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WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, August 10th, 2019

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WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, August 10th, 2019
WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, August 10th, 2019
WCBI News at Ten - Saturday, August 10th, 2019

>>cbs news, original reporting.

Good evening and thank you for joing us.

I'm cash matlock.

Some folks in our area may be getting a new internet option.

Tombigbee electric power association announced a plan to begin a new broadband network service.

Our stephanie poole has more on the story.

Tombigbee electric power association can now serve 100 percent of their members with internet.

This was made possible through the mississippi electric power association law and broadband enabling act of 2019, which allows co- ops to provide broadband services.

" we begin to embark o bridging the digital divide and bringing rural mississippi out of the digital dark."

Public service commissioner brandon presley says adding broadband services will improve the quality of life for residents.

" during one of thos meetings, you heard the story.

I can't connect to the outside world and i have to go to mcdonald's for my child to do homework, i have to go to the library to access something and print something off.

We simply will not have a region that will flourish,grow, and or even be here if we don't provide high-speed internet service."

Tombigbee electric it's projected to cost around 95- million-dollars mostly covering lee and itawamba counties.

" i feel like this is historic no only for education, not for tele-health, tele-medicine, but also to improve the quality of life for our people.

Our folks will be able to connect to the outside world and be able to live a modern life in rural mississippi the same way folks in new york city live.

" tombigee will partner with conexon for design and construction of the network.

The project will then go through four phases to be approved by the board of directors.

" we are confident that we ca do this.

It is a much need product for out citizens.

It's a big opportunity for us but i think it will be something that we would be proud of."

" we want t make sure we preserve our rural people, preserve our rural a start date for broadband services have not yet been decided.

Families in mississippi are still reeling from a record series of ice raids that saw hundreds of immigrants arrested.

Images of children crying after their parents were taken away angered many -- but president trump says he wants to see more raids.

C-n-n's nick valencia reports.

680 undocumented immigrants detained on the outskirts of jackson, mississippi.

All workers from food processing plants in what the u-s attorney here called the largest single state operation in ice history.

Mike hurst/u.s. attorney "now, while we are a nation o immigrants, more than that, we are first and foremost a nation of laws."

An ice spokesman told cnn the raids were part of a broader federal criminal investigation into these companies.

And probable cause affidavits obtained by cnn show the us department of justice looking for things like identity fraud.

And whether owners of the raided plants followed protocol to ensure they were not hiring undocumented labor.

Natsot/daughter "my dad didn't do nothing, he' not a criminal."

Caught in the middle, hundreds of children separated from their parents.

Some of the adults were taken first to a national guard hangar.

Others sent to ice facilities in neighboring states.

Nick valencia/cnn "the administration tells cn that all children had been reunited with parents or family members.

One family that we spoke to here says a 3- year-old, who is currently with family members, has not been able to get in touch with her mother.

They believe that she's currently being held at an ice detention facility in jena, louisiana."

It's unclear just how many of the immigrants were parents.

Locals estimate up to half, but ice could not corroborate.

An ice official did say that almost half of those detained were released, most with pending court dates.

Natsot/daughter "government please put you heart, let my parent be free and everybody else please don't leave the child with cryingness and everything."

Towns like morton, mississippi, the site of one of the raids, are now ghost towns.

Residents tell cnn local hispanic owned businesses are closing early.

While others are afraid to go outside altogether.

Some residents saying it feels like a funeral.

Nick valencia/cnn "what's it feel like knowin somebody that you love, your aunt, was detained, was caught in these raids?"

Sheyla cantu-maza/resident "i don't want to say it's hat natsot "there's not a way t understand it."

Sheyla cantu-maza/resident "yeah, there's not a way t understand it.

I feel like you have to experience it to know."

The anxiety so pervasive that more than a quarter of the latino students in a local district didn't show up for school on thursday, the day after the raids.

And on friday, the entire school district went on lockdown after it received what it described as suspicious phone calls.

Causing more fear in a community that's already shaken.

Nick valencia/cnn "and that fear may soo become reality if the white house gets its way.

According to a senior immigration official, the trump administration has directed more of this workplace type enforcement this year, asking local ice field offices to identify potential targets in their regions.

Nick valencia, cnn, jackson, mississippi."

First look saturday night: additional showers and storms are likely with the chance of rain staying around 30% mainly the oktibbeha county humane society hosted its annual dog paddle saturday in starkville.

Wcbi's tyler hull has more on the story.

The oktibbeha county humane society held its ninth annual dog paddle on saturday at moncrief park.

The event is away to help raise money for the humane society... owners also get the opportunity to meet one another and most importantly... the dogs get a chance to take a dip in the pool... "this event so fun, all th dogs are really friendly.

This is my first year bring in my dog but he's having a good time just going in the water some dogs like water more than others but most still enjoy running around in the owners like him meeting others dogs and i like meeting all the dogs too" the event also provides a change of pace for lifeguards... "oh it's a lot of work ver hectic out here, but you know it's a lot of fun you know keeping you active on the stand and kind of watch out out for dogs and humans" board member of the ochs amy aarhus is happy to see the growth that the event has seen over the years "we came down here an decided this will be a fun thing for our shelter as well and oktibbeha county humane society has grown this year after year after year" aarhus hopes to see even more people and dogs next year.

Tyler hull wcbi news.

Today is the last day the pool will be open before it's drained.

Today, many people gathered in tupelo to celebrate the life and career of elvis presley.

Hundreds showed up to his birthplace to show their appreciation to the king of rock and roll.

There were also free tours for everyone that wanted to see his childhood home and more.

One elvis fan says she traveled around 6 hours to be at the appreciation ceremony today.

" elvis basically mean everything.

I cannot rember a single time in my life that i was i wasn't an elvis fan.

It started when i was 11 and all the way through.

Thank you for everything, see i;m going to end up crying, thank you for everything the times you've been there.

" elvis week will continue through august 17th.

A tupelo man who has a striking resemblance to a tragic historical figure, wants to educate the public about the life saving power of radio.

Wcbi's chad groening has more.

Allen suddeth has been a ham radio operator since 1956, and most every morning at 9:00 he puts on a demonstration at the tupelo veterans museum.

He has a strong resemblance to this man, edward john smith, the captain of the hms titanic.

Suddeth says on april 15, 1912, the radio operator on board the doomed ship in fact saved many lives.

Suddeth says they wanted to set up a titanic radio room display at the museum.

In fact one of the radios on display was a marconi, similar to the one used on the titanic.

"if it hadn't had been for ha radio, there would have been no survivors on the titanic.

As it was there was approximately 700 that were saved and probably 17-hundred that passed away."

And suddeth says his resemblance to smith was one of the reasons he decided to do living history.

"actually the gentleman tha owns the veterans museum said well you look just exactly the captain.

Of course i take my glasses off because the captain only wore glasses when he was reading."

And suddeth wanted an authentic uniform.

"my wife and my sister helpe me pick out the, of course i ordered the captain's hat.

This is the one i wear but is the one like it that has got the actual white star line emblem on it."

And suddeth says ham radios continue to help mariners in distress more than a hundred years later.

Chad groening, wcbi news, tupelo.

And the tupelo veterans museum is open monday through friday from 8am to 5pm.

It is located behind the oren dunn city museum at ballard park.

Shocking news on a national child sex traffic story.

More on that after the break.

Stay with us.

Disgraced financier jeffrey epstein died saturday after apparently hanging himself in his jail cell in new york city, as he awaited trial on charges of sex trafficking and sexually abusing under- age girls.

Cbs news' mola lenghi has the latest from the jail.

Jeffrey epstein was found unresponsive saturday morning at new york city's metropolitan correctional center, and pronounced dead at a nearby hospital.

Epstein's apparent suicide by hanging comes as the wealthy and well-connected financier awaited trial on charges including federal sex trafficking and sexually abusing dozens of under-age girls.


The 66 year old, who led a life of luxury with mansions and a jet plane, was denied bail in july after pleading not guilty in federal court.

At the time, one of his accusers urged others to come forward.

''this is no surprise that epstein was also sexually abusing girls in ny he did it everywhere.

As long as the victims speak up he isn't going to get away this time.'' epstein's reported failed suicide attempt in this same facility last month, is raising lots of questions about how this happened and the suicide watch policy.

In a statement, u- s attorney general william barr said he was ''appalled'' by the news..

And that the inspector general will investigate in addition to the fbi.

"i can tell yo that on behalf of the victims i've represented there's a certain amount of shock maddie tosses to break saturday night: additional showers and storms are likely with the chance of rain staying around 30% mainly before 7 pm.

Lows saturday night will remain in the 70s.

Winds will be calm out of the w around 5 mph.

Sunday: low to mid 90s return for highs as rain chances lower to 20-30%.

The heat index may surpass 105 at times.

Monday: partly cloudy, hot, and extremely humid.

Dangerous heat indices between 105?

And 110?

During peak heating.

There is a 20% chance of showers and storms but don't expect a lot of natural relief.

Tuesday: another oppressive day is on tap with heat indices in the 105- 110?


Highs top out in the mid 90s.

Hope for a few passing storms but the rain chances remain relatively low at 30%.

Wednesday- friday: cooler highs around 90 are more likely the quarterback competition continues in starkville...hear from the bulldogs at media day next in sports well, just three weeks from today, mississippi state gets back to the gridiron to begin the 2019 season last season, m-s- u boasted the number one defense in the country but after losing players like jeffrey simmons, montez swear and johnatham abram to the n-f- l, where does that leave them?

Defensive coordinator bob shoop saying at media day, the scheme looks to be staying the same even with those new faces "who the blitzers are and wha blitzes we run may be different than they were a year ago, and certainly, it won't be very specific.

Again, i think that style of play will remain very similar."

"our mindset is going to be th same.

I've seen where he said, how he was talking about not adjusting formations but attacking formations, that's always going to remain the same.

Our style of play is non- negotiable, i seen that.

You know, that's always going to remain the same is that style of play we use."

"we have a standard that w have here, and that's a championship defense.

Kudos to those guys that left, but that doesn't stop anything.

We have one style of play, and that's the fast, physical aggressive.

I feel like we haven't missed a beat at all."

"that would be an indirec focus, to pick up where they head coach joe moorhead also addressing junior linebacker willie gay's lower body injury gay is still out of practice with that injury, but moorhead saying that he expects him to be back... early next week over in oxford, ole miss working diligently to get fans hyped up for the upcoming athletic season the annual event at the manning center, invited fans to come out meet their favorite fall sport coaches and athletes fans were able to get autographs from their ole miss favorites the football, soccer, volleyball, and cross country teams all in attendance along with the spirit squads and tony the landshark if you just can't wait another three weeks for college football..then you're in luck!

Nfl preseason kicking off this's a look at today's final scores so far the giants and former ole miss rebel eli manning top the jets 31-22 the atlanta falcons fall to the miami dolphins, 34-27 the titans top the eagles, 27-10 the panthers beat out ádaá chicago bears, 23-13 and the saints fall to the vikings, 34-25... there a three more games to watch this evening next on the high school football tour are the shannon red raiders.

Coming off last year's division next on the high school football tour are the shannon red raiders.

Coming off last year's division crown, the red raiders hope to pick up where they left off.

Shannon is stop is stop #48 on the high school football tour.

Billboard "this year we're mor determined to do something we've never done before."

The shannon red raiders enter the season more focused than ever.

After an early playoff exit, shannon returns 11 starters from last year's talented team.

But some young guys will have to step up as the red raiders will feature a new quarterback.

"mainly, not trying to mak them carry the load.

Key shannon is the leading guy right now.

Jamarcus shiner is right there with him.

But we'll rotate both of those guys.

They are very athletic, and we'll keep it simple for them so they can be successful."

"so we're seniors coming u dealing with young guys who are inexperienced.

We're just trying to put them in position and get them better and get them on the field so they can do what we did last year."

As the offense finds itself, the red raiders will hang their hat on a stingy defense that players say can rival last year's.


We're lookin better.

We might be better than last year."

"defense stout.

We're comin back strong this year.

4a yeah, we're coming.

We're coming."

"i think the defense wil probably be the best defense in 4a.

I don't think no one will be able to run through it."

This is a confident bunch that has its eyes set on defending its division crown.

"do the same thing.


Wi out and beat those teams again."

"we going to win it again.

The going to have to come with it.

4 way.

We got this.

Oh yeah!"

Shannon kicks off the season august 23rd with a home matchup against corinth.

With the red raiders on the high school football tour, chris bolton.

Wcbi sports.

One friday stands in the way between us and the first night of the high school football season only 12 stops remain on our 60 in 60 marathon... sunday, itawamba ahs, mon stop #50 with new hope caledonia is stop #52 on tuesday and new albany on wednesday catch any you've missed on our website we're going to take a quick break but when we come back maddie will have a final look at weather.

Saturday night: additional


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