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Guys Play Spin the Bottle and Smash Eggs on Each Other [Video]

Guys Play Spin the Bottle and Smash Eggs on Each Other

These guys were playing spin the bottle in the street. However, the person who was determined by the bottle as the chosen one became the target of throwing eggs. When this man was chosen, he..

Credit: Jukin Media     Duration: 00:19Published
Romulus V Remus The First King movie [Video]

Romulus V Remus The First King movie

Romulus V Remus The First King movie trailer HD VIKINGS meets GAME OF THRONES’ meets VALHALLA RISING meets APOCALYPTO, this historical action epic is the legendary story of the two brothers who..

Credit: Teaser-Trailer.com     Duration: 00:39Published
Apostolate to the Handicapped 11/24/19 [Video]

Apostolate to the Handicapped 11/24/19

Apostolate to the Handicapped 11/24/19

Credit: WISCPublished
Rick Perry praises Trump [Video]

Rick Perry praises Trump

Fox & Friends preview an interview with Rick Perry praising President Trump as "the chosen one"

Credit: Rumble     Duration: 01:33Published
Shawn Mendes Deletes Camila Cabello Kiss Video After Fan Q & A? [Video]

Shawn Mendes Deletes Camila Cabello Kiss Video After Fan Q & A?

Fans mourn the loss of Shamila’s fish kiss. Taylor Swift reveals her kryptonite. Plus - Is Bella Hadid the chosen one?

Credit: Hollywood Life     Duration: 03:43Published
Loper Report: 'Shazam,' 'Pet Sematary' [Video]

Loper Report: 'Shazam,' 'Pet Sematary'

Wil Loper reviews "Shazam" and "Pet Sematary."

Credit: WISCPublished
Terror on the trails: Scaring for a good cause [Video]

Terror on the trails: Scaring for a good cause

Terror on the trails: Scaring for a good cause

Credit: WEHTPublished
Musician Scott Wattles [Video]

Musician Scott Wattles

Matt and Heather talk to Scott Wattles, a musician and aortic dissection patient, and Physician Assistant Brett Taylor about the dangers of aortic dissections.

Credit: WCIAPublished

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Triad newspaper editor named executive director of children's museum

The board of directors of the Nido & Mariana Qubein Children’s Museum in High Point has chosen one of its own to be its first executive director. Board member Megan Ward, the editor of the High Point..
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Elon Musk responded to a long-running fan joke that he has a World War I-era fighter pilot doppelganger

elon musk responded to a long-running fan joke that he has a world war i-era fighter pilot doppelganger
· A fan of Elon Musk's tweeted at the billionaire alerting him to a fan theory that the billionaire has a historical doppelganger called Raymond Collishaw. · Collishaw was a distinguished Canadian..
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All the 'Star Wars' movies, ranked from worst to best — including 'Rise of Skywalker'

all the 'star wars' movies, ranked from worst to best — including 'rise of skywalker'
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'God's used imperfect people all through history': Perry shares why he thinks Trump is the 'chosen one'

Rick Perry said nothing in the universe is accidental and that God "is still very active in the details of the day-to-day lives of government."
USATODAY.com - Published

Rick Perry: Donald Trump is ‘the Chosen One’ Sent by God to Lead Us

Outgoing Secretary of Energy Rick Perry revealed in an interview over the weekend that he believes President Donald Trump is “the chosen one” who was “sent by God” to lead us. The former..
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Netflix in December: Here’s Everything Coming and Going

Netflix has released their list of everything coming and going throughout the month of December. There’s good news and bad news. The good news is that we’re gaining Season 2 of “You,” which..
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Trump boasts the economy is the best it's ever been. Here are 9 charts showing how it's fared compared to the Obama and Bush presidencies.

trump boasts the economy is the best it's ever been. here are 9 charts showing how it's fared compared to the obama and bush presidencies.
· President Donald Trump has repeatedly pointed to the nation's steady economic health as the strongest indicator of his success, calling it "terrific" and "the greatest in the history of the..
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Stocks are whipsawing as traders await a key US jobs report and Fed Chair Powell's speech

stocks are whipsawing as traders await a key us jobs report and fed chair powell's speech
** · *Stocks were whipsawing on Friday ahead of the release of US employment figures and Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell's final speech before the central bank's next policy meeting.* ·..
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Trump is tanking the US economy because he thinks he's 'the chosen one' to confront China

trump is tanking the us economy because he thinks he's 'the chosen one' to confront china
** · *President Donald Trump on Wednesday spelled it out loud and clear for anyone still confused about the trade war: Hurting China's economy is more important to him than helping the US's..
Business Insider - Published

Comedian Randy Rainbow Releases Latest Trump Satire Music Video: ‘Cheeto Christ Stupid Czar’ (Video)

comedian randy rainbow releases latest trump satire music video: ‘cheeto christ stupid czar’ (video)
Randy Rainbow, the Emmy-nominated comedian best known for his satirical songs about Donald Trump, released his latest music video on Thursday — this time, to the tune of “Superstar,” from the..
The Wrap - Published

Randy Rainbow Declares Trump Is Not the 'Chosen One' in New 'Jesus Christ Superstar' Parody

Even though he's almost always making headlines, President Donald Trump garnered some special attention last week when he tweeted about a...
Billboard.com - Published

Trump says he was "kidding" when he called himself the "chosen one"

Trump tweeted that he was "being sarcastic" when he called himself the "chosen one" for trade negotiations with China
CBS News - Published

Trump dings media for taking ‘I am the chosen one’ remark seriously

President Trump on Saturday dinged members of the media who he says took a comment about being “the chosen one” in tackling China a little too seriously -- claiming that everyone knew he was..
FOXNews.com - Published

Trump: 'Chosen One' Was Joke, Press Knew It

President Donald Trump may be in France for an international summit, but his mind is on news coverage at home after he referred to himself as "the chosen one" and pointed to the sky when discussing a..
Newsmax - Published

Trump Defends Calling Himself ‘The Chosen One’: Media Claims I Have a ‘Messiah Complex’

President Donald Trump defended calling himself “the chosen one” in a set of tweets Saturday, explaining that he and the reporters present at the press gaggle understood he was joking. “When I..
Mediaite - Published

‘They Knew I Was Kidding’: Trump Responds To ‘Fake News’ Over ‘Chosen One’ Jest

'They knew the TRUTH'
Daily Caller - Published

'It was sarcasm': President Donald Trump changes course on 'chosen one' remark

After raising eyebrows this week claiming he was "the chosen one" to take on China, President Donald Trump said he was being "sarcastic."
USATODAY.com - Published

Trump: 'Chosen one' remark was sarcasm

Politico - Published

'It was joking. We were all smiling': Trump said he was being sarcastic when he looked up to the sky and said 'I am the chosen one'

'it was joking. we were all smiling': trump said he was being sarcastic when he looked up to the sky and said 'i am the chosen one'
· President Donald Trump said he was joshing when he abruptly looked at the sky and uttered the phrase "I am the chosen one" earlier this week. · "It was sarcasm," Trump told reporters and he headed..
Business Insider - Published

Trump Calls His ‘Chosen One’ Comment Sarcasm, Swats Down Question About It as ‘Fake News’

Just minutes after landing in France for the upcoming G7 summit, President Donald Trump began sparring with the press, calling them “fake news” while misleading about his past statements. On the..
Mediaite - Published

The ‘chosen one’? Trump says never mind

WASHINGTON (AP) — The “chosen one” says never mind. President Donald Trump raised some eyebrows earlier this week when he glanced heavenward and referred to himself as “the chosen one” to..
Seattle Times - Published

Trump Goes On Twitter Tirade Against China: We’re ‘Better Off Without Them’

President Donald Trump went on a Twitter tirade Friday after China announced a 25% tariff on all U.S. automobiles and a 5% to 10% tariff on $75 billion of U.S. goods. The announcement came a day after..
Daily Caller - Published

China Strikes Back, Slaps 25% On US Automobiles After Trump’s ‘I Am The Chosen One’ Comments

'Forced to take countermeasures'
Daily Caller - Published

Letters — Greenland's ice, 'Chosen One,' genetic testing of immigrants, banning automatic weapons, Mega centers

DallasNews - Published

Trump Has Officially Freaked Out The Liberal Media

President Trump called himself the 'chosen one' while looking up at the heavens.
Daily Caller - Published

Journalists Blow Up Over Trump’s ‘I Am The Chosen One’ Comment

'He is dangerously unhinged'
Daily Caller - Published

CNN panel rips into Trump's 'narcissism' after 'chosen one' comment: Acting like a 'lunatic'

CNN commentators piled onto President Trump, claiming on Thursday that he was a "narcissist" and "lunatic."
FOXNews.com - Published

Trump says he is 'the chosen one' to take on China

President Donald Trump proclaimed Wednesday that he is "the chosen one" to take on the China trade war, insisting, "somebody had to do it." (Aug. 21)  
USATODAY.com - Published Also reported by •NewsmaxDaily Caller

Stephen King has a very bleak prediction for how Trump's presidency will affect the U.S.

It's been another odd couple of days for Donald Trump. There's been that strange situation with him wanting to buy Greenland; whispers of a possible recession that have led to more angry tweets..
Mashable - Published

OMG! Trump's a 'king of Israel' and 'Chosen One'

Is 2020 'The Second Coming'? Never mind the stones cast at him by Jewish Democrats who take offense that he tarred them as dumb or disloyal. Upon hearing himself lionized like a present-day biblical..
Newsday - Published

CNN Panel Shreds Trump for Joking About Giving Himself a Medal of Honor: ‘He DOES Think He’s the Chosen One!’

A CNN panel on The Situation Room blasted President Donald Trump for off-handedly joking to a veterans’ group that he looked into awarding himself a Congressional Medal of Honor, which is only..
Mediaite - Published

Trump: ‘I Am the Chosen One’

CNSNews.com - Published Also reported by •Chicago S-TPoliticoMediaite

President Trump offers himself as ‘the chosen one’

WASHINGTON (AP) — King of Israel? The second coming? The chosen one? President Donald Trump is known to have a healthy ego. But a string of comments Wednesday went to a higher level. First, Trump..
Seattle Times - Published

Trump Looks to Sky, Spreads His Arms, and Tells Reporters: ‘I Am the Chosen One’

(Screen Capture) (CNSNews.com) - In a press conference outside the White House today, President Donald Trump looked to the sky, spread his arms, and told reporters: “I am the chosen one.”
CNSNews.com - Published

Trump on the trade war with China: 'I am the chosen one' since 'somebody had to do it'

"I am the chosen one," Trump added, looking up at the sky while discussing the trade war. "Somebody had to do it."
USATODAY.com - Published

Defiant Trump digs in amid battles on trade, guns, Israel: ‘I am the chosen one’

A defiant President Trump sparred with reporters Wednesday in a testy back-and-forth for more than a half-hour as he dug in over his positions on the trade war with China, gun control, the apparent..
FOXNews.com - Published

Trump just looked up to the sky and told reporters 'I am the chosen one'

Donald Trump apparently thinks even more highly of himself than we thought. On Wednesday, he told a group of reporters outside the White House that he is "the chosen one." Not a normal thing that..
Mashable - Published

US Pres. Trump: 'I am the chosen one' to take on China

Read more on https://www.fxstreet.com
FXstreet.com - Published

Why mosquitoes are attracted to some people more than others

why mosquitoes are attracted to some people more than others
· If you've ever felt that mosquitoes specifically target you more than you're friends, you could be right. · Female mosquitoes — which are the ones that drink blood — are attracted to some..
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Zion Williamson Is The Choosing One

LeBron James was The Chosen One, a gift to basketball. As the heir to James’s cultivated power, Williamson can decide what the N.B.A. gives to him.
NYTimes.com - Published

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