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Could relaxed rules be coming for truckers?

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Could relaxed rules be coming for truckers?
Could relaxed rules be coming for truckers?


Truckers across the united states could have new rules and regulations coming their way.

The federal motor carrier safety administration published a new proposal.

This would affect truck drivers' break times and when they are on and off duty.

Under existing regulations....truckers have to do "11"-hours of driving within a "14"-hour "on-duty time-frame".

Some truckers claim waiting for cargo to load gives them time to be idle.

Yet they still have to take an off duty break...which could cut into earning potential.

Under the new proposal...truckers would be able to take their break while they're on duty..

But "not driving".

News 10's dominic miranda spoke with a local truck driver today.

He joins us now for more on the impact it will have.




This proposed rule is especially meaningful in indiana.

The state employs nearly 55 thousand truck drivers according to the u.s. department of labor.

I spoke with one of those truck drivers today to hear his perspective on these proposed changes.

Pk} truck drivers across the united states drive in 14 hour windows.

They are not allowed to drive more than 8 hours straight without taking a break.

Indiana truck driver corey stephenson says this puts a strain on drivers causing unsafe tendancies.

"so if you're 3 hours in.


You take a 30 minute break.



8 hours later that's before your 14's up so you're going to lose out on that potential on duty time."

/// "those kind of perspectives.



It pushes the driver to try and do things when they're tired."

Stephenson is all in favor of the new rules that have been proposed.

"i think.



You know there needs to be a change and get drivers more flexibility."

He says that sometimes drivers are stuck on-duty while shippers load or unload.

This prevents them from utilizing that time as a break these new rules would allow drivers to use their break times more strategically, stephenson says this would be much more efficient "rather than having to be legally obligated to stay on duty and lose that earnings potential.

You know go off duty.



Go to sleep.


Get a nap.


Do whatever you need to do.

Stephenson says.



All truckers like him want is for regulations to be more understanding.

"not all truckers are outlaws.

We don't mind regulations as long as it regulations as don't mind regulations as long as it makes sense."

The proposal is also expected to save 274 millino dollars for the u.s. economy.

Reporting live in terre haute.



I'm dominic

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