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Which 2020 Candidate Is Most Likable?

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Which 2020 Candidate Is Most Likable?

Which 2020 Candidate Is Most Likable?

Business Insider conducted a poll of which 2020 Democratic candidate is the most likable.

In the poll, former Vice President Joe Biden beat out every otherDemocrat by a significant margin.

Voters ranked South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, Sen.

Bernie Sanders, and Sen.

Kamala Harris next highest on the likability ranking.

INSIDER found that male and female voters perceived some candidates' likability very differently.

For example, women voters found Biden more likable than male voters did.




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Joe Biden Joe Biden Former U.S. vice president, presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee

Trump falsely says Biden, a practicing Catholic, is "against God"

"Hurt the Bible. Hurt God. He's against God. He's against guns. He's against energy," Trump said of his opponent in Ohio.
CBS News
Donald Trump: Joe Biden is against God and against guns [Video]

Donald Trump: Joe Biden is against God and against guns

US president Donald Trump launches a scathing attack on his Democrat electionrival Joe Biden on a visit to Cleveland, Ohio, on Thursday, in which he saidMr Biden was "against God" and "against guns".

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Panel rejects Donald Trump's request to add a fourth debate with Joe Biden

The Trump campaign had asked the Commission on Presidential Debates to add a fourth debate or move up the September one due to early voting.


Donald Trump claims Joe Biden is 'against God;' Biden aides call Trump a hypocritical divider

Biden has often talked about how his Catholic faith helped him survive the death of his first wife and their daughter in a 1972 car crash.


Wisconsin Official Blasts Republican for Working with Kanye to Steal Votes from Biden

A Milwaukee Councilman is slamming Republicans for what he believes is a trick to lure black voters in Wisconsin to cast their ballots for Kanye West and steal..

Business Insider Business Insider Financial and business news website published by Insider Inc.

CDC: 20% Of Pregnant Women Drink In First Trimester [Video]

CDC: 20% Of Pregnant Women Drink In First Trimester

On Thursday, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said up to 20% of pregnant women in the U.S. drink alcohol during their first trimester. According to Business Insider the CDC also said that more than 10% admit to binge drinking during that time. In addition, nearly 5% reported consuming alcohol at least once during the second and third trimesters, the CDC said. Nearly 40% indicated that they also used at least one other substance , commonly tobacco and marijuana.

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BoA: Reasons To Buy Discount Store Stocks [Video]

BoA: Reasons To Buy Discount Store Stocks

Business Insider reports that banks' and tech giants' earnings largely impressed Wall Street. Bank of America says discount stores are set to post similarly positive results, according to Bank of America. BoA analysts expect the sector's second-quarter figures to hold strong thanks to rising food sales and improvement in general merchandise revenue. Thanks to momentum in higher-profit categories and successful online operations Walmart, Target, and Dollar Tree are in good positions.

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Biden Set Tp Spend Record $280 Million On Ads [Video]

Biden Set Tp Spend Record $280 Million On Ads

On Wednesday, Joe Biden's campaign announced it planned $280 million in ad buys, with 20% going to digital. This is in line with our pre-pandemic predictions that digital political ad spend would skyrocket this cycle. Biden's campaign plans to purchase $280 million in ads across 15 states this fall. Business Insider reports that this is, by far, the largest ad spend by any political candidate.

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Bezos Sells $3.1 Billion In Amazon Stock [Video]

Bezos Sells $3.1 Billion In Amazon Stock

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sold more than $3.1 billion worth of his company's stock between Monday and Tuesday. Business Insider reports the two-day selling spree surpassed the $2.8 billion worth of Amazon shares he sold through all of 2019. Bezos' latest sales also bring his 2020 total windfall to roughly $7.2 billion. Bezos still holds about 54 million shares, worth about $173 billion as of Wednesday's close.

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Why Credit Card Companies Are Preparing To Take A Major Hit [Video]

Why Credit Card Companies Are Preparing To Take A Major Hit

Business Insider reports the US economy could see a sharp drop in consumer spending in the coming months. That's because personal income for millions of Americans is about to take a serious hit. Enhanced unemployment benefits that gave millions of consumers an additional $600 weekly lapsed at the end of July. What's more, the US government appears far from passing a new stimulus package that would give consumers more funds.

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Pete Buttigieg Pete Buttigieg U.S. politician and former 2020 presidential candidate

Brendon Urie Shreds Trump For Using Song [Video]

Brendon Urie Shreds Trump For Using Song

at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie’s high hopes for 2020 don’t include President Donald Trump getting reelected. at the Disco’s 2018 hit “High Hopes” as a walk-on song at the Dream City Church in Phoenix. It was a somewhat ironic choice, as the song is already associated with former Democratic presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg, who had it played at events when he was still on the campaign trail.

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Kamala Harris Kamala Harris United States Senator from California

Trump mulls White House acceptance speech, while Biden continues VP search

President Trump is considering giving his nomination acceptance speech from the White House, a decision that legal experts say is not allowed. Meanwhile,..
CBS News

'Blatant disrespect of Black women': Women leaders criticize treatment of Black women being considered as Biden VP pick

Sen. Kamala Harris, Rep. Karen Bass, Susan Rice, Rep. Val Demings and Stacey Abrams have all been floated as possible running mates for Biden.


A look at Biden's potential running mates: Kamala Harris, Karen Bass and Tammy Duckworth

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is pushing back his decision on announcing a running mate, with interviews beginning next week. CBS News..
CBS News

Joe Biden holds final interviews with VP candidates as he looks to announce pick next week

California Sen. Kamala Harris, former national security advisor Susan Rice and California Rep. Karen Bass are reported to be on Biden's short list.


'Do not hold grudges': Biden's notes reveal several talking points about Kamala Harris

The other talking points about Harris were: "Campaigned with me & Jill." "Talented." "Great help to campaign." "Great respect for her."


Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders U.S. Senator from Vermont

Progressive Victories Signal Staying Power for the Movement

After Bernie Sanders fell to Joe Biden, the young left mourned what could have been. Now, after a series of victories in congressional races, it’s hopeful..

Bernie Sanders: Coronavirus pandemic is raging out of control. Our solution: Masks for All

The science is clear: Wearing a mask will save lives and defeat the virus sooner. My plan will keep Americans safe and end our dependency on China.

How Will Biden Stop Oil And Gas Production? [Video]

How Will Biden Stop Oil And Gas Production?

On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders sent Joe Biden and the DNC a 110 page documentary policy document. The document includes 14 pages of climate proposals. The recommendations still leave Biden and national Democrats with no plan to phase out U.S. fossil fuel production. Sanders attempt to "address fossil energy production were ... woefully insufficient.” Collin Rees, a campaigner with Oil Change International, told Earther.

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Sanders Losing Battle For Future Of The Left [Video]

Sanders Losing Battle For Future Of The Left

In March, Bernie Sanders lost his second bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. According to the NY Times the George Floyd protests and their cultural repercussions, may have destroyed Sanders entire case for a socialist America. The paper posits that this summer he may lose his battle for the future of the left, his legacy gone up in smoke. Cultural battles, pro business and pro Wall Street programs have over shadowed Sanders "millionaires and billionaires are evil" narrative.

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Bernie: Better Relationship With Joe Than With Hillary [Video]

Bernie: Better Relationship With Joe Than With Hillary

Sen. Bernie Sanders said he has “a better relationship” with Joe Biden than he had with Hillary Clinton. Sanders was the No. 2 contender in each of the last two Democratic presidential primaries. He told The New Yorker he thinks he has a “stronger” and “closer” relationship with Biden. The Hill reports that Biden and Sanders have known each other for 14-years. “I think the difference now is that, between you and me, I have a better relationship with Joe Biden than I had with Hillary Clinton.

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Democratic Party (United States) Democratic Party (United States) Major political party in the United States

With Old Allies Turning Against Her, Birx Presses On Against the Coronavirus

Dr. Deborah L. Birx, the White House coronavirus response coordinator, has found herself a woman without a country, denounced by Democrats and called..

A look at Biden's potential running mates: Stacey Abrams, Sally Yates, Michelle Lujan Grisham, and Gretchen Whitmer

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden is expected to announce his pick for vice president next week. CBS News political correspondent Ed O'Keefe joined CBSN..
CBS News

Dr. Jill Biden: “I want people to value teachers”

In this preview of an interview to be broadcast on “CBS Sunday Morning” August 9, Dr. Jill Biden, wife of the presumptive Democratic nominee for president,..
CBS News

South Bend, Indiana South Bend, Indiana City in Indiana, United States

Joseph Kernan, Vietnam P.O.W. and Indiana Governor, Dies at 74

He spent 11 months in a North Vietnamese prison after his plane was downed. He was later a long-serving mayor of South Bend. He died of Covid-19.

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