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Sequel License Revoked Follow

Video Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL - Published
Sequel License Revoked Follow
Neighbors give mixed reactions to the juvenile facility by the end of the week.

Waay 31's ashley carter was out in the community today hearing from neighbors who had mixed reactions to the facility closing.

By the end of next week, sequel will no longer have any juveniles inside those doors...the city is giving the company 7 days to relocate the teens inside...somethin g some members of the community have mixed feelings about gary birchfield, lives near facility: "i'm kind of concerned on where they're gonna put the youth."

Gary birchfield has lived less than a mile away from sequel t-s-i for about the last 14 years.... 2 years ago... 2 teens escaped from the facility and were charged with killing a man on county line road... in the last year.

Three teen escaped, according to madison police... birchfiled says he fully supports the council's decision to take away the company's business license...but his only concern is relocating the 58 teen boys that are housed at the facility.

Gary birchfield, lives near facility: "seven days is kind of a real short notice" birchfield isn't alone... i talked to a few neighbors who didn't want to be on camera but said they felt the city council only giving them 7 days instead of the standard 30 to move is a excessive...and hurting the teens more than anything else.

Sequel and the attorney for the alabama department of youth services did say they have a plan..

But they have not provide us with that information yet.

And birchfield says he won't feel safe until the facility is officially closed.

Gary birchfield, lives near facility: "i don't know when another breakout is gonna happen.

I don't know if it's going to be a violent person that's gonna go through this neighborhood and try to break into my house or somebody elses house."

I did receive a statement from sequel today saying they are disappointed with the council's decision and will consider all of their options.

It also said sit would be very difficult to find another facility to transfer the juveniles to on such short notice.reportin g live in madison ashley carter waay 31

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