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Code Blue Alert

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Code Blue Alert

Code Blue Alert

Today the Minnesota Department of Public Safety Bureau of Criminal Apprehension is testing the Minnesota Blue Alert System.


Code Blue Alert

It's an important - but very dangerous job.

Just yesterday - six police officers were injured in a standoff in philadelphia.

Today - the minnesota department of public safety bureau of criminal apprehension is testing the minnesota blue alert system.

It's a tool to help locate suspects when a local, state or federal officer is killed or seriously wounded in the line of duty.

Kimt news three's maleeha kamal joins us live in albert lea to explain - maleeha?xxx code blue-lintro-2 raquel - you may have heard or seen the blue alert test come across your t-v or radio this afternoon.

It was started in 20-15 - and so far - it's never had to be activated.

Local law enforcement officers i talked to hope to keep it that way.xxx code blue-pkg-1 code blue-pkg-2 freeborn county sheriff kurt freitag has been in law enforcement for 25 years.

He say the advancement of technology has helped his team and other solve crimes quickly.

When it comes to code blue this will be another tool in their belt...but he hope its not something that he has to use.

The alert system is pushed out in a broadcast form via the tv or radio or highway signs.

Code blue-pkg-3 "to notify them that a law enfocrement officer or officers have been killed while preforming their duties or tthey have been seriously injuried or they are missing or there's bad circumstances surrounding their dispearance."

Code blue-pkg-4 cg: code blue/ albert lea information that can alert the public about an active shooters description or getaway car.

Linda bryson husband used to work in law enforcement.

She says officers put their lives on the line every day..

In todays world we are seeing more police involved shooting and this system is needed.

Code blue-pkg-5 linda "there are certain things going on we should all be there to back up our officcers who need help."

Code blue-pkg-6 she adds that she thinks this system should have been done a long time ago.

This is just an other way to help the men and woman in uniform stay safe.

And freitag isnt sure if the numerous officer shooting spawned this alert but is thankful that it is there freitag "it's a very important tool because communication is everything."

/ code blue-ltag-2 the b-c-a is testing the system today to make sure it activates as it's supposed to - and to help minnesotans become familiar with what they would see and hear if a blue alert was issued.

Reporting live in albert lea, maleeha kamal, kimt news three.

/ thanks maleeha.

If a real code blue alert was issued - emails and texts would be sent to media outlets and those who subscribe to the minnesota crime alert network.

And electronic highway message signs would also carry the message.

/ ilhan omar banned-vo-2

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