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Memorial Boys Soccer On The Hunt For Gold

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Memorial Boys Soccer On The Hunt For Gold
Memorial Boys Soccer On The Hunt For Gold

Memorial Boys Soccer On The Hunt For Gold

Soccer team has totaled 14 state championships ..

Including back to back titles in 2016 and 2017.


Their quest to a three peat was cut short last year..

And the tigers tell our very own andrew garcia..

It's time to get back to the memorial way of winning.

In october of 2018, the memorial tigers took the pitch at regionals in pursuit of their third straight state title.

But when the horn sounded, it was the washington hatchets who were moving on.

Part of that match up at that is part of the way the draw is both of us had fairly easy morning games but i think both us knew that the evening game would be really difficult and it turned out to be.

We had that early morning game, quite an easy game and then we knew washington would be a tough game, they were a big physical team.

We knew we had to come out and work hard, but we were playing at the peak of our performance and it showed.

The loss in regionals refueled and refocused a team chasing its 15th state crown.

We'd had great success in the previous two years, and i think on that day we just didn't get the job done.

And i think that sometimes that just refocuses you, but our players were ready to play that game, we just got beat that day.

I think you have to learn from that experience.

We've just got to learn from our mistakes and take it to the next year and just practice harder.

I think it made us a lot more hungry and we came out this year and we thought, we don't want to lose regionals again.

We need to come out here and try to win another state championship.

Memorial currently sits at number one in the 2a state polls, but the only thing on the tigers' minds is adding improvement on the field.

It's nice but, what really matters is getting out in the field and practicing and putting in the hard work.

We have a lot of skilled players and we work well together, and we have a lot of good team work which i think will help us this year.

Personally i don't look at those very much, i think it has a lot to do with the opinion of other teams and coaches.

Last year i don't think we were at the top of the poll.

I can't quite remember but, i think it depends on how you come out and play each game.

We have good players that are committed to our cause, we've worked hard as a team, they've worked hard in the of?season, and the summer.

So, we're confident in the players we have and the team that we have, that doesn't mean that we can't get better and we're trying to get better each and every day.

But i think we have a belief in ourselves not only as coaches and players, but as a whole team unit.

In evansville, andrew

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