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Police bust man suspected in multiple business burglaries

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Police bust man suspected in multiple business burglaries

Police bust man suspected in multiple business burglaries

A man suspected of breaking into multiple businesses in Berks County is behind bars on a long list of charges.


>>police say they have busted a burglar who was behind a bunch of break ins in and around redding good evening i'm wendy davis and i'm rob vaughn police have been working to track down the person behind a string of burglaries at businesses since june.

>>we told you about some of those break ins before police say the thief would remove air conditioners from windows and you do that to climb inside to be of these could hear winfrey is live at reading police headquarters with more on the arrest era.

>>and when the he's essentially considered a serial bird glare as police say he's hit roughly a dozen businesses in the last few months now despite those suspected crimes.

Police say he only recently moved to the area.

Police say bryan kasiano figaro a is the man behind 8 burglaries in reading.

>>and 3 in west reading yeah that was >>all along was to find these bodega is.

Businesses are closed overnight force away and police say kasiano figaro a would get into businesses by removing air conditioners from windows.

>>there's a typically took money and items of value.

>>somewhat disbelief because i think that's it.

Somebody it's just kind of random going in and out i mean that they've seen a lot i wasn't quite sure was going to be easy to the easy to capture.

>>marty samuel owns the farmhouse kitchen in west reading.

She says the burglar like we got in and out within a minute of the alarm sounding she said police responded i never worried about it i knew it was going to be taken care of with multiple burglaries in reading and west reading police started a joint investigation.

Prior to the first suspected burglary in june police had no interactions with kasiano figaro up.

>>and it's believed that he recently there came to the country are came to the area police say information led them to cast the on the figaro this week and he didn't surrender right away.

He did attempt to flee from the police.

>>and he's facing 35 criminal charges connected to suspected crimes in reading several he's facing in west reading and one in

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