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Loper Report: 'Yesterday'

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Loper Report: 'Yesterday'
Wil Loper reviews "Yesterday."

Points for a record high close.

"oh i believe in yesterday."

"when did you write that?"

"i didn't write it.

Paul mccartney wrote it, the beatles."


"john paul george ringo.

The beatles."

"do you genuinely not know who the beatles are?"


"then i'm in a really really complicated situation."

That was a clip from "yesterday", one of the newest movies to hit theaters.

Is it worth seeing?

Here to let us know is our film critic, wil loper this movie is a great little what if scenario played out that's light breezy fun, and you just can't go wrong with beatles songs for 2 hours himesh patel plays jack, a down on his luck musician who's just about to hang up his guitar pick when he gets hit by a bus and wakes up to discover that he is the only person on earth who remembers the beatles ever existed.

Jack realizes he could perform the songs and pass them off as h own, and that's just what he begins to do.

Some of the best sequences in the film involve him trying to remember the lyrics to the songs, and that really rings true, because we all think we know songs inside and out, until we're faced with actually recreating them word for word, and jack's struggles are entertaining to watch, especially with eleanor rigby.

I wanna hold your hand is etty easy.

There's a little love story in there as well giving the movie its emotional core, and it's nothing we haven't seen before, but it fits in well with the rest of the film.

If you just need a lighthearted good time at the movies, "yesterday" will be the movie that will make all your troubles seem far away.

4 fab fours out of five next week?

"spider-man: far

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