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CTK: Hayfield Vikings

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CTK: Hayfield Vikings
CTK: Hayfield Vikings

CTK: Hayfield Vikings

We still have to get through a few more of these august days before we can get our football fix.

But it's getting so close we can taste it.

Kimt news three sports director kaleb gillock is already gearing up for the gridiron and joins me now.xxx gearing up might be an understatemen t as we have fully submersed ourselves in gearing up for pigskin preview á where we'll highlight over 30 teams from around the area á we'll talk about that in a minute.

In the meanwime á we're counting down to kickoff.xxx hayfield á where people make progress á that's what the sign says as you drive into town á and the motto the football team is living up to.

14 more days until the vikings take the field at aldená conger/glenvil leáemmons on thursday á august 29th.

Last season á hayfield won three games á but head coach jeff snider is looking to turn things around.

He told me today thay the vikings have seen a spike in attendance in the weight room and they are working on building a better team chemistry.

While the days are still young this season á the players aren't a bit satisfied with a hunger to put hayfield football on the map.xxx we've all been working on our team chemistry a lot lately.

We've had really good first days of practice and a lot of us have been in the weight room having compeitions and stuff trying to get better.

I think you'll see a lot of confidence coming out of us early we'll be ready to play for game one.

We won three games last year, we're trying to get as many wins as we can obviously but improving every

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