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Monday, April 12, 2021

Morning Sprint for July 25

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Morning Sprint for July 25
Morning Sprint for July 25

4 News Now's Good Morning Northwest team gets you ready for your Thursday with the Morning Sprint.

It is 6:53... time to get you ready for your thursday in the morning sprint.

Caroline flynn is live at dairy queen... where you can get a blizzard today, and help local kids at the same time.

Nikki torres says we're in for a warm summer day, but first to kelsie morgan... with an update on four fires burning in cheney.

On four fires burning in this morning all mandatory evacuations have been lowered.

The four fires are now being called the 'cheney complex fire."

Those who were under level three evacuation notices last night... from state route 904 to the railroad tracks... are now under a level two notice.

That means they can return to their homes but still need to be ready to evacuate.

Anyone else who was under a level two notice... is now under a level one advisory.

Crews say these fires were sparked by tuesday night's lightning storm.

It's estimated that a total of 160 acres-- or about a quarter mile-- are burning.

There are 100 fire fighters working to get these flames under control.

While there is no official containment... a release says crews were able to protect about 30 homes and buildings that were threatened by the fire last night.

Part of state route 904 was closed last night for the fire fight..

But has now been re opened.

Another fire, in douglas county... ... has burned a thousand acres since tuesday.

The desert canyon fire has caused mandatory evacuations for a couple homes in the browns canyon road area.

A level 1 advisory is in place for a dozen homes in the area of auvil fruit.

Bonneville power has shut off electricity in the area of the fire.

Crews say the containment level is unkown at this point... but no structures have been burned.

Mark 3 more than one hundred homes more than one more than one hundred homes and businesses in medical lake... are under a boil order right now, because e.coli was found in a routine water sample.

This affects people south of brooks road and north of lake street.

If you're in that area, you're advised to drink bottled water... or boil tap water before you consume it.

The city has not said how long it believes the boil order will last... we'll work to get more information today.

A private investigator will soon be looking into spokane valley representative matt shea.

The state house of representatives hired the investigator to look into shea's online chats from 2017... with people who called for violence against their political opponents.

In the chats, shea allegedly offered to perform background checks on those opponents.

A bi-partisan group elected to launch the investigation... which will start by the end of the week.

The kootenai county sheriff's office has recently received numerous complaints about boaters going too fast and causing too much wake on the spokane river.

Now, more marine deputies will be out looking for boats violating wake zones and speeding.

The emphasis patrols will be out this weekend and next.

A reminder to boaters-- the speed limit on the river is 35 miles-per-hour during the day, 20 at night... but decreases to five miles per hour within 100 feet of a dock or shoreline.

Coming up next on good morning america.

A two year old is recovering this morning... after this incident in the atlanta airport.

The child walked past the ticket counter... hopped onto the luggage conveyor belt... and was swept behind the black curtains.

("i just went blank, i wanted to jump in and try to get him but they didn't allow me.")the child was taken through an x-ray machine..

Eventually rescued from the conveyor belt by t-s-a employees in the luggage room.

A pennsylvania school district threatened to place children in foster care... if their parents didn't pay off their lunch debt.

Now, the district is apologizing... and accepting a donation from a local businessman to cover the lunch debt.

(todd carmichael: "i was very familiar with the feeling of being food shamed and i know that feeling of being at school and and not being able to eat ")now the c-e-o of a successfull company... todd carmichael actually grew up, here in spokane.

Caroline live up, here in actually grew company... todd a successfull now the c-e-o of a successfull company... todd actually grew up, here in caroline live 3 today the riverfront park's famous looff carrousel ... ..

Is celebrating a birthday!

The carousel turns 110 today... so the park is throwing it a party.

From noon to three... carousel rides will only cost a dollar.

There will also be one dollar bags of popcorn and free face painting.

You may want to show up closer to noon, though... because the first 110 people to ride the carousel will also get a free cupcake.

3 3 3 this weekend you this weekend you can watch some golf... ..

While great cause.

The community cancer fund is hosting its annual golf showcase fundraiser at the coeur d'alene resort.

Tickets are twenty bucks... and give you the opportunity to watch celebrities like superbowl mvp marcus allen and world series champ roger clemens tee off.

All money raised stays right here in our area..

To support charities like the ronald mcdonald house and sacred heart children's hospital.

You can find more information for the event on a new roundabout is now open in the glenrose area.

It connects glenrose road and carnahan road... just east of the south hill.

The project was completed yesterday and is now open to traffic.

County commissioners say the roundabout was needed because the old intersection was not designed to handle the amount of traffic that travels through the area.

It was built with help from a federal safety grant.

And a live look at... 3 thanks for watching good morning northwest on kxly4.

G-m-a starts now!

((end of show))


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