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Teens from Sequel TSI moving to similar facility

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Teens from Sequel TSI moving to similar facility

Teens from Sequel TSI moving to similar facility

New information about what will happen to 58 boys being held in a juvenile detention center in Madison


New details tonight-- we are learning new information about what will happen to 58 boys being held in a juvenile detention center in madison.

Thank you for joining us tonight -- i'm dan shaffer.

And i'm najahe sherman.

The alabama department of youth services is in charge of moving them to other juvenile detention facilities in the state.

This all comes after the city council voted to close sequel t-s-i after three teenagers recently escaped... another two were charged with killing a man after they escaped in 2017.

Waay 31's kody fisher is live in madison... he did some digging to find out where the boys will go.

If no legal action is taken by sequel to challenge the city council's decision... in one week... this building will be empty... with the kids shipped off to other parts of the state... pkg: hans ruoss lives in the neighborhood directly behind sequel... he supports the decision by madison city council to revoke sequel's business license... and likes it better... knowing the department of youth services is working on the plan to relocate the boys... right now... how they will be moved... and when... is still being worked out... hans ruoss/lives near sequel tsi "my expectation is that they wouldn't just put them on the street, or let them fend for themselves.

Certainly these juveniles; they're there for a reason."

The department of youth services contracts out sequel to house the teens and a spokesman told me they have to think of the needs of the boys in the facility before they relocate them...right now... they're in a medium security facility... the department has contracts with 11 facilities that are run by 3rd party companies... including sequel in madison... if the kids are placed in similar security level facilities... that leaves only three options in the state where they can go... but the department can also put them in a state run facility... their website shows they have three in the state... ruoss says if sequel in madison had properly fixed their security when the city of madison asked them to... he wouldn't mind the kids staying in his backyard...but with the mistakes sequel made... this is the consequence... hans ruoss/lives near sequel tsi "you have a private contractor has certain expectations and they need to meet those expectations just like any of us in the business world."

Brenda morse lives right behind the facility as well... she would like to see the state of alabama take a bigger role in overseeing contracted facilities like sequel... brenda morse/lives near sequel tsi "i feel like with the state you would of had a little bit more coverage with what was going on.

You would probably have a lot more inspections of the facility and they would of had a tighter reign on it."

We know the department of youth services does inspect these facilities... but right now... i don't know how many times they inspected this facility... i will work to find that out... and also find out exactly where the kids will be taken... reporting live in madison... kody fisher... waay31 news... sequel's madison location isn't the only juvenile detention center they operate in alabama.

The company also has two facilities in north alabama -- one in owens cross roads and the other in courtland.

Two more are in tuskegee and montgomery.

The teens could be sent to either the owens cross roads or the tuskegee facilities because only those locations have a partnership with alabama department of youth services that's in charge of

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