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WCBI News at Ten - Monday, May 20th, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Monday, May 20th, 2019WCBI News at Ten - Monday, May 20th, 2019

WCBI News at Ten - Monday, May 20th, 2019

There's good news tonight for mississippians looking for work..

Thanks for joining us - i'm scott martin..

Mississippi has more jobs than job seekers..

And the unemployment rate is still near a historic low.

Courtney ann jackson explains why you should look at the state's latest economy scorecard.

Mississippi is seeing an upward trend for jobs and opportunities.

But all those working to further improve the numbers will tell you---workforce development is key.

"there's never been a stronger focus on creating the type of workforce that's ready for today and the jobs of the future than now."

The mississippi economic council hopes to see more schools and communities looking to the programs like act workkeys.

While the act gauges college readiness, workkeys gauges career readiness.

"workkeys is kind of like the foundational step.

Number one, it assesses where you are in your ability to enter the workforce.

You then have to go get the additional training for whatever pathway you choose.

But at least you have that foundation to build on."

Those who take the tests get a career readiness certificate that serves as a credential for their essential work skills.

And this part of the scorecard shows there are opportunities to make an average of 53-thousand dollars without a four year degree.

"the community colleges are colleges yet you can finish in a year, two years, have little to no debt and be ready for a high paying job.

And that's what we want.

People with careers that can sustain them and their families for years to come."

More than 40 thousand jobs are currently listed on the mississippi works website.

Marshand crisler works with a jackson non-profit to help connect people with training and jobs.

"the market is very attractive but unfortunately the skill set is lacking in certain areas.

In order to maintain that encouragement we have to make sure we're putting programs in place to get these people hired."

Courtney ann jackson, wcbi news getting a job is one thing.

Leverageing that income to get the things you want can be another..

If you want to buy a car or a house, you're probably going to need a loan.

And to get that loan you're going to need good credit..

But what does it take to build that credit score?

Our stephanie poole gets some advice from a financial advisor.

Jake goodwin has a credit card for emergencies.

" i want to use my credit card for strict things."

The 23 year-old program coordinator knows paying the bill on time and keeping a small balance will help his credit score.

His job also helps pay down his debts.

" this job helps immensely.

It's just helping with everything honestly."

Goodwin has a good grasp on why a good credit score is important and how to keep it growing.

Modern woodman financial advisor barbara coats says that's not always the case with millennial.

" to establish credit you're looking for three credit opportunities.

You got your cellphone bill, you got your credit card.

If you're lucky you can have one other thing.

Whether it's student loans, whether you can have your rent in your name.

You're looking for anything three things in your name to establish that credit history."

Learning about a credit score and its importance is often learned from an older adult for many recent college graduates.

It's taking small steps on small bills that will make a big difference a few years down the road, when a new care or new home is on the horizon.

" making wise choices and getting that started from the beginning it takes you out of debt that much sooner because your able to get lower interest rates,able to pay yourself out of any debt that much faster."

" i would just make sure that you just know per month that you can definitely pay that minimum balance off every single month."

The fewer the times your credit is checked, it helps your score.

Coats this whole process takes time.

"credit is critical.

Pay everything on time and that shows the creditor when you're beginning to do things on your own that your responsible."

Credit karma is an app that coats suggested to keep up with credit scores.

It will not affect your score.

Take developing story stinger centered up lee county leaders say they need more time before they decide to place a ban on the herbal drug, kratom.

Supervisors are considering a ban after the mississippi bureau of narcotics warned them about the dangers of the drug.

An mbn captain said there have been eleven and possibly twelve kratom related overdoses in the state.

Kratom supporters say the herb can help with pain management, anxiety and other issues.

Board of supervisors president tony roper said his main concern is minors being able to buy it.

"we will try to in lee county, to keep some kids from getting it, getting their hands on it, it's , from everything ie seen, if you take it wrong, it's a bad thing, and when you walk into a service station and can get it, it's twice as bad.

" kratom is a tree found in southeast asia.

Its leaves can be eaten raw, but are often crushed and brewed as tea, or turned into capsules, tablets and liquids.

So far, 28 counties and cities in northeast mississippi have made possession or sale of kratom a misdemeanor.

First look stinger first look we may see a shower or two somewhere in northeast mississippi and west alabama a six year old from columbus is being called a hero tonight after her courageous efforts to save her mom's life.... on saturday jasmine walters' mom suddenly lost consciousness without thinking... she immediatly jumped into action and called 911... our quentin smith speaks with the mother..... so quentin.... is this mom thankful to be alive tonight?

Scott.... she most definitely is..

Usually it's the parents protecting the children... this time it was the other way around... tesheeba billups says she makes jasmine write down her address five times a day to make sure she never forgets it... on saturday..

That practice paid off.

Nat dozens of calls come into the lowndes county ema 911 center everyday.... on saturday... there was one call that stood out.... nat on one end was dispatcher kim powell.... and on the other... was six year old jasmine walters... "well i remember when i first answered the phone, i heard a sweet little voice say hey, and i knew it was a kid, so i asked her where her mother was, that's when she told me it was a medical call and she needed help so i knew i needed to get someone to her really quick."

It was around seven o'clock at night when the call came in... jasmine was at home and noticed her mom was passed out on the floor suffering from seizures.... but instead of panicking .... te six year old knew just what to do.... call for help.... nat " at first when i fell to the floor all i know is she said give me your phone.

I really didn't know that she would call 911, i thought she would probably call my sister or something, but she called 911 and told them the address and everything."

" she was completely brave.

Never cried, never whimpered, she sounded like an adult talking on the phone.

She was very very calm, we do not get that from most callers that call911."

Once help arrived her mom....tasheeba billups.... was rushed to baptist golden triangle... " if it wasn't for her i probaby wouldn't be here today at all."

Jasmine is still emotional from the incident as she wipes tears from her eyes..

Days later.... the columbus police and fire departments along with the 911 dispatchers..

Showered the kindergartner with lots of love and gifts.... thanking her for being a hero..

And handling the call and situation with such courage and grace.... " it was very emotional, but i just wanted jasmine to understand just how brave and how courageous she really was, because her mother is here today because of her and i really hope she understands how precious she is to all of us now."

" i'm really thankful because how life is right now, it's so much going on but my daughter, she's just a hero right now."

Aside from being a hero... the six year old says she enjoys.... singing..

Dancing.... and playing with her toys..

Lowndes county dispatchers stress the importance of parents making sure their kids know their address and how to call 911 in case an emergency situation ever occurs... stinger wx open we may see a shower or two somewhere in northeast mississippi and west alabama during the afternoon and evening hours on monday and tuesday.

After that, things will dry out and warm up.

This is good news for the mississippi delta, who is still dealing with the ongoing backwater flood.

Monday night: clouds will decrease in number monday night as temperatures drop down into the middle and upper 60s.

Tuesday: summer- like warmth will remain across the area on tuesday.

As we move into the afternoon and evening hours, we could see a stray shower develop somewhere in the region.

Winds will be a little breezy on tuesday, sustained out of do they have an ikea in jackson?

Because one bulldog heavy hitter is going to be needing some extra shelf space.

Courtney tells us who- later in sports..

A pint of blood can save up three lives.

We learn more on the importance of blood donation in our health talk with baptist.

Why donate blood?

Some facts about blood needs in the united states hi, i am sandi kilburn, medical technologist and supervisor of the blood bank at baptist memorial hospital ?

Golden triangle.

I want to talk to you about the importance of donating blood.

Why are blood donors important?

Here are some statistics: every two seconds, someone in the united states needs blood.

More than 38,000 donations are needed every day.

One of every 10 hospital admissions needs blood.

About 14 million units of blood are transfused each year in the united states.

Nearly 21 million blood components are transfused each year in the united states.

It is estimated that sickle cell disease affects 90,000 to 100,00 people in the united states.

About 1,000 babies are born with the disease each year.

Sickle cell patients can require frequent blood transfusions throughout their lives.

More than one million people are diagnosed with cancer each year and require almost daily transfusions during their chemotherapy treatments.

The blood used in an emergency is already on the shelves before the event occurs.

A single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood.

The blood type most often requested by hospitals is type o.

Join us next time for health talk with baptist when we will discuss some common myths about blood donations if you'd like to donate here's your chance.

A blood drive is happening this friday at the outpatient pavilion conference center at baptist golden triangle.

It'll be from 11 a- m to five friday evening.

If you have any questions or want to schedule an appointment to donate call 877- 258-4825.

Stinger senior jake mangum takes home some new but familiar hardware this aftenoon...more on that is coming up next in sports spx open senior centerfielder jake mangum has accomplished many thing during his collegiate career and is known as a bulldog that makes history and he has done so yet again for the second time in his bulldog career, the pearl native is awarded the c- spire ferriss trophy becoming the first ever two-time winner mangum beat out not only his ole miss rivals tyler keenan and grae kessinger but he also beat out his own teammate ethan small it also marks a special moment for m-s-u athletics as it sweeps the ferriss, conerly, howell and gillom trophys for the first time within the same year "it's not something you really think about until last week.

Say hey, you're nominated for the ferriss again and i was just excited to be a part of it.

Both guys at ole miss, my teammate ethan and matt wallner at southern miss, all four of those guys easily could have won it.

The state of mississippi is unbelievable in college baseball.

It's the best in the country and it's not even close."

On top of jake mangum receiving his second ever ferriss trophy...mangum along with four other bulldogs receiving sec accolades ethan small named as the sec pitcher of the year and j-t ginn earning sec freshman of the year honors monday afternoon also, mangum named to the all- sec team along with sophomore first baseman tanner allen and sophomore second baseman justin foscue this is the first time in diamond dawg history that the bulldogs bring home multiple speciality conference awards msu is set to match-up against lsu or south carolina in the sec tournament in hoover on wednesday ole miss bringing home some southeastern conference honors of its own cooper johnson, doug nikhazy and grae kessinger named to all- conference teams named as a finalist for the c-spire ferriss trophy...kessinge r named first team all-sec while johnson was named to all-sec second team and the all- defensive team....the freshman pitcher nikhazy was tabbed to the all-freshman team the defending sec tournament champs will look to defend their title begging tuesday with a match-up against missouri at 1 pm the ole miss rebels have punched their ticket to a ncaa super regional for the second time ever in program history ole miss with a major effort on sunday to win two games against the louisiana rajun- cajuns in hopes of advancing the win in game two came on a walk-off from kaylee horton that sent kylan becker home securing the team's super regional berth although the rain delays and doubleheaders have been a nuissance all season long, becker saying that's what helped her team secure the win on sunday "we knew today that we were gonna win.

Honestly, we all came to the field and i think yesterday when we lost the first time i got a little emotional, maybe got a little teary-eyed after that first loss of the second game of the day.

Today there were no tears, there was nothing because i was so confident that our team had it.

Honestly i think the entire team knew we were going to do this.

We were battle tested the entire season.

Almost every sec regular season game turned into a rain out or a doubleheader and we kind of lived off of that.

We won so many series off the doubleheader that we were prepared for it, it was destiny and practice for now."

Ole miss will continue it's road to a national championship in tucson, arizona.

The first super regional battle puts the rebs against the arizona wildcats the super regional starts friday at 6 p-m and can be viewed on the espn streaming service congratulations are in order for starkville yellowjacket cassidy cook the jacket signs on the dotted line to continue on to the next level as a bowler with blue mountain college cook is only the second bowler from starkville high school to accept a scholarship to continue her career i've been bowling since i was six or seven years old and it's been a family thing to-do.

So i've been brought up with it.

I was pretty much raised in a bowling alley.

It means a lot to my family.

They've always wanted me to go there especially my mom."

"i've been coaching her seven years so i know her real well.

She's a jewel.

I'm so glad for her and i'm just thrilled to be a part of it."

Last look stinger last look

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