Caller - Published

CNN's Chris Cuomo defends colleagues being criticized for Mueller coverage, says it is 'not true' there was no collusion

In a heated conversation with Republican Wisconsin Congressman Sean Duffy, CNN’s Chris Cuomo said it’s “not true” that the Mueller report concluded that collusion with Russia didn’t exist.
FOXNews.com - Published

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tells GOP Congressman It’s ‘Not True’ That Collusion with Russia Didn’t Exist

CNN's Chris Cuomo got into it with Republican New York Congressman Sean Duffy over the as-yet-unreleased Mueller report, telling Duffy that it's "not true" that the report concluded that "collusion..
Mediaite - Published

CNN’s Chris Cuomo lectures Trump supporters for ‘taking a victory lap’ after Mueller Report outcome

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo slammed the supporters of President Donald Trump for celebrating the results of the Mueller Report, accusing them of “taking a victory lap for not being felons,” and calling..
FOXNews.com - Published

Chris Cuomo Slams Giuliani, Trump’s Team: ‘They’re Taking a Victory Lap for Not Being Felons’

President *Donald Trump*'s lawyer demanded on the air on Monday night that CNN's *Chris Cuomo* apologize for his network torturing Trump for the past two years with talk of collusion.
Mediaite - Published

Former White Supremacist: There’s Now a ’24-Hour Hate Buffet’ on the Internet

Former white supremacist *Chrisian Picciolini* spoke with CNN's *Chris Cuomo* tonight after the New Zealand shooting about the rise in hate and how it spreads online.
Mediaite - Published

Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo Debate Ethics of Inviting Kellyanne Conway on Their Shows (Video)

don lemon and chris cuomo debate ethics of inviting kellyanne conway on their shows (video)
On Thursday night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon held a spirited, but civil debate over whether or not guests like Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway should be invited on their shows. Conway was a..
The Wrap - Published

Chris Cuomo Hammers RNC Chief Ronna McDaniel: GOP Stance is Now ‘If It’s Not a Felony, It’s Fine’

An interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Chair of the Republican National Committee Ronna McDaniel went off the rails Wednesday night after Cuomo suggested it may all come down to a felony when the..
Mediaite - Published

Chris Cuomo and Gaetz Battle Over Russia Probe: Mueller’s ‘More Republican Than You’ve Been on Your Best Day!’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* got heated with Congressman *Matt Gaetz* tonight over *Paul Manafort* ahead of his second sentencing.
Mediaite - Published

Chris Cuomo Calls Tucker Carlson a ‘Coward’: Why Not ‘Repeat What You Said if It’s Not Such a Big Deal?’

On Monday, CNN's Chris Cuomo slammed Fox News' Jeanine Pirro and Tucker Carlson for their controversial comments. 
Mediaite - Published

Laura Ingraham Slams Chris Cuomo for Using Alex Trebek’s Cancer Diagnosis As ‘Opportunity to Hit Trump’

On Friday night,  Fox host Laura Ingraham slammed CNN's Chris Cuomo for using Alex Trebek's cancer diagnosis to make an anti-Trump point.
Mediaite - Published

Kamala Harris Tops CNN’s 2020 Democratic Power Rankings

CNN’s Chris Cillizza and Harry Enten are out with their latest 2020 power rankings for Democratic presidential candidates, which place Sen. Kamala Harris of California at the front of an already..
Mediaite - Published

CNN’s Chris Cuomo accused of politicizing Alex Trebek’s cancer diagnosis

The Media Research Center accused CNN’s Chris Cuomo of politicizing Alex Trebek’s cancer diagnosis by praising the "Jeopardy!" host for putting facts first during a time of “rampant truth abuse..
FOXNews.com - Published

Cuomo Urges Republicans to 'Muscle Up' and Vote Against Emergency Declaration, Refers to Fox News as 'State TV'

CNN's Chris Cuomo closed the first hour of his show, Cuomo Prime Time, Monday night by urging the GOP to "muscle up and vote against an emergency declaration that they can argue is not in keeping..
CNSNews.com - Published

Chris Cuomo Blasts Fox News in Clash With Lewandowski: In Primetime They’re ‘Pawns for This President’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* clashed with *Corey Lewandowski* tonight over, among other things, the New Yorker report on President *Donald Trump*'s cozy relationship with Fox News.
Mediaite - Published

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