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Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Pigskin Preview: Part 1

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Pigskin Preview: Part 1
Pigskin Preview: Part 1
Pigskin Preview: Part 1

The high school football season is back and so is káiámát news three's pigskin preview.

Over the course of the next hour á we'll feature the area's top teams á and those that are confident they'll be one of the best by the end of the year.

It's a special you'll only find right here on káiámát news three.

So sit back and relax á káiámát's 2019 pigskin preview starts right good evening and thanks for joining us á i'm kimt news three sports director á kaleb gillock.

And i'm kimt news three weekend sports anchor á zach gilleland.

Let's dive right in á rockford brought a lot of pride and joy to it's community last season that's coming up á but so did the lourdes eagles with a state we've got a big target on our back everyone wants to play us.

We've got to embrace that and take ourselves to a higher level.

Hot off a state title á the eagles are set out to accomplish big things once again.

The challenge this year for the lourdes is replacing a senior class that consisted of 18 players.

The good news is last years deep tournament run puts the team a step ahead this year.

Obviously when you play late into the year like last year we played into late november and that helps with our young guys as far as extra practice time and extra reps and i think that's really paying dividends as far as heading into the offseason and gives the kids some confidence that they've been under the lights a little bit.

While last year's underclassmen may have the expereince á they know their time is now á and starting spots are earned á not given.

Well it's just the next man mentality á everybody's got to be focused and ready to go and i think we grit, be tough, be relentless, and just get in there.

That's just a few of the needed ingredients in order for rockford to match last season's success.

Entereing the 20á18 season á the warriors had lost 23 consecutive games á but reached the state title game.

Head coach torian wolf reminds the team that last year is in the past á and the bar has been raised for this season.

Everything we did last year was great and amazing but this year this team is not that team we're going to be a completely different team we have returning guys but its going to be a completely different road trip there.

While skill positions need to be filled á quarterback candidate will bushbaum thinks this team has the goods to do it all over again.

We have the same line got a lot of guys returning on defense lot of guys returning on offense i think we can do what we did last year if not even we continue our state tournament contenders with west hancock and spring grove.

The lions are coming off backátoáback state championships a key piece of the offense is missing this season meaning they have a lot to prove as they search for a threeá peat this i'm looking forward to prove people wrong a lot of people are doubting us thinking that just because we lost some good seniors that we aren't going to be any good this year.

I think it'll be nice to prove them wrong.

One of the missing seniors is that of alex foles in the quarterback position.

Chandler bergurd has been called up to fill the skill position and he says to expect the same brand of football.

You know we're just going to keep moving forward like we have the past few years.

Nothing's changing, just different players.

While the starters may be inexpereinced á coach hauser says spring grove is a well trained squad.

After playing you know 14 games each of the last two seasons that gives those guys a little bit of extra practice time a little bit extra film prep and things like that so even though we're going to be inexperienced when it comes to starters on the varsity field i believe that we'l have a little bit of experience "we knew we'd be pretty good but i don't think anyone expected us to be that good.

Our offensive line really stepped up last year and this year they'll be even better."

Power football.... when you gameplan against the eagles, it's all about stopping the run.

"we teach physical football here and we don't like to pass the ball, we just like to be physical..

Just be a bunch of men up front."

But it's that type of offense that's led to wins.

West hancock is coming off a trip to the uniá dome in the state tournament, something that assistant coach mark sanger said was a valuable experience for the team.

"you don't know what the experience is like until you feel it.

Now this group of guys has felt it you know and it didn't end how they wanted it to end so they have the motivation to get back there."

The eagles have the tools to get back to cedar falls.

With a senior running back duo of tate hagen and josef smith, it doesn't matter who gets the ball... they'll get the results.

"everyone blocks for everybody, i don't care if i have the ball or not i just want to win the game and all that i don't care about the yards or anything so i always block as hard as i can for tate, he blocks as hard as he can for me."

Still ahead on pigskin preview á the awesome blossoms of blooming prairie looks to build off their success from last season.

Plus it was time for a change in mason city á hear from the new coach á next.


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