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Thursday, June 17, 2021

Midmorning With Aundrea - August 27, 2019

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Midmorning With Aundrea - August 27, 2019
Midmorning With Aundrea - August 27, 2019

Break away from your everyday with Aundrea Self!

Today, TSA is unveiling a public relations campaign to remind travelers the clock is ticking to get a new ID compliant driver's license or other ID before the deadline in October 2020.

And new research shows that pets may be good for your heart.

And the most famous shipwreck in history may soon be a thing of the past.

Experts are warning the wreckage from the Titanic may be rapidly destroyed within twenty years by metal-eating bacteria in North Sea waters.

Always take with you, pop it e ste of the store of the future.

What one brick and mortar retailer is doing to survive.

And, we love our furry friends.

Turns out they may be good for our health.

Plus, a conversation with tennis star naomi osaka midmorning starts right now.

Is yr dr is your driver's license or state id real id compliant?

If not, the tsa wants you to know the deadline is fast approaching.

Without a real id, travelers will no longer be able to board a plane.

Natalie brand is at dc's reagan national airport where tsa is rolling out a public awareness campaign.

"next year, 20-20 you need to have the gold star on your id."

Officials from the transportation security administration are reminding americans the clock is ticking to get a real id compliant form of identification or another acceptable form of id by the october 20-20 deadline... "we want th public to make sure they're aware//"it's jus another layer of security that we can use to make sure people are allowed to access these secure areas."

Congress passed real id standards into law back in 2005 following a recommendation from the 9/11 commission.

It requires state-id applicants to submit paperwork to prove who they are and where they live.

"normally they'l require your social security card, a birth certificate, some other government issued id, also you'll have to prove your residency//if you contact your local dmv and check their website, they'll actually have a list of everything you will need."

Most states have already begun issuing cards under the new real id protocols ... with oregon, oklahoma, new jersey, and maine receiving extensions until later this year to become compliant.

"those who d not have a real id by october 20- 20 will no longer be able to board an flight.

However, travelers can use other forms of id, like a passport or residency card."

"we don't wan someone to get into a situation where they'll come to the airport ready to fly on vacation and then suddenly they can't get through."

These star symbols indicate a driver's license or state id is real id compliant in most states.

Tsa says an enhanced drivers license is also acceptable natalie brand, cbs news, reagan national airport.

Stations should give tips on their state's real i-d process or direct viewers to their state's dmv website for more info.

Federal health officials are investigating a sharp new increase in the number of severe lung illnesses possibly linked to vaping.

They're now looking into á153á cases, most involving adolescents and young adults who used e- cigarettes.

That's up from the á94á cases we reported earlier this week.

Anna werner reports.

Tryston zohfeld / teen :00-:04 matt zohfeld / father :15-:18 dr. karen schultz / cook children's medical director of pulmonology :39-:43 dr. susan walley / university of alabama prof. of pediatrics :59-1:03 / 1:49-1:53 anna werner/ cbs news 2:05-2:25 i could just feel my heart pounding out of my chest, going a hundred miles an hour.

Runs=:10 1/2 insert from :04 1/2 to :15 for ten days... machines kept 17 year old tryston zohfeld alive... while doctors tried to determine why this formerly healthy, athletic teen's lungs were failing.

I think the day they intubated him was probably the worst day of my life.

// they did the x- ray // and it was completely cloudy, all the way through his lungs.

Runs=:10 insert from :21 to :31 after multiple tests yielded no clear diagnosis.

Then doctors concluded that tryston's vaping habit... which his parents didn't even know about... might be responsible.

I was introduced to it in 8th or 9th grade.

So i've been doing it for a couple years now.

He caused enough irritation and damage to his lungs that he ended up with scarring in his lungs.

Runs=:15 insert from :43 to :58 the centers for disease control and prevention and the food and drug administration are now reporting a much larger "cluster o pulmonary illnesses possibly related to e-cigarette product use, or "vaping, primarily among adolescents and young adults."

There has been an astronomical increase of teens and young adults who are using e- cigarettes.

// we're also seeing a lot more teens with use that implies they have very high levels of addiction.

Runs=:24 insert from 1:13 to 1:37 the c-d-c says no specific vaping product has been conclusively linked to all the illnesses.

In a statement to cbs news... leading e- cigarette manufacturer "juul" says it "...monitorin these reports and we have robust safety monitoring systems in place.... reporting also suggests the teenagers were vaping both nicotine and t-h- c, a schedule 1, controlled substance that we do not sell..."

Runs=: 13 insert from 1:37 to 1:50 the c-d-c says in many cases... patients ádidá tell health officials they had recently used vaping products with t- h-c... an active ingredient in marijuana... in addition to traditional e- cigarettes with nicotine.

The major point that i would like to get across to parents, is that e-cigarettes are not safe.

// we're seeing some very very concerning health effects and we really don't know what the long-term data is going to show.

Tryston's doctor says the scarring in his lungs could have a long-term effect, but he's expected to live what she calls a "fairly norma life."

With thi latest report, the c-d-c is putting the nation's health care workers on alert about the spike in lung illnesses, and to be on the lookout for their possible connection to e- cigarette use.

Aw, cbs news, nyc the convenience of online shopping may be great for consumers, but it's not so good for traditional brick and mortar stores.

Many have closed in recent years.

Now there is an experiment underway near dallas that could be a model for the ástore of the future.á janet shamlian reports from plano, texas.

Janet shamlian/ cbs news :55-:59 / 1:21-1:34 / 2:14-2:23 matt alexander/neighborhood goods 1:08-1:13 / 1:50-2:02 waseem limbada, shopper 2:07- 2:13 it could be the future of retail& almost 14-thousand square feet of store that doesn't feel like a store: filled with areas to hang out and a very popular restaurant.

'it's just a nice alternative place to met with people or have business meeting or just chill out for a few hours when in the office' sprinkled throughout this contemporary space, more than 30 trendy brands.

Nat sales clerk: the more that you guys hear or have to say,tell us we'd love to know.

That's awesome.

From purses and pet products to sunglasses and shoes& neighborhood goods stocks products you can usually find only on the internet.

"walkin through, it's kind of instagram to life& but i can actually come in and connect with them."

It's a department- store-slash-pop- up where merchandise changes quickly and where online brands like rothys shoes can check out what works in the offline world.

"all of thes brands are available online.

So why would someone come in here?"

'there's something very special about seeing it in person.

Founder matt alexander has been called the rebel of retail.

'our focus in this room is creating a sense of magnetism to the space that has very little to do with the transaction and much more to do with that experience' sellers sign a short-term lease for space..

Sometimes only a month or two& a guarantee there's always something new.

"for shoppers it's a chance to touch and feel products they've only pointed and clicks on..

For the brands, it's a much bigger opportunity .

There are hidden cameras all over this space - giving sellers a look at who is buying and how they interact with the product" some of the cameras count heads..

Nats matt: this little white box is a blue tooth beacon that plays with our apps.

Others tally information like gender and what a customer looks at, picks- up..

Valuable intelligence.

'so brands right now get an email from us every weeks that shows you know, sales and feedback from our store staff..but it also had..

You know how many people went into your space, what is the general age range, you know, how frequently they were transacting' a little big brother..

All those cameras.

Shoppers seemed to think it was no big deal.

Sot waseem limbada, shopper: i feel like in every store there's somebody watching, security purposes so yeah it's a good store for sure.

Music sting neighborhood goods' next move is into new york city, as the products test different ways to get customer attention.

Js, cbs news, plano texas.

You probably know to keep your credit card away from strong magnets.

But what about leather?

Or denim?

Apple is issuing a warning to holders of its new credit card: keep it away from leather, loose change, keys, and--- well, just about everything.

That's because any abrasive material it touches can scratch it.

And leather can apparently stain it -- and that stain won't ever come off.

So don't keep your apple card loose in a purse, in a leather wallet, or in a pocket with any other items. as for where you can keep it -- that's unclear.

Apple's credit card launched last week with the promise it would be the "most significan change in the credit card experience in 50 years."

It's made of titanium -- which is known among scientists to be as strong as steel.

New research shows dogs may be good for your heart.

A closer look at the study when midmorning if y own if you own a pet..

You know it's a big part of your family.

And now new research shows those four legged friends may actually be good for your heart.

Hilary lane has more.

Michael labelle takes rocky and livia to this park often so they can get exercise, but he says he's grateful he gets the physical activity too.

I don't think i would be nearly as active without dogs now a new study shows owning a pet may help keep your heart healthy.

Researchers at the mayo clinic looked at more than 17-hundred people for their study and compared those who own pets to those who did not.

We found that owning a dog or owning other pets was linked to better cardiovascular health ,/// which were determined by physical activity , better glucose levels and an ideal diet the greatest health boost was for dog owners.

Researchers believe that's because of the physical activity they get, walking or working out with their dogs.

Other studies suggest owning a dog has health benefits.

Dogs can relieve stress and help with relaxation.

They can also help some people be more social and feel less lonely.

Having a pet it seems like it's associated with a better mood, less likely of a person having depressive symptoms and overall sense of wellbeing and purpose and that has been showed to be tied up to better cardiovascular health nats joyce chau just adopted co about a month ago and says she's already noticed ásheá is moving around more.

I got to walk more because i got to walk her she says owning a dog is a lot of responsibility, but it's worth all the benefits.

Hilary lane, cbs news, new york.

Researchers remind everyone that decreasing your time sitting, eating a good diet with limiting processed foods and added sugars and not smoking are all ways to maintain good heart health.

Cats can be your constant furry companion -- or the cause of lots of sneezing, an itchy throat and red, watery eyes.

If you fall into that second group, you may be in luck thanks to a pending vaccine.

Mandy gaither has more.

Cat lovers who are allergic to furry felines may soon have something to celebrate!

A swiss pharmaceutical company has developed a vaccine... but it's not for you.

It's for the cats!

According to research published in the journal of allergy and clinical immunology, the vaccine works by supressing a glycoprotein cats produce -- called fel-d-1 -- which causes allergies in humans.

The company, hypopet , said initial trials have shown that the vaccine is well tolerated by cats, and they were able to build up strong, lasting antibodies.

Ten percent of people are allergic to cats... about twice as many as are allergic to dogs.

While there are allergy shots for humans out there, they mainly help control the symptoms. the other option of course is avoidance.

Hypo pet says they are hoping that when this vaccine finally becomes available, families will no longer have to part with their pets because of allergies.

According to the shelter animals count national database, almost 1.5 million cats entered u.s. shelters in 2018.

However, the actual number is thought to be higher since only 54-percent of counties participate in the database.

For today's health minute, i'm mandy gaither.

It's more than a bond.

It's a brotherhood.

Meet the men of the wheelchair rugby games when midmorning returns.

The s th the cbs this morning series " more perfect union" aims t show that what unites us as americans is far greater than what divides us.

As wounded warriors return home from deployments overseas, some are finding support from a ánewá kind of team.

Chip reid visited the national veterans wheelchair games in louisville to see how sports like wheelchair rugby are helping them heal.

Package script: if this looks like combat..

Crash, then whistle ..that's what these guys want..

It's the intimidation.

It's the fear factor.

It's the adrenaline. this smash- mouth sport called wheelchair rugby.

Then, it becomes the brotherhood.

A brotherhood born out of shared service..

..and sacrifice.

Most of us go through a pretty dark period after our injuries.

Noah currier says, for him, the fog didn't lift for seven years.

That's seven years of sitting at home, being suicidal.

But today, the marine is back on a roll..

You get in a rugby chair, and you start smashing into people.

//edit to 11;04;28// you're having a blast doin' it.

It just opens your eyes.

This has changed your life in a big way.

I think everybody that gets in a rugby chair.

And now, he's changing others'..

Creating the team "osca mike," militar speak for "on th move."

Here at the national veterans wheelchair games -- put on each year by the group paralyzed veterans of america and the v-a -- vets take the court in what some call "murder ball" these custom- built chairs that can cost up to $7,500.

..even if they don't always treat them that way!

It just fires me up more.

If i get if i get knocked over, it just, it just makes me want to play even more.

Mike luckett is a teammate of currier and ryan major.

I have some trash talkers over here that kind of just get it out of me.

He just called you a trash talker.

Oh, no, no-- that's very mild-- that's absolutely-- that is a mild way of putting things.

Ryan major spent six weeks in a coma after losing both legs to a roadside bomb in iraq.

I'm always waiting for ryan - because he's basically just a torso - to come flying out of his chair.

//edit// have you been knocked out of your chair?

Oh, yes.

And you've knocked other people out of your chair?

Yes, sir.

Which is better?

Well, the knocking people out is is pretty awesome.

Pretty satisfying.


And that thrill of the spill has helped major see that the sky's the limit.

After rugby, i've done skydiving, kayaking and scuba diving, snorkeling.

//edit to 11;07;18// and is this what gave you the confidence to do all of these things?


Yes, sir.

That confidence is the key, says the tournament's medical director, v-a doctor kenneth lee.

When they go home, they feel better.

They do better.

They go out and get a job now.

And lee knows.

Wheelchair lacrosse helped him survive post- traumatic stress after shrapnel from a suicide bomber in iraq tore through his head and legs.

As a physician, when i see these guys getting really aggressive, hitting hard, i should be really worried about it.


//edit to 01;03;06// i'm actually the opposite.

I'm like, "oh, he should'v hit him harder."

And these vets says sharing those hard knocks with the next genration gives them a way to serve.

So mentoring is a big part of this?

Mentoring is the biggest thing.

Service members like to serve, you know, and most of us didn't get to choose when we left our service, and we get to continue it.

For cbs this morning, chip reid, louisville, kentucky.

She's only 21 -- and defending her national championship title in women's tennis.

A conversation with naomi osaka next.

Stunng n stunning new video shows the world's most famous shipwreck may soon be lost at sea.

Scientists say the titanic is ádisappearing.á they estimate it could be completely gone within 20 years, eaten away by bacteria, marine life, and sea currents.

Ian lee has a look at the threat.

The titanic sails through time... while resting more than two miles below the north atlantic.

The once indestructible ship..

Is now disappearing at an alarming rate the first deep- sea explorers to visit the site in 15 years say metal- eating bacteria are causing history to drift away.

The captain's bathtub is a favorite image among titanic enthusiasts - and that's now gone."

Gone too are the once grand state rooms and lounge.

Over five dives in 8 days...scientists measured the rate of decay the destructive bacteria along with corrosion and currents is consuming the rusty remains.

But the intact porthole glass still offers a window into the past.

The ship made its maiden voyage in 1912...days later she it hit an iceberg...killing more than 1500 people.

While researchers say the titanic could all but vanish in a couple decades... titanic's returning to nature.

Without upkeep, without maintenance, it's devolving back to it's natural state, just like anything else.

So scientists hope when the titanic is gone...their work helps the legend live on.

For cbs this morning, ian lee in london the 139th u-s open starts this week.

Naomi osaka, one of the biggest names in tennis, will be there to defend her title.

At 21- years- old, she is the second highest paid female athlete in the world, according to forbes.

Osaka won last year's open, defeating tennis legend serena williams on her way to áback- to- backá grand slam victories.

The player talks about the tourn supers: package script: vlad duthiers: 18:31:28 you kinda consider new york home ?

Naomi osaka: 18:31:31 i think new york is home.

It's one of my favorite cities in the world.

And whenever i come back i just feel instantly comfortable.

Describing naomi osaka's game to those who've never watched her play isn't difficult& credit: usta 9/8/2018 on th?

Court - she's whirlwind of competive intensity balanced by external poise & grace vlad duthiers: "given you hyper- competitiveness how important was it that you were ranked the number-one female tennis player in the world&?

Naomi osaka: "&it's alway been a dream.

You know?

I think that's one of the things that, like, little kid tennis players look forward to.

We want to win grand slams. we want to be number one&" at only twenty one years old, she's already reached the pinnacle of her sport.

When we met her in new york, she was in the middle of a press event for body armor sports drink vlad duthiers: 17:56:13 do you think that that pressure, is that internal or is that external?

Naomi osaka: 17:57:13 yeah.

I mean, the internal pressure isn't as bad //-- okay.

I w-- i lie when i say that, because i just realized, like, i do put a lotta pressure on myself because, you know, having the number-one ranking means that you're supposed to be the best.

Vlad duthiers: 17:51:45 you had a very personal-- instagram post where // you called the last few months, "th worst of your life."

Wha happened that made you feel that way when you wrote that?

Naomi osaka: 17:52:08 for tennis players hard just for that one moment or that one match on the court.

//it's just a really high high if you win or a really low low if you lose.

After winning back to back grand slam titles osaka lost her next two majors - in july she was eliminated from wimbledon in the very first round.

Naomi osaka: 17:59:53 one of the biggest things i've learned over the summer is-- // just to keep getting back up.

// believe in yourself and have fun.

Vlad duthiers: 18:00:27 and tennis is fun?

Naomi osaka: 18:00:41 i think there are moments where it stops being fun for me, but then i realize that i'm super grateful to be in the position that i'm in.

Despite osaka's soaring celebrity and influence -- she's grounded.

And credits tennis legend serena williams,her life long role model.

Naomi osaka: 18:06:14 i have this huge respect for her.

It's someone that i've, you know, looked up to my entire life so i still feel a bit shocked whenever she reaches out.

And-- i don't know.

I don't say hi to her or anything because-- vlad duthiers: 18:06:37 why not?

Naomi osaka: 18:06:38 --i get so nervous.

Vlad duthiers: 18:06:39 really?

Naomi osaka: 18:06:40 yeah.

And she always seems like she's doing something important, so i don't wanna interrupt.

And then-- i really wanna talk to her about life and stuff and, like, how she manages to do things on and off the court.

But // i don't wanna be disrespectful to her and, like, try to talk to her like she's my mentor while she's still playing.

So i'm kinda just chillin' on that-- vlad duthiers: 18:07:15 do you think you would reach out to her just to see?

Naomi osaka: 18:07:24 i mean, i would, but-- i'm nervous.

Vlad duthiers: 18:07:29 do you feel like you're a peer of hers?

Naomi osaka: 18:08:02 no.

Vlad duthiers: 18:08:03 you don't feel like you're a peer.

Naomi osaka: 18:08:15 well, i would have to win 20-something more grand slams to be her peer.

She has so many lists of accomplishments .

So no way.

Naomi osaka: 18:10:04 i've just been very grateful that i'm even playing.

// i've been tryin' to, like, take every day as a new experience and learn from everything.

'll rig we'll be right th andor that and more on the next


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