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Central Catholic Football Season Preview

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Central Catholic Football Season Preview
Central Catholic Football Season Preview

Its pre term birth.

All right moving on sports.

Now, here's dan.

>>thank you very wendy allentown a central catholic is gearing up for the football season with the new head coach leading the charge when too many football followers across the lehigh valley are familiar with here's dave lesko with a look at the vikings.

>>tim a gory became the 4th straight former viking the head of the central catholic program is no place i'd rather be than on 4th and q streets.

>>certainly there's not a fit a better fit for me then central catholic i mean grew up my grandfather was worked here for 30 years in the athletic department, i was 10 years all over as practice field coach lawrence first got back here in in the early 90 so this there's no other place i'd rather be.

>>having spent most of his coaching career in the collegiate ranks at moravian in lehigh has helped mcgorry with the transition and was first head coaching job that i was very very fortunate, obviously to work with you know, jeff cox and scott that scott brison any marino and cohen so is around phenomenal.

Football coaches and i think more so and this really x's and o's park with just you know from a preparation standpoint in again planning standpoint what those are are a lot of things i think you know where i've developed over the last 6, 7, years.

>>i think being gray it's a really exciting to have a whole new could stop come in the definite they're talking about all of them come from great places coach from lehigh it's exciting.

>>mcgorry is head coach when he played here at central catholic jim organs has been helping out this summer with the offensive line and he's been picking the legendary coach's brain on what to expect in his first go-round as a head coach i don't think you're really ready.

There you think you know i was a head coach does until you become more that.

>>all these other things kind of a kind of creep up on you so having him years been tremendous for the vikings look to improve in their 3 in a record from a year ago right gore is just focused on getting better right now of the goals we have is really.

>>and it's it's a cliche but it's just process-oriented getting better and when

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