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Walker Co. Patriot Day

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Walker Co. Patriot Day

Walker Co. Patriot Day

Walker County residents remember 9/11 with a Patriot Day celebration on the courthouse steps.

Born after 9/11 participated in a service to honor those killed in the attack.

News 12's robyn estabrook explains why they think it's important to learn about what happened.

"through the mountains, through the valley."

Lafayette high school students sang at the walker county patriot day service.

People gathered in front of the courthouse steps to remember those who lost their lives in the september 11th attacks.

Most high school seniors were not born yet when this happened.

Malisha romero/ high school senior "i was about four months in my mom's stomache."

Breanna best/ senior "i was about to be born.

My birthday is november, so it was only two months away."

They learned about what happened through school and their parents.

Malisha romero/ high school senior "i don't want this to be lost.

Like we were talking about today i want to carry this on with my children, my grandchildren and i want today to be a day of remembrance."

Joell shields/ high school senior "you think you are going to come home and you don't.

That is heartbreaking."

Nats bells rang at the exact times of when the two planes hit the towers.

Chief blake hodge/ walker county fire rescue "we want to make sure we keep the memory alive."

Firefighters say it is important to recognize all first responders and those who serve.

Chief blake hodge/ walker county fire rescue "very fortunate to have those that protect us at our local levels as well as our armed forces that sacrifice daily to protect our freedom."

As for high school seniors, they say it is important to never forget.

Breanna best/ senior "it is such a coming together day.

Even though we lost a lot of people.

People still came together to help each other and be there for each other, even if they had just lost their families."

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