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7-7 9 PM 5

Legal battle?

Just ahead.

The trump administration continues the fight to ask 2?20 census respondents?

If they are in fact ?s citizens.

President trump says he's considering multiple options?

To add the citizenship question?

To the 2?20 census including an executive order.

But that's actually not an option.

The president is not allowed to issue an executive order over the census?

Because according to the constitution?

Congress has complete control over the process.

Last week?

The supreme court blocked the question?

But didn't make a final ruling.

Democratic 2?20 candidates have also weighed in.

"the citizenship question is motivated by racial and partisian reasons.

It has no business in something that's supposed to be neutral, almost boring."

The ???u is asking a federal judge in new york?

To block the trump administration from delaying the printing of census forms?

Or altering them to add the question.

The wait for a report?

On alleged surveillance abuse of a trump campaign aide?

Is going to last a little longer.

Attorney general william barr recently testified?

That he believed the report into alleged surveillance abuse?

Of trump campaign aide carter page?

Would be ready this spring.

But multiple sources say?

The timeline has slipped for a variety of reasons.

Recent developments have required some witnesses?

To be r?


To d?conflict accounts.

"like any investigation, you talk to one person, they give you a lead to talk to another person, then something that person tells you sends you back to the first person, and so it can be a very extensive, exhaustive process."

The final report?

Is subject to a classification review?

By the fbi and the justice department.

Under a wors?case scenario?

That review itself could take weeks.

Lawmakers in the united states are speaking out about iran's announcement?

That it will step up its program to enrich uranium.

The action?

Represents another breach of the commitments iran made?

Under the 2?15 nuclear deal.

Fox new corresponde nt gillian turner has the latest from washington.

Washington's reaction to news of iran's plan is breaking down along

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