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Monday, January 25, 2021

Madison organization cures cataract blindness for all of Botswana

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Madison organization cures cataract blindness for all of Botswana
Madison organization cures cataract blindness for all of Botswana

Dr. Suresh Chandra is celebrating a milestone in his career.

On June 19, he came back to Madison after completing 6,000 cataract surgeries in Botswana, making the country cataract blindness-free.

Sometimes we take the power of being able to see for granted.

But one organization in madison knows that sight is one of the most precious things we have.

Jamie perez shows us how this local organization is changing thousands of lives around the world by giving them the gift of sight.

These are the faces of the people who have had their lives changed forever.

For most of their lives, they've lacked sight, but they've always had a vision.

Dr. chandra knows their vision.

He comes face to face with it for a living.

He's just returned from botswana where his team and organizations he partnered with helped the entire country of botswana completely rid of cataract blindness.

"in three years, we did 6,000 cataract surgeries" dr. chandra said there are no eye doctors in botswana.

Everyone who has cataracts, has no way of fixing it.

"we have to do something for our neighbors" his organization combat blindness international was started so he could give back and help as many people as possible.

Reena rajpal has been with the organization since she was a little girl.

"ninety percent of those who are blind live in low income countries.

Fifty perfect of blindness is due to cataracts.

So if you do nothing else but handle cataract surgeries, you have tackled 50 percent of blindness in the world."

And that's exactly what they've set out to do.

The cost of losing your sight in a developing country.... "you could lose your job, you become a burden to your family, you can't contribute to your family financially" dr. chandra is working to ensure people who are blind or visually impaired get the help they need.

In several trips, each lasting about four weeks long, they do about 1,000 cataract surgeries.

For $25 and fifteen minutes with an eye doctor, 6,000 botswana patients got their lives back.

"they come in, they're fearful, they don't know what's going to happen, but then they come out and they can see everything and you can just see their smiles, their confidence."

This journey is not over yet.

While they may have cured cataracts for thousands in botswana, their next goal is to sustain this.

To train people there to cure this without their help.

Before moving on to help thousands get their sight back in other parts of the world.

" it feels good that we have made our contribution to humanity" in madison, i'm jamie perez... news 3 now.

That organization also partners with the madison school district.

They have volunteer opthalmic nurses who screen kids in 4k and kindergarten..

For eye conditions.

They also pay for


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