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Muslim women in leadership

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Muslim women in leadership

Muslim women in leadership

Amidst national fallout, Rochester Muslim women are looking to play a bigger role in the future.


I'm george mallet./// first tonight á a national story that hits close to home.

Congresswoma n ilhan omar of minnesota made history as one of the first two muslim women to serve on capitol hill.

Today á israeli officials announced both omar and rashida tlaib will be blocked from entering the country á after president trump encouraged the move in a tweet.

Now á muslim women in rochester are getting together to talk about the challenges they face in leadership roles.

Kimt news 3's isabella basco joins us to share their stories.xxx george... people in rochester got together for an evening of interfaith understanding and empowerment.

And two courageous muslim women with a lot of ambition say they will do everything they can to make sure their gender and faith are assets in their leadership... not barriers.

Xxx shot of woman praying faith.

It's something deeply personal.

It gives us a sense of direction.

And something to hold onto.

But muslim women say they feel judged on their religion á instead of being celebrated for it.

"if you are a muslim woman and you step out publicly in any kind of leadership role, you do paint a target on your back."

"one of the most awful misconception s is that all muslims are terrorists."

"as women leaders, we hear a lot of, you can't do that."

And with president trump dueling with representative s ilhan omar and rashida tlaib over entrance to israel..

Muslim females' feel it doesn't help their cases.

"the negativty that ilhan omar is facing is really indicative of xenophobia, sexism, racism."

"there's really that negative connotation and they are already generalizing an entire group of people."

But all the hatred... backlash and scrutiny won't stop these ambitious women from pursuing higher ambitions.

"i've always wanted to become president of the united states.

I've always said that when i was young."

"we're gonna have to face some extreme challenges but this is our right as american citizens."

While there might be more and george... the event tonight also included a community discussion and q&a session.

Live in rochester... ib... kimt news 3.

/// thank you isabella.

In this congress, women make up 23 percent of the house.

/// continuing coverage kimt news 3 continues to follow an olmsted

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