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WCBI NEWS AT 10 06-29-19

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WCBI NEWS AT 10 06-29-19
WCBI NEWS AT 10 06-29-19

>>cbs news, original reporting.

Good evening and thank you for joing us i'm rylie livingston a former unniversity of mississippi dispatcher is accused of a sex crime involving a 15-year-old girl.

37-year-old nikki thweatt is charged with 2 counts of sexual battery.

On wednesday the layfaytte county sheriff's department began investigating thweatt after she was accused of having a relationship with a minor.

Sheriff's major alan wilburn says the department expects more charges as the investigation continues.

Thweatt remains at the lafayette county detention center with bond set at eighty thousand dollars.

An early morning wreck leaves a woman dead in tishomingo county.

The crash happened on highway 350 around five miles west of hwy 25.

Coroner mack wilemon says the victim is 40-year- old april christine mook.

He says another motorist came upon the crash at around 2:30 this morning.

According to wilemon the pickup truck mook was driving was heading west before appearing to lose control.

The truck flipped and threw mook from the vehicle.

Stinger vo in monitor as many prepare for the fourth of july, there could be a spike in firework prices on the horizon.

While a variety of fireworks are sold in the united states, they are mostly made in china.

President trump proposed a twenty-five percent increase on tariffs-which could potentially lower the sales on fireworks throughout the u.s. our stephanie poole takes a look at how one local business plans to keep sales steady.

Thousands are preparing for america's birthday celebration but one tradition might be costly soon-fireworks.

Tariffs on china could make them more expensive.

Orbitz fireworks is hopeful sales will remain the same.

" they still gone come in, the still gone come in.

I believe if it keeps going up, they still gone come in.

Some way some how they're still gonna figure a way to come get a firecracker."

Employee candi nabors says over the eight years she's worked here, nothing keeps enthusiasts from buying.

" we try to keep it as pleasan to the customer that way they still can afford it.

Some things have stayed the same, some things have went lower."

Neighbors says most of the bigger fireworks will see a price change.

" my 5-hundred grams hav went up.

The tv stuff some of it's went up.

But not,you know, way up just a couple dollars or so but it's pretty affordable."

Orbitz fireworks continues to plan for long lines.

" we have lot's and lot's o people come in and it's a good kind of chaotic."

Once again, there is no official start of when those tariffs will begin.

Toss to first look kendall smith first look saturday night: an isolated shower or storm is possible this evening, but any rain or on facebook, twitter, and instagram vo in monitor old fashioned stump rally's are no longer a thing of the past.

Choctaw county just wrapped up their second stump rally in recent years.

Event organizers say it's a great opportunity to get to know your local candidates.

Our cash matlock has the story.

Several communities across the state have started hosting events where locals can "meet the candidates," a choctaw county is no exception.

Event organizers there decided to bring back and old favorite... the old fashioned stump rally.

"in older times, they used t just have a stump that they would get out and stand on.

They would speak to the public and so we kind of took that.

If you'll notice, up at the podium we have different little stumps.

So, it brings back the old days."

Those in attendance say the event helps to educate area voters.

"we need to know ou candidates beyond campaign slogans and sound bites.

It's good to hear what they are proposing that they would do if they are elected or re- elected.

It's good to know those that have been in office, you know, what is their history, what is their track record?

What do they propose to change?

How do we better our community, our state, and even our nation?"

"you can hear a lot of stuff you can read a lot of signs, but actually getting to shake somebody's hand and talk to them means a lot.

It will tell you a lot about a person."

Attendees also said the event helps voters see past parties lines.

"a lot of people stick wit whatever party and go with that.

I think it's important to see because i've got people here that are running under democrats that i like and some republicans i like.

More of my values go with the republican party, but in the south, there's still a lot of old democrats out here."

"i'm a firm believer in votin for the principle of the person, what their beliefs are or what they are going to bring to the table for the betterment of our state or our county.

Unfortunately because we are forced to vote either or party, people do vote because of a name or because of a party."

Although stump rallies were once a popular way for candidates to get their message across, they lost traction through the years.

Those in attendance say they hope that will change soon.

"choctaw county people lik to meet the candidates.

We like to see what they are wanting to do for the county, and it's very important because we like to see what people stand for."

In total, 29 local candidates registered to speak at the stump rally.

Centered those at the stump rally also got to take part in a mock election.

Choctaw county chamber of commerce executive director donna mckay says the county was selected as a trial county for a new voting system called "voting works.

The mock election will feature fake candidate names.

Organizers say the new system is supposed to be more efficient and safer.

"what they do is it's just a ne voting system and you can actually vote on the computer screen and they've got a printer beside it and it actually prints your ballot out.

You can actually go and put it in the box yourself.

It's just supposed to be a safer way to vote."

There is no word yet on whether or not the new system will be used during this year's primary elections.

Centered in lee county volunteers fanned out around the area to encourage and assist people with registering to vote.

Wcbi's chad groening has more.

They gathered at the link center in tupelo.

Volunteers put signs on their cars encouraging their fellow citizens to register in time to vote in the august primaries in mississippi.

Teresa roberts was the event coordinator.

"it's important because peopl you know when they say i like this candidate.

I don't like this candidate but if you don't vote, then don't complain."

And roberts says this weekend's event was completely non-partisan.

"we're just going out an knocking on doors.

We don't know whose door we're going to knock on but we're trying to get people registered to vote as well."

Donna wardlaw was part of the team that went to satillo to knock on doors.

She says people really need to care about the 2019 off year elections.

"this is one of my persona rants.

There's so much focus on the national and federal level.

And i understand that.

I appreciate that.

We've got a very important state election, bunch of state elections going on.

This is where we live.

We need to get these people excited and get out and vote for their local and county people where we live."

And the teams were well versed on how to get people registered on site.

"we have guidelines.

We have sheet with us.

And we have all the reasons listed why a person cannot vote.

So if they say i cannot vote.

We ask them why you can't vote?

And then we'll go down the list and explain to them and say have you did this?

If they said no i've not done any of those things, then they can register because some people are confused as to why they cannot vote."

And wardlaw says they have a list of what they call disenfranchising felonies.

"those are the felonies tha make people not eligible.

Interestingly enough the sale of drugs is not disenfranchising.

However bigamy is.

So if john doe sells some drugs to an undercover agent as long as he wasn't married to two people the same time, he's probably going to be able to vote."

And if teams register people they suspect are ineligible, they pass the voter registration info on to the circuit clerk to make that call.

Chad groening, wcbi news, satillo.

The mississippi primaries will be held on august 6th with primary runoffs august 27th.

Mrs. mississippi united state kerri mcmillin prepares for the national pageant.

We'll have that story coming up on wcbi news a mooreville woman is making final preparations for the "mr united states" national pageant.

Kerri mcmillin was crowned "mrs mississipp united states" earlier this year.

The soon to be 42 year old is a mother, wife, and businesswoman, who has a background in the pageant world.

Mcmillin competed in pageants as a child and teenager, and now runs a consulting business helping young ladies who want to compete in pageants.

In fact, some of her clients suggested she compete in the mrs mississippi pageant, and now she is preparing for nationals.

"you get involved in your kid lives, and i just wanted to do something for myself, i said, you know what, i'm going to do this, i'm going to compete again and have fun."

"anyone who can take nutrition plan and workout plan and attack it, full throttle, without asking any questions, that's what a trainer looks for, someone who is dedicated as much as you are."

The mrs united states pageant takes place in one month, in las vegas.

Mcmillin has a meet and greet this sunday at the grey antler in mooreville.

Wcbi stinger centered weeks after his emotional testimony before congress -- a 9-11 first responder died saturday from complications of cancer linked to his time spent on ground zero.

As melisa raney reports, he spent his final weeks pushing lawmakers to help other first responders.

Luis alvarez -- a 9-11 first responder who fought for benefits for other 9-11 first responders -- died saturday in hospice care.

He was 53.

Alvarez made headlines just a few weeks ago ... he appeared before congress alongside comedian john stewart -- delivering an impassioned plea to extend the september 11th victim compensation fund.

Luis alvarez/9-11 first responder: "you all said yo would never forget.

Well, i'm here to make sure that you don't."

Alvarez -- a nypd bomb squad detective -- was among the first responders who went to the world trade center on september 11... they spent weeks breathing in noxious air clouded with debris from the collapsed buildings.

New york officials told them at the time it was safe -- but many have since been diagnosed with debilitating illnesses and cancers.

Luis alvarez/9-11 first responder: "when they ge sick they die.

I have been lucky enough to have 68 rounds of cemo.

You heard me right--68 rounds.

Many others haven't had the opportunity to have five and some have none.

It is my goal and it is my legacy to see that you do the right thing for all 9/11 responders."

Alvarez received a standing ovation for his testimony.

He will be honored with a funeral organized by the n-y-p- d and the united states military.

I'm melisa raney reporting.

Maddie tosses to break saturday night: an isolated shower saturday night: an isolated shower or storm is possible this evening, but any rain or storm activity will fade by overnight.

This will set up a quiet night with lows around 70.

Wind will be out of the se around 5 mph becoming calm.

Sunday: another seasonably warm and humid summer day is on tap for us.

Highs will be in the low 90s with heat index values in the mid to upper 90s.

Pop-up showers and storms may develop with the chance of rain holding steady at 30%.

However, shower and storm activity will mainly occur before 7 p.m.

Then it will diminish during the evening.

Monday - wednesday: no big weather maker is going to affect the region so we're going to maintain a persistence type forecast& meaning what the high school football tour continues on...the next stop checks in on the myrtle hawks as they get ready for the upcoming season...that story is next in sports the high school football tour continues on with stop #6 we check in with the myrtle hawks, who have high expectations for year two of the program 2018 will be rembered as a banner year in myrtle hawks history.

Not only did the hawks have its first ever varsity football season, but a winning season as well.

Former assistant turned head coach, jeremy smithey hopes that all that early success won't hold them back in year two jeremy smithey, myrtle head coach: "these kids wer successful last season winning a lot of games by blowouts.

Which i hope didn't make them jaded on how hard they have to work to win ball games."

Andrew phillips, junior de/hb: "it felt good because i think lot of people thought we couldn't do it but we knew what we could do and the kind of talent we had here in the weight room and the locker room."

Even after just one season the goals are set sky high.

The hawks are hoping to come into 2019 stronger than before with hopes of winning a state title.

Smithey: "you would thin waving a state championship idea in front of kids who have never played a division before would be a really big dream but they seemed to have latched onto the idea that we have enough talent to push ourselves into the playoffs and play deep in the playoffs."

Phillips: "they underestimat us like were the little dog but i think after last season i think they know were going to come."

As a new coach, smithey has a hands on approach where not only does he tell his team to put in the work but he does it along with them.

Smithey: " i will not ask you t do something that i will not do myself.

Just my way of showing them that i love them that i wouldn't ask them but i am going to push them beyond what they think they can do."

Smithey's team is pushing through tough workouts in hopes of seeing it pay off on the field.

Phillips: "sometimes you don' want to get up at 5:15 to come to summer workouts.

You tell yourself in your mind i can't but you have to say i can and get mental toughness, come up here and work hard every day."

Isaac nugent, junior rb/lb: "i you flinch it's gonna hit you like that but if you believe it will come to you."

Myrtle kicks off its second season with its first game at vardaman on august 23rd.

With the hawks on the high school football tour, courtney robb wcbi sports.

Plenty more tour stops still to come..

The weekend will finish out with stop #7 checking in on the t-c-p-s eagle then we kick next week off with the noxapater tigers..followe d by the okolona chieftains and the french camp panthers...back into region 2-1a for those keeping track at home, go to our twitter and facebook accounts at wcbiendzone to see the schedule... and if you miss any stops along the way you can always go watch them on our website at a former missisppi state bulldog returns to teach local kids football fundamentals...m ore on that coming up after the the college world series may have ended but that doesn't mean omaha isnt seeing more action the college home run derby being held at td ameritrade park...ole miss sophomore tyler keenan participating after round one, keenan finished in second place after knocking twelve bombs out of the park he tacked on thirteen more in round 2 to move into the final round he added 15 more but would end the evening as the college home run derby runner up and finishes with 40 homers northern kentucky's griffin doersching earns the trophy for the 7th straight year, pernell mcphee returns to tcps to host the pernell mcphee and friend's football camp.

The former icc and msu standout was joined by anthony "boobie dixon, johnnie cooks and several others in teaching over a hundred young players football fundamentals.

Mcphee who signed a deal to rejoin the ravens this upcoming season hopes he and the guys can at least make a difference in one kid's life.

"we can help one kid out here, know were gonna help one kid out of this bunch.

If we can do that that's what its all about: giving back.

Tell them how important it is to take care of their body and how important it is to get an education.

The whole type of thing is going to help one man out here that's why everybody out here knows were going to help one kid.

Thats's our main goal."

"we all go through a journe in life.

Hopefully i can teach them the technique.

Maybe give them some words they can put in their toolbox that they can use that will help them down the line.

That'd be my main focus.

It's not just to make them a better football player but make them better kids and help them with their life."

Former ole miss guard terence davis will have his shot at an nba career davis has agreed to a deal with the denver nuggets for the upcoming summer league in las vegas, where davis will work at a chance for a roster spot davis was a huge contributor to the rebels 2018- 2019 season, averaging over 15 points per game, shooting 31% from beyond the arc and 77% at the free throw line he currently ranks as ole miss's 12th all- time scorer and assisted in the team's first run in the ncaa tournament since 2015 davis' summer league battle begins on july 5th against the phoenix suns at 10:30 pm speaking of the are some scores from the mlb this evening the atlanta braves in new york taking on the mets...two solo homeruns for the braves was the rally need to pull of the 5-4 marks the seventh straight loss for the mets the cubs also playing on the road today...taking on the cincinnatti reds..javy baez comes in clutch to hit a grand slam and chicago comes out with a 6 run shutout victory over cincinnati..the rubber match between the two is tomorrow at noon saturday night: an isolated shower or storm is possible this evening, but any rain or storm activity will fade by overnight.

This will set up a quiet night with lows around 70.

Wind will be out


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