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Sunday, March 7, 2021

Chambliss Center

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Chambliss Center
Chambliss Center

Chambliss Center offers summer camp.

And they are always looking for Foster Families to take in kids. @Chamblisscenter

Testing of the team, the center for children has had an amazing job and are ready for several years and many times good morning reading my joining home and what the team was on.

We ar not here in chattanooga.

We then here 440,000 years.

We started as an orphan and spat at times change.

We've evolved.

We do 24- hour childcare.

We provide affordable, accessible, quality care for children.

Other parents are at work anytime of the day that that is needed.

Only several chefs and we do it on a sliding fee scale.

The parents can afford it on and we had a residential program so we recruit, train, foster family, have a group home.

Online campus for children who are in state custody.

They been removed from their homes because of the beas abandonment or neglect, and the we have a transitional living program for youth who ate of th foster care you are covering all ages in providing that need, regardless of what it is chilling.

I was surfing on an average daily basis serving her children are like that.

I mentioned that the education piece on sale residential big of a difference it makes for someone that you offer 24 hours a day seven days a week childcare mean is a make or break thing for some families.

The mission we want to be able to provide stability for family and the majority of families that we are about 80% are singl- parent household, and so when you've got a parent who needs t work and they don't have childcare at really any family knows that needs tile care because they need to work you need to have that and confident that your child is in a eighth place and being well cared for the we can do that at any hour.

The needed though if you're normal business hours, we've got you covered.

If you got a third shift position and you need someone that's watching your child and evening.

We can we can do that is running stability to the children as well.

They can be.

They become familiar with who they're around at the center and the catheter with tears, so it's good for the parent and child are a lot of people childcare routines have to change out the summer with kids are at a school are you able to help.

There is little we can't going on, how much is okay on our campus every day that school we provide all kinds of refund programs for them.

We have a tractor that comes in every day and swim every day in our and 83 fun things and just defined learning activity.

We let had an opportunity to make sure that all these kids have a nine project summer camp.

I wish we always adults at summer camp.

I would love that vigil about stickered a little bit in and you mentioned that you're there to help foster parents, and get into it, as are you currently looking for foster parents.

It was processed like we did were always looking for your family then back next to financial needs time.

Our number one needed foster families, we have wonderful foster families and a lot of times our number one goa is to reunify children with their biological families.

But if that can happen and children become available for adoption.

Lot of times it is there foster family and that the document is untimely.

Liz is great families and families.

We always have to read the next on the we always need foster families.

If the constant ongoing thing.

Right now we are in the middle at eight class which is the training that parents have to go through his parents are tender healers.

We will have another session in september but again it's an ongoing need and were always happy to talk to people about their took to walk everyone through that when through the enemy.

If someone has never even can enter foster care until now you're there to answer every russian we actuall that earth class that we had like this in your file and then there people are interested in becoming foster parents and anyhow a lot of questions.

They're not sure yet and always such a great cost to attend because it's raining get all the information they need and and kind and has a greater point is we can get that with you both have we have foster care questions were questions for kids as well and you can call a 14 tree 98, 2456 or our website is chandler 7 work lease things are joining as a


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