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Infrastructure Improvements Coming To Rural Communities

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Infrastructure Improvements Coming To Rural Communities
Infrastructure Improvements Coming To Rural Communities

Dollars is awarded to mount vernon in an effort to improve the city's drinking water.

The money will go toward replacing more than century old water mains.

44news reporter joylyn bukovac joins us now with reaction to this plan.


"that 700 thousand dollar grant is going towards improving the overall quality of life for community members.

Some people tell me, it's going to good use."

This project will entail replacing old cast iron water mains between main street and wolflin street.

And the water main on wolflin stree?

Between west 8th street and west 4th street.

"it's going to replace a 130 year old water line so we can't wait."

"it's a long time coming in getting our water infrastructure back up and where it needs to be."

Those waterlines don't work as well as they used t?

And they've even caused water main breaks and boil advisories.

"if you've ever seen an old water line, they kind of get build up in them."

"there will be better pressure.

We won't have the rust kind of thing that you have with older lines and this will be a new plastic line."

Which is why some people are looking forward to the upgrad?

"it's for my grandchildren and the future generations of posey county."

Even though construction can be inconvenient.

"we are all going to ride the tide and try to grow mount vernon."

"i'm in great hopes that my children will keep raising their children here and many others have come home and stayed here.

We want to have the best for our communities."

Mount vernon and 16 other rural hoosier communities were awarded a federal grant to improve their community.

"the grant money is a definite asset to our community to get that up and going."

"i know there's been a lot of people that have worked hard to acquire those grants."

Mayor bill curtis and other local officials will be discussing the plans for this project at their water utility board meeting.

Construction is not expected to begin for several months.

"the mayor of mount vernon tells me this project will begin next spring.

Reporting in posey

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