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Rattlesnakes In Limestone Co.

Video Credit: WAAY ABC Huntsville, AL - Published
Rattlesnakes In Limestone Co.
Wildlife experts tell you what you should do if you encounter a snake.

Take a look at your screen!

This is one of the many rattlesnakes recently found in a limestone county community!

Waay 31's sydney martin talked to neighbors about the snakes.

She learned from a wildlife expert what you should do if you encounter one... syd, "people who live out here in elkmont rural village told me they've seen photos on social media and heard their neighbors talking about how they've seen rattlesnakes at their homes, on the walking trail and at the community's tennis courts."

Madolyn whitt, neighbor, "we heard this was rattlesnake hill and we actually had an experience with a couple of rattlesnakes."

Madolyn whitt told me her family was one of the first to move to elkmont rural village more than forty years.

Her husband told me he's killed about 5 snakes over the years.

Randy whitt, neighbor, "the biggest one i shot was this big around it was over five foot long and it had 13 rattlers and a button."

Waay 31 reached out to a wildlife expert and learned the snakes people are spotting are timber rattlesnakes and they're common in alabama.

The wildlife expert told me they can grow to be more than 7 feet long..and if you see one carefully move away from it and stay calm.

Randy and madolyn whitt, "i'm always careful.

I think it always pays to keep your eyes open."

The family told us they think they know why more snakes are being spotted in recent weeks.

Randy and madolyn whitt, "i would say it's the dry weather we have had.

I know a lot of people who have had a lot of rain.

We have had an inch and a half in three months.'

The wildlife expert agrees.

He said the snakes are probably searching for water because of the dry weather..and people should be on the look out for them in shaded areas and near air conditioning units.

The expert also suggests to make sure you're keeping your garage door shut and your grass from getting too tall.

The whitt's told me they haven't seen a rattlesnake in the last 10 years...but when they saw recent posts on social media they weren't surprised.

"my thought was been their, done that."

In limestone county sydney martin waay 31 news.

The wildlife expert told us the snakes don't always give a warning before striking.

If you do get bitten by a rattlesnake-- the venom can be deadly.

You should immediately call 9-1-1 and head for the hospital.

Don't try to dress the wound yourself because

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