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Future firefighters remember & honor those lost on September 11

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Future firefighters remember & honor those lost on September 11
Future firefighters remember & honor those lost on September 11

18 years ago -- 343 firefighters lost their lives in the world trade center.

One fire instructor taught her students who were all born after 9/11 a life lesson.

Kq2's vanessa alonso shows us how the students are learning from the attacks one step at a time... <<angie jones/firefighter & fire science instructor: "it's a history lesson for them.

It's a lesson for them to understand the brotherhood of the fire service and what they are going into."angie jones was a maryville firefighter on september 11, 2001.

She's now the fire science instructor at hillyard technical center.

For the last seven years on the anniversary, she has her students honor the lives of 343 firefighters who didn't come home that day by attempting to climb they equivalent of the 110 stories they climbed.angie jones/firefighter & fire science instructor:"it is a lot of the reason why the fire department does the things that they do now compared to what we did before 9/11.

There's been a lot of changes since then and a lot of encouragement.

It really drives them and pushes them into wanting to succeed."

During the challenging task, jones motivated her students by telling them the story and facts behind that horrible day.

For maysville senior, tyler sterling who grew up in a post 9/11 world with family members who are first responders, the experience was surreal one.

Tyler sterling/htc fire captian: "it's pretty unbelievable they were able to do that.

It astonishes me they could have done that and in the time that it took.

They put all their effort into it.

They risked their lives pushing through like that head on."

Jones even had past students, like volunteer firefighter cayden carter, participate in the event for a second time.

After only doing 57 stories last year, he accomplished the full 110 on wednesday.

He told me he didn't do it for himself.

He did it for his 343 lost brothers and sisters.

Cayden carter/did fire climb for second time: "they went in knowing they weren't coming out.

They knew what they were getting themselves into.

They sacrificed themselves.

I'm proud to call them my brothers and sisters."

They may be a group of teenagers now, but these young men will be our future heroes with a new found respect of what they can do.

Tyler sterling/htc fire captian: "i can't say i've been in their shoes because i didn't experience the chaos.

But that 110 flights made this more of a significant day of the year for me."cayden carter/did fire climb for second time: "i ask to you.

Always remember.

Never forget."

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I'm vanessa alonso for kq2 news.>>

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