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CNN’s Chris Cuomo shows off dance moves in cute TikTok video [Video]

CNN’s Chris Cuomo shows off dance moves in cute TikTok video

After recovering from COVID-19, Chris Cuomo shows fans he’s still got it in an adorable video with his daughter

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CNN’s Chris Cillizza Doubles Down on Bernie Sanders Criticism: ‘Elizabeth Warren is On the Record Saying This Happened’

During a Wednesday morning appearance on New Day, CNN Political Analyst Chris Cillizza did nothing to disabuse the widely held belief among Bernie Sanders’ supporters that corporate media entities..
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‘You Suck!’ Twitter Rips CNN’s Chris Cillizza For Highlighting Sen. Warren Quotes

Warren's spox isn't too thrilled with him
Daily Caller - Published

Oh Brother! Fox News Mistakes CNN’s Chris Cuomo for New York Gov Andrew Cuomo

oh brother! fox news mistakes cnn’s chris cuomo for new york gov andrew cuomo
Fox News on Monday confused CNN anchor Chris Cuomo for his brother, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in a photo mix-up during primetime. Mark Steyn, filling in for Tucker Carlson, was criticizing the..
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Trump Renews Attack on CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘I Should Release Some of His Dishonest Interviews’

President Donald Trump renewed his criticism of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo Monday night, tweeting the anchor is “fake news.” “He is Fake News, will always be Fredo to us. I should release some of..
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Fox News Shows Photo of CNN’s Chris Cuomo While Mark Steyn Discusses Gov. Andrew Cuomo

Fox News' Tucker Carlson Tonight got close when it tried to show a picture of Gov. *Andrew Cuomo* for a segment – showing a picture of his brother, the CNN host *Chris Cuomo*.
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Trump Mocks CNN’s Chris Cuomo: ‘Will Always Be Fredo to Us’

President *Donald Trump* this afternoon mocked *Chris Cuomo* on Twitter as he shared a Breitbart list of the CNN anchor's most embarrassing moments of the year.
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Former Trump Lawyer Hits Giuliani For Boozy Interview: ‘I Don’t Get Why He’s Having Drinks’

Former White House counsel Jimmy Schultz took a shot at Rudy Giuliani in an interview on CNN Tuesday, questioning why the president’s personal lawyer gave a boozy interview to New York magazine...
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Don Lemon Tells Chris Cuomo: ‘Women Rule the World and I Don’t Care if People Criticize Me’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* and *Don Lemon* exchanged banter on Monday night, talking about how women are shaking up the cultural order by proving they are better than men.
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Chris Cuomo Confronts Sean Duffy Over Trump’s ‘Ugly’ Attack on Pelosi: Why Won’t GOP Call This Stuff Out?

CNN’s Chris Cuomo sat down with former Republican congressman Sean Duffy to talk about President Donald Trump’s recent attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Republican’s silence on the..
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‘#DirtyDonald’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Rips McConnell For Standing With Trump

'All of it, maybe not illegal, but just dirty.'
Daily Caller - Published

Chris Cuomo: GOP in Congress Is Prioritizing Upholding Their ‘Loyalty Oath’ to ‘Dirty Donald’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* tonight said so much of what President *Donald Trump* does may not be illegal, but it's certainly "dirty."
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CNN’s Chris Cillizza Perfectly Demonstrates Why Trust In Media Is So Low

Daily Caller - Published

Chris Cuomo Pushes Back on Devin Nunes’ Lawsuit Against CNN

CNN’s Chris Cuomo pushed back on Republican Congressman Devin Nunes’ defamation lawsuit, which attacks the network for using indicted businessman Lev Parnas as a source: “How does Mr. Nunes..
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Chris Cuomo Clashes With GOP Rep. Over Ukraine: Think About It With ‘Simple Logic’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* clashed with Congressman *Randy Weber* (R- TX) over Ukraine on Monday night as the impeachment inquiry continues with Judiciary Committee hearings this week.
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WATCH: Chris Cuomo Rapidly Debunks Four Ukraine Conspiracy Theories Pushed by GOP During Trump Impeachment

CNN’s Chris Cuomo ran through a laundry list of conspiracy theories that Congressional Republicans — and their right-wing media counterparts — have pushed during the impeachment inquiry of..
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Chris Cuomo: Trump Isn’t a Victim of Anything Other Than ‘His Mouth, His Motives, and His Moves’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* ended his show tonight by saying if President *Donald Trump* is looking to blame someone for his current woes, he can start with himself.
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Chris Cuomo: What Does the GOP Stand for ‘Except Allowing Trump to Do Whatever He Wants?’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* tonight went off on the Republican party for going along with much of what President *Donald Trump* does and letting him "flout all standards" of presidential behavior.
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Chris Cuomo Calls Out ‘Pathetic’ GOP Hypocrisy on Impeachment Testimony: They ‘Pick Apart Inches of Insight… Leave Yards of Truth Untouched’

During his “Closing Argument” segment, CNN’s Chris Cuomo railed against Republican hypocrisy in the impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump, calling out as “pathetic” that party’s..
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Chris Cuomo: Giuliani, Mulvaney, or Sondland May End Up Becoming the ‘Fall Guy’ on Ukraine

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* said tonight that three figures at the center of the Ukraine scandal are poised to potentially be the "fall guy" in the impeachment inquiry.
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CNN’s Chris Cillizza Sees Don Jr. Positioning Himself as Heir to Father’s Political Legacy: ‘Being a Giant Troll’

CNN’s Chris Cillizza provided unique insight on New Day Friday morning in a brief hit covering the bonkers broadcast clusterf*ck that was on The View Thursday afternoon. Donald Trump, Jr. and his..
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Joe Arpaio Tried to Sue CNN Because Chris Cuomo Falsely Called Him a Felon. He Failed Miserably.

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Watch CNN’s Cuomo and Lemon Totally Crack Up at the Prospect of Trump Doing a ‘Fireside Chat’ Reading of His Ukraine Call

CNN’s Chris Cuomo and Don Lemon got positively giddy at the prospect of President Donald Trump doing a live TV “fireside chat” readout of his infamous phone call with Ukrainian President..
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Chris Cuomo Calls Out Fox News as ‘State TV’ as John Yoo Furiously Backpedals on His ‘Espionage’ Smear of Lt. Col. Vindman

CNN’s Chris Cuomo pulled no punches in his segment with former Deputy Assistant Attorney General John Yoo, blasting Fox News as “state TV” and challenging Yoo’s recent appearance on that..
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Chris Cuomo Slaps Down GOP Rep Over Impeachment Spin in Fiery Debate: ‘You Can’t Say Things That Aren’t True on This Show!’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo repeatedly sparred with Republican Congressman Wayne Mullin about the House Democrats’ ongoing impeachment inquiry, at one point blasting the GOP representative for misleading..
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Former Trump Nat Sec Aide Boldly Claims Whistleblower Identity Is Open Secret: CNN, Breitbart, Even Trump ‘Knows Who He Is!’

Former Trump national security aide Fred Fleitz challenged CNN’s Chris Cuomo about the anonymity protections given the CIA whistleblower, boldly claiming that the person’s true identity is an open..
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Chris Cuomo Repeatedly Shuts Down GOP Rep.’s Impeachment Hearing Objections: ‘You Changed the Rules… Now You Got to Deal’

In a long, contentious segment, CNN’s Chris Cuomo repeatedly shut down Rep. Bill Johnson’s (R-OH) objections to and talking points about the House Democrats’ impeachment inquiry of President..
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CNN’s Chris Cillizza Declares Joe Biden Loser After He Opens Huge Lead on Elizabeth Warren

CNN's Chris Cillizza made Joe Biden the big loser in his "Midweek Grades" segment after Biden opened up a huge lead against Elizabeth Warren in CNN's latest poll, and while he graded lower-polling..
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Chris Cuomo and GOP Rep. Get Heated Over Impeachment: ‘You’re Not Telling the Truth to the American People’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* got into a heated clash with Republican Congressman *Markwayne Mullin* tonight over Ukraine and impeachment in the wake of *Bill Taylor*'s testimony.
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Chris Cuomo Challenges GOP Rep Over His Nepotism Hypocrisy: ‘Are You Bothered by Ivanka Trump?’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo battled it out with Republican Rep. Randy Weber during a tense one-on-one Friday night that hit on political nepotism, presidential integrity, and the Ukrainian president. At one..
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Chris Cuomo Clashes With GOP Rep Over Syria: ‘You Did a Double Wrong’ By Siding With Trump!

Things got heated on CNN, when Chris Cuomo battled GOP Rep.Tom Reed (NY) over Syria. It all started when Cuomo asked Reed — who was one of the Republicans who voted against the bipartisan resolution..
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CNN’s Chris Cuomo Apologizes After Saying His Pronouns Are ‘She Her and Her’s’ Just Like Kamala Harris

cnn’s chris cuomo apologizes after saying his pronouns are ‘she her and her’s’ just like kamala harris
CNN anchor Chris Cuomo issued an apology in the middle of the network’s town hall on LGBTQ issues Thursday night after he joked he, too, used female pronouns. “PLEASE READ: When Sen. Harris said..
The Wrap - Published

‘Pronouns are not a punchline’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo apologizes for gaffe at LGBTQ candidate town hall

Coming on stage at the event in Los Angeles, Sen. Kamala Harris said, "My pronouns are she, her and hers," and Cuomo joked, "Mine too," but soon apologized. Some activists were not impressed.
Seattle Times - Published

Dem Rep. Tells Chris Cuomo His Interview with Rudy Giuliani Made Her Rethink Impeachment: ‘They Were Open About It’

Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI) told CNN’s Chris Cuomo that his wild interview with Rudy Giuliani played a role in her decision to call for an impeachment inquiry. Before serving in Congress, Slotkin..
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Trump Calls CNN’s Chris Cuomo ‘Fredo’ at the United Nations

President Donald Trump took time out of his meetings with various world leaders at the United Nations to demean CNN anchor Chris Cuomo with the nickname “Fredo.” Trump did not refer to Cuomo by..
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Twitter Erupts Over Guiliani’s Bonkers CNN Interview With Cuomo: ‘A Level of Pants-Sh*tting Panic Rarely Seen’ On TV

Rudy Guiliani‘s absolute all-time trainwreck of an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo set social media aflame Thursday night. “[A] level of pants-sh*tting panic rarely seen on national..
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Chris Cuomo Calls Out Super PAC Head for Hypocrisy of AOC-on-Fire Ad: ‘This Is Toxic Politics, You Must Know That’

CNN’s Chris Cuomo clashed with the head of the New GOP Faces SuperPAC, Elizabeth Heng, calling out her group’s incendiary ad that analogized Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s democratic socialist..
Mediaite - Published

Ken Cuccinelli Can’t Back Up Trump’s Bahamian Gang Member Claim in Fiery Debate with Chris Cuomo

While most television viewers interested in politics were tuned into the Democratic primary debate on ABC Thursday night, CNN’s Chris Cuomo was hosting a fiery debate with Acting U.S. Citizenship and..
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CNN Panel Gets Heated Over Trump and Alabama: ‘He Drew a Fake Cone on a Map! Who Does That?!’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* tussled Friday night with *Niger Innis* about President *Donald Trump* insisting he was right about Alabama potentially being hit by Hurricane Dorian when he said it.
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Trump 2020 press secretary: President has never lied to American people

"Interview's over," CNN's Chris Cuomo said to Trump's campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany after she refused back off the statement that the president has never lied.
USATODAY.com - Published

Trump Campaign’s Kayleigh McEnany Says President Has Never Lied, CNN’s Chris Cuomo Responds: ‘Interview’s Over’

trump campaign’s kayleigh mcenany says president has never lied, cnn’s chris cuomo responds: ‘interview’s over’
Things got heated between CNN’s Chris Cuomo and pro-Trump commentator Kayleigh McEnany on Wednesday night’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” causing the anchor to announce, “Interview’s over.” The..
The Wrap - Published

Chris Cuomo Rips Trump on Immigration Policy: ‘If This President Had His Way, People Like Me Wouldn’t Be Here’

CNN's *Chris CUomo* tonight closed his show by saying the election is "a contest for the soul of our country," blasting President *Donald Trump*'s "new harshness" on immigration.
Mediaite - Published

Matt Schlapp Swipes at CNN for Hiring Andrew McCabe in Clash With Chris Cuomo

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* and American Conservative Union chairman *Matt Schlapp* got heated tonight over lies from the Trump administration, and Schlapp took a shot at CNN for hiring former FBI official..
Mediaite - Published

Chris Cuomo Calls Out Trump’s ‘Inherently Abnormal’ Rhetoric: ‘Poisonous Precursor of Divisive and Dangerous Actions’

CNN's *Chris Cuomo* devoted his "closing argument" segment to calling out President *Donald Trump* for a tumultuous week of increasingly bizarre and "inherently abnormal" rhetoric that exacerbated..
Mediaite - Published

Things Get Awkward On CNN When Chris Cuomo Hits Scaramucci For Past Trump Support

'I must be living in the Twilight Zone'
Daily Caller - Published

Overstock’s Ex-CEO Stuns CNN’s Chris Cuomo: FBI Told Me to Have Relationship With Russian Spy

Patrick Byrne, who just resigned as Overstock’s CEO after revealing a romantic relationship with accused Russian spy Maria Butina, claimed in a wild CNN interview Thursday night that the highest..
Mediaite - Published

Wayne Root Denies Media's 'Birther' Claim

Wayne Allyn Root rejected CNN's Chris Cuomo's accusation he supported the birther conspiracy theory and is weighing legal action of defamation, Newsmax's David A. Patten reports.
Newsmax - Published

Cenk Uygur Unleashes on Trump Campaign Spox Over Trump’s Flip-Flops on Gun Control: ‘He’s Corrupt!’

The Young Turks’ Cenk Uygur unloaded on Trump 2020 campaign spokesperson Kayleigh McEnany over President Donald Trump’s history of gun control flip-flops: “Trump got $30 million from the NRA..
Mediaite - Published

Unfit To Print Episode 20: CNN’s Chris Cuomo Goes Full ‘Fredo’ On Trump Supporter

Sleeping with the fishes
Daily Caller - Published

Thoughts on Chris Cuomo’s ‘Fredo’ Bar Fight… And His Gigantic Biceps

Earlier this week, CNN’s Chris Cuomo made himself the butt of many a joke when he threatened to “fucking ruin” someone’s “shit” for calling him “Fredo,” the turncoat brother in the..
Mediaite - Published

The Fredo flap and the nuances of an insult

CNN’s Chris Cuomo has apologized for exploding at a man who called him Fredo as Cuomo was out with his family. An Aug. 12 video of the encounter captured Cuomo saying, "Punk a-- b------ from the..
PolitiFact - Published

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