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LV Hunters Prep For Second Season

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LV Hunters Prep For Second Season
LV Hunters Prep For Second Season

It's a professional team that prepares for their second year in the american basketball association 69 sports had the opportunity to talk to the owner of the lehigh valley hunters before the host an open tryout.

>>michael daniels is the owner of the lehigh valley hunters a team that prepares for its second season and the american basketball association the official time to start to see the will be october 19th.

>>and in march being owner of the team has not been easy daniels learned from his experiences.

It has a positive outlook for the new season believe in ourselves a little bit more be more optimistic and is have an open mind with that being said the hunters have made changes to add a two's new play is new jersey's is everything and a new home, the hunters will receive visiting teams at the executive academy charter school in allentown i think we have a good shot this year winning our division.

Hector vasquez returned as head coach of the team, he has big expectations for the season and it all begins with their open tryout i'm looking for a complete player who knows the game that help their teammates overcome adversity pull together when the times get tough and the game.

The tryouts will be on august 25th from 05:00pm to 08:00pm our will be a $100 per player.

Play issues are all right maybe 30 minutes early make sure they're ready to come play hard is going to be an official trials going to be a lot of work and we just hope they're ready for it jonathan riles knows what it means to work in the sport, i plea professional in europe.

The point guard will return to the hunters for second year and also shares his expectation really just you know making expecting someone start and win the whole thing a long-term plans for this team is to go above the a b a hunt is planned to be a g league team in the next 5 years part of our plan is to buy into the nba g league into

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