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WrestlingCon Saturday in Hazel Green

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WrestlingCon Saturday in Hazel Green
Rocket City Championship Wrestling is putting on a show

For two years, rocket city championship wrestling has put on the show of the summer for pro wrestling in north alabama.

This saturday marks the second annual wrestling-con featuring top wrestlers from the legendary e-c-w and local wrestling stars who got their start in the tennessee valley.

Saturday is the all day event.

From 12-5 meet some of the biggest names in all of sports entertainment including sand man and the raven from e- c-w.

Its the meet and greet at meridianville middle school.

At 5 there's a extreme q& a section.

Followed by the show at 7 p.m.

Albertville native, and pro wrestler charles zanders has been in the ring for six years.

He says he wants wrestlingcon to continue inspiring local guys to get involved with the sport like he did.

I only expect its going to grow i beleive we have the opportunity to grow as a community, and not only show huntsville, but show the entire north alabama that we mean business when it comes to professional wrestling as whole.

Rocket city championship wrestling trains every day people how to perform in a ring.

Again wrestling con is this saturday... 7 pm bell time at meridianville middle school in hazel green.

Owner, barry kolhoff tole me the local werstling promotion puts on family friendly shows.

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