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Made in the Northwest: No-Li Brewhouse

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Made in the Northwest: No-Li Brewhouse

Made in the Northwest: No-Li Brewhouse

It's grown into one of the bigger breweries in Washington and it's been serving up "Spokane style" beers for several years now.


May be after your it's grown into one of the bigger breweries in the state... And has been serving up "spokane style" Beers for several years now.

But in this week's edition of made in the northwest... ...derek deis tells us no-li brewhouse now has a new product... And it's not even a beer.

In the seven years since relaunching as no-li brewhouse... It's become one of the biggest craft breweries in washington... With 80 employees producing about 14-thousand barrels of beer a year.

And owner john bryant says they've stopped worrying about what the big boys in the beer industry are doing in spokane.05:10:47 john bryant, owner "we have to be the best spokane craft brewer we can be.

And i think in that process, i think if the community embraces us as part of their brand, or part of what they're proud of, everything's going to work out."no-li's spokane style beers... Like the new jet juiced i-p-a... Are found all over the inland northwest.

And it's won over 30 international medals in brewing.

05:11:20 bryant "it's humbling, but it's, 'how much can we get?'

And i think that's what pushes innovation, which will help us push forward."in fact... It's latest push isn't into new beers.

It's into hard seltzers... Which have been skyrocketing in sales.05:11:40 bryant "we knew if we were going to be a viable company for the future and be able to grow in spokane, we had to at least experiment, try and make a really great product."and no-li believes it's done it with its day fade rainier cherry and huckleberry hard seltzers.

But the recipes took months to perfect.

05:12:01 bryant "to make a very clear seltzer that has a very nice aromatic and nice flavor, 100 calories, less than two carbs, five-percent alcohol, but really clean is really difficult to do."and while beer is still the big draw... No-li's patio has become a go to destination when it's warm out.

You can even paddleboard right up to it.05:16:37 bryant "and then they dock up and they climb up the bank.

And you know and they have a beverage and then they're sending it around the northwest of this cool place in spokane."in the bigger picture... Bryant believes the patio can become a tourist draw as part of spokane's craft beer scene.05:16:13 bryant "and all of a sudden, this buzz starts happening and our local economy really goes.

But as more important, the local culture of food and music and just hospitality and everything just goes, 'bam!'

And i think that's what that patio is about."no-li recently bought orlison brewing's facility in airway heights... Giving it the ability and capacity to continue to grow here.05:14:26 bryant "and it would be great to be kind of spokane's first regional craft brewery since prohibition."and keep being the best spokane craft brewer it can be... While continuing to fight off the big boys.05:14:42 bryant "i think we can win on quality, we can win on personal service, we can win on innovation and i think energy."for made in the northwest... I'm derek deis... 4 news now.

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