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Berks remembers 9/11 in reflection, action

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Berks remembers 9/11 in reflection, action

Berks remembers 9/11 in reflection, action

By each toll of the bell, people at City Park in Reading reflected and honored those who died on this day 18 years ago.

In the crash is carved into the heart of the american people.

Many in berks county gathered to pay homage to the heroes who helped to those who died in the attacks.

One touching tribute took place at british military history museum and mold, the names of the nearly 3,000 people who died were read alive.

The ceremony took place near a piece of steel from ground 0 and now sits outside the center.

>>firefighters police and emts attended a special service in reading this morning.

They gather for mass and berks catholic high school students and staff members also attended the event honored local first responders and those who lost their lives trying to save people on september.

And a somber ceremony took place in reading city park this morning.

>>others in berks county are marking the anniversary of the attacks a very different way wfmz is jim vassell has more.

>>by each told the bell people at city park in reading reflected an honored those who died on this day 18 years ago.

The reading fire department honored the 343 firefighters who gave their lives trying to rescue those inside the burning world trade center towers chief williamstown says to fdny firefighters who responded that day went through the fire academy in reading there are guys they're our brothers that we crawled down always with those 2 survived that day but 2 other fdny firefighters who did not where the friends of retired redding firefighter keith eshelman.

>>and today playing and you know we need extra guys on our team and they filled in and they went home that was the end of >>and in a different act of remembrance exit or fitness and wellness master trainer nicholas long took a 9.11 stare challenge, he and others were full turnout gear while climbing a 110 flights of stairs, the height of the world trade center towers just running through my head and the pain that i was going through.

I'm sure was magnified by for what they go through is getting a little emotional.

>>well i might not showing it was at plan in my head in different ways heroes are remembered.

>>day americans will never forget.

Jim vassell 69 news.

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