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Airport safety tips

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Airport safety tips

Airport safety tips

One federal agency was on hand at Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport today to offer travel tips.


Us.- - one federal agency was on hand- at gulfport-biloxi- international airport today to- offer travel tips.- the t-s-a had a display in the- terminal with prohibited items- recovered from tsa checkpoints- to show what types of items - travelers cannot bring through- security.

- according to the agency, seven- firearms have been confiscated- at the airport this year.

- real id is another upcoming - safety measure taking - effect on october 1st, 2020.- - "we want people to have the - least stress- at the checkpoint, but at the - same point we want to make sure- that you and everyone - sitting next to you is safe on- that aircraft."

- it's recommended you arrive to- - - - the airport at least two hours- before domestic flights.

For- more airport- security information, you can - visit the tsa's website.- - the

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